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Merry Christmas from Morclean

Just a little post from us all at Morclean to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before we close the office. We will be closed from around lunch time today (24th December) and re-open fully on 2nd January 2014 at 8am. We will see you then! Ho ho hooooo...

Morclean Super 240 - Trolley Litter Vacuum Pack

Today we finally had a clean, dry day to get filming the Morclean Super 240 and grab a few teaser photos whilst we were at it.

Myself (Becky) and Keith (Sales Team) went into the yard to test out the Morclean Super 240 and to see what damage could be done with it!

Unlike our other vacuum litter collectors, this model stands on a large, sturdy wheeled base with a normal 240l bin standing on it to collect the waste which is sucked up. The Super 240 has an injection molded fan and fan housing to increase suction and overall performance. It can hoover up anything from glass, leaves, cans and bottles to dog faeces and stub ends, which makes it a very versatile piece of kit to clean large areas such as holiday parks, large factory settings, etc.

"The Super 240 is a powerful outdoor vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning up litter and dog faeces from areas where access can be a problem.
Supplied with a 240 litre wheelie bin with or without a trolley it can also be fitted to a utility vehic…

Clean Green Graffiti

A couple of weeks ago I did a blog post introducing you to a new 'clean' graffiti method - reverse graffiti. The method consists of using a stencil over either a pavement, wall or other 'dirty' surface and pressure washing your company's logo or a message/picture of some sort onto it. The method is widely used by company's all over the world as it is a legal form of graffiti.

We were going to experiment with the method but due to the ever changing weather conditions, it hasn't been particularly safe to be doing so! So, here's a little something I created on Photoshop to give you a good idea of how this marketing technique can be used effectively!

Morclean specialise in industrial and commercial cleaning equipment including vacs, air vacs, h-type vacs, litter picking vacs, vapour steam, pressure washers, steam cleaners, bin wash trailers, graffiti and gum removal machines, housings and kiosks and many other areas including vehicle valeting bays and inter…

Merry Christmas from NAWBW

The lovely folk at the National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers sent us this lovely Christmas postcard the other day... thank you for the seasons greetings NAWBW! The card is currently residing on my desk along with my little collection of Christmas cards, just need some tinsel now!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Morclean, NAWBW.

A Little Nosy Around the Morclean Office...

For all your people who like to have a bit of background, day to day knowledge about a company, take a look at our 'Welcome to Morclean' video... it's an interesting little video about how we run day to day, a nosy around our offices and an introduction to some of our staff!

If you require any further information about any of our services feel free to browse our website. We specialise in all types of industrial and commercial cleaning machines and equipment from Bin Wash Machines to Pressure Washers to specialist ATEX approved vacuum cleaners. Visit our website for full details

A Rainbow of Fun at Matlock Late Night Shopping

The weather isn't quite perfect for a spot of festive fun BUT in true British style, the show must go on... Matlock tonight will play host to a range of festive events including Late Night shopping (get those purses and wallets dusted!), Dale Divas and Christmas Lights Switch on as well as other events! Shops are open until 8pm so you really have no excuses at all...

There was a lovely rainbow over Morclean earlier which I just managed to get a snap of - I thought it might bring you all some good luck with the events tonight... unfortunately there was no pot of gold at the end of it, but you can't have it all!

We hope that the independent shops of Matlock have a fantastic event tonight - fun starts at 5pm!

Ironic Graffiti Art... moving on from the politics...

As soon as I stumbled across this story I knew it would be one you would all like to hear. We all know that graffiti can be unsightly, and sometimes just inappropriate but there are some graffiti artists out there worthy of a wall or two to brighten up or spread a  message - people like Banksy would be the most obvious choice, but there are other graffiti artists out there including an artist by the name of DS.

Graffiti artist DS hit the news earlier this year with his Hello Kitty 'turned bad' creations. After he stenciled one onto a building in London, only to see it removed less than 24 hours later, he decided to spread a bit of graffiti irony. He decided to graffiti the same wall with the image of the graffiti remover... making this graffiti remover infamous!

(photos are copyright of the Caters News Agency - we do not own any of the photographs)

A really clever idea and I'm sure the remover was flattered... we're not too sure how quickly he removed this peice, but we&…

Food Hygiene Ratings Display Become Mandatory ... How Morclean Can Help!

Food hygiene regulations in the UK and Wales in particular have become stricter this morning with the voluntary 'scores on the doors' scheme now being rolled out as mandatory in Wales. The scheme was introduced in the UK recently as a voluntary measure where certificates of food hygiene were to be put on public display showing a rating of between 0 and 5. Most food outlets automatically adhered to this voluntary measure with many proudly displaying their certificate in the window or on the counter at the food outlet.

Now the scheme has become mandatory and is set to be rolled out further, the need for superior food hygiene standards has become a necessity and often your business can depend on it. Here at Morclean, we have some of the best cleaning equipment on the market. Our range of Vapour Steam cleaners, which can be viewed at, demonstrate the vast range of cleaners on the market from the commercial light unit, all the way up …

Recent Morclean Adventures...

Just a little update about where our Morclean industrial cleaning machines and accessories have been sent this month...

A large corporation in the High Peaks ordered one of our MV45/2 Vacuum Cleaners for collecting Damp Dust. View the Vac here; respected name in the field of chemical products based in Cumbria required one of our Pro Scrubber Dryers for cleaning their floors; the range can be viewed on our website well known bus and coach operator based in Sheffield required one of our hot and cold static pressure washers to clean their vehicles - and;A primary school in Nottingham required one of our litter picking vacuums to keep their school yard free from litter, leaves and other waste - a little cross section of where some of the Morclean fleet of machines have been sent to carry out their …

Morclean Sponsor Matlock Late Night Shopping 2013

It's creeping closer to that time of year again and Matlock have another event to mark the Christmas season. Most Matlock shops will be opening until 8pm on Thursday 5th December. There will be entertainment from Dale Divas, a Christingle Service, Christmas Tree Lights Switch on, SANTA and much more... make sure you support your local independent shops and support a fantastic Christmas event!

Reverse Graffiti - A New 'Clean' Marketing Trend

Most people have heard the word graffiti but not many will of heard of the new trend in art and marketing which is reverse graffiti.
Unlike the traditional graffiti methods which use spray paint and other types of paints, solvents, inks, anything which will leave a mark and be a nuisance to take off (most people need professional cleaning solutions such as, reverse graffiti uses a ‘cleaning’ method, and as you all know, we’re all about cleaning!
Many large corporations have caught onto this trend firstly because there is no law against the cleaning of buildings, and secondly because it’s a pretty cheap way of marketing and brand awareness.
You can see below, a dirty pavement or wall has been used, a stencil applied and simply the logo has been ‘washed on’ … maybe the Morclean Pressure washers were used ? A pretty cool and imaginative use of dirt I think you’d a…

More BinWash News...

We've been telling you for months just how good our BinWash machines are. We've sold them to all over the UK including places such as Jersey and they're still 'flying off the shelves' for want of a better pun!
This is one of the BinWash Eco's we sell at Morclean... full specifications can be seen here - which is on its way to Goole today! People of Goole, your bins will be looking 'More-Clean' than they've ever been after their winter spruce.
One of our Wheelie Bin Washers is also on it's way to Liverpool tomorrow, where will the next one go? We will keep you posted!

Morclean Lands on the Shetland Isles

We had an email a few weeks back from one of the remotest parts of the UK you can find… the Shetland Isles. They needed a unit capable of cleaning generators in environmentally friendly surroundings for some pretty urgent work. The Unit needed to be able to clean ivory coloured generators; they needed to be cleaned and de-greased ready for the winter season.
Morclean was able to come to the rescue with our Vision Steam Pro 400 which you can see on our website - . The Vision Steam Pros are currently enjoying their new home all the way up in Scotland. 
All in a weeks work…

Future Developments

Here at Morclean we're always trying to bring you the best, most efficient machines on the market, which is why our products are always moving forward. The latest development can be seen in a prototype sketch and mock up below, with a more rounded, aerodynamic front to the bin wash machines which are selling fast!

All the information you need in relation to our new bin wash machines can be found on our website

Make sure you're following us on twitter @morclean and liking us on facebook (Morclean-Ltd) for all the latest developments, news and products.

Morclean MONO Wheelie Bin Wash Machine

Morclean are pleased to welcome a new Wheelie Bin Washer to it's range of bin cleaners... the MONO! The Mono features a single lift bin feature making it the perfect companion to a bin cleaner with a small, spread out or more rural bin cleaning round. Take a look at the Mono below and let us know what you think!
You can view the full range at

OXJAM Charity Music Festival, Matlock 2013

For such a small town I always find there’s something exciting going off in Matlock. It has a fantastic Victorian Market, a real community with the shops down there and there’s always something to do and see whether it be the lovely buskers outside the coffee shops or a fun event in the park. So when we heard there was to be an event raising money for Oxfam we thought we had to tell you about it!
From 30th October – 2nd November forget all about Halloween and Bonfire Night approaching, get yourselves to Matlock's Oxjam Music Fest. There’s events kicking off left right and centre and it’s all for a good cause. These guys want to raise at least £1,000 for Oxfam through the ‘Oxjam’ campaign that has swept the nation. It’s a great excuse to get out and see some local, fresh musical talent and help out a worthy cause at the same time. On Wednesday 30th October head to the Monk Bar from 8pm as they have a great quiz and will be joined by Sweet Crumbs who will be there selling their delici…

Morclean GIVEAWAY & Matlock Golf Club

Morclean are pleased to announce their sponsorship of the Matlock Golf Juniors!  With the popularity of sports such as golf on the rise due to local talents such as Lee Westwood, and national talents such as Rory McIlroy, we can’t wait to see who has given the pro’s a run for their money at this years Prize Presentation Event in November!
Speaking of golf, Morclean has today launched it’s very own golf themed giveaway/competition! It’s really really simple to enter, and you could win a round of golf for yourself at Matlock Golf Club worth up to £40! A great opportunity to try out God’s Back Garden as it is known!
“Morclean Bear is playing at a really famous Scottish Golf Course… tell us where he is playing to enter the draw to win 1 of 4 free vouchers for a round of golf at Matlock Golf Club, Derbyshire – worth up to £40 each!!”
Make sure you and your friends enter and who knows, you could end up winning all 4 tickets between you!! Worth a punt I’d say?! Just comment below with your answ…

A Day at Morclean... THE MOVIE

A few months ago this quirky little video came to light in our offices... it seems the Morclean Bear had a little fun when we all left for the evening and decided he was going to be a Movie Star for the afternoon, think Die Hard but more action, and you'll be about there... Check out the funny little video below, and share it around if it made you smile!

Morclean Hits the Jersey Shore!

It’s official, but it’s not what you think… Morclean has hit the Jersey Shore. Although glamorous, it wasn’t the MTV famed destination in the U.S.A- it was Jersey in the Channel Islands and in true British style the weather wasn’t quite there, which made it the perfect day for a bin-cleaning demo!
Early Friday morning Keith, a member of our sales team, flew down to Jersey to take on the task of introducing our bin cleaners to the Channel Islands. It was pouring it down with rain and the flights were delayed but he was a man on a mission…
The Wheelie Bin Washers we are talking about are trailer-mounted washers you can see in action here… 

The bins are attached and raised up so there is no need to manually hold and steady the bins whilst they are cleaned. The bins are cleaned using the onboard pressure washer with dirt and debris caught on the metal tray below the bin. The water then falls through the filter to be recycled and used again. You can find out more information and specificatio…

A Huge Hello and A Fond Farewell

Just a quick little update and ‘goodbye’ to our old friend the 2012/13 Wheelie Bin Cleaning range, but a huge HELLO to the range which has been updated for 2013/14.
Here’s a picture of our last white 2012/13 Wheelie Bin Cleaner leaving the office … 
The 2012/13 Wheelie Bin Cleaner is being updated with a brand new improved design! 
The Wheelie Bin Cleaning Range has been so successful and popular with Bin Cleaners all over the country that we have decided to update and develop the design to bring you the best in Wheelie Bin Cleaning technology!
We will keep you updated on the 2013/14 Range, available from October 2013, which has many improvements and has been developed with the help from feedback of customers of ours. We have listened to exactly what they want. Stay tuned for the official pictures and release for the new range, coming in the next few weeks!

Visit our websites for further information on the Bin Cleaning Range (2013/14)
The Mo…

September's Newsletter 2013

Morclean have just released a brand new machine - the Air-Tech.
It is a Air Operated Vacuum Cleaner, and is capable of wet and dry pick-up. The Air-Tech is also available in Supercharged version, which has twin venturi, which will increase the vacuum even more than the original Air-Tech/1. For full specification and more information, please call or email us.
Features and benefits of the Morclean Air-Tech/1 Standard and the Air-Tec/2 Supercharged • Works from plant air supply • Low maintenance and Low life time costs (no motors or fans to replace) • Syphons up to 45 gallon fluid in 24 seconds • Develops vacuum up to 3 times greater than normal industrial vacuums • Cleans up sumps, drains, elevator pits, blast furnaces, boiler flues, dust collectors and de-greasers • Capable of removing oil, sludge, sewage, swarf, food, slag, sand, turnings • Also available in twin venturi for extra power • Used extensively in mines, plants, oil rigs, foundries, chemical plants, shipyards, railway workshops, food…

Morclean Air-Tech

Air Operated Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Wet or Dry Pick Up

Morcleans Air-Tech is perfect for the cleaning up of sumps, drains, elevator pits, blast furnaces, boiler flues, dust collectors and degreasers. It can easily remove oil, sludge, sewage, swarf, food, sand and turnings. Also available with twin venturi for even more power and suction. It has a capacity of 205 litres, so is ideal for industrial settings such as mines, plants oil rigs, or food processing. The Air-Tech/1 and Air-Tech/2 is low maintenance, low running cost and requires next to no installing or set-up.  
Available now, call us for more infomation 01246 471147 or email

Power Pressure Washers - New from Morclean!

A couple of new machines now available from Morclean... 

Mobile Cleaning Power on the Move
The Contractor P200 is a mobile engine driven unit ideal for fitting to a van or trailer, and develops high temperature hot water on site. Housed within a sturdy steel frame the Honda driven engine independently develops 200 Bar (3000Psi) of hot water and can draw water from either a mains supply or portable tank.

Tough Cleaning Power for Industry
The Washman Plus mobile hot water pressure washer offers the ultimate in performance from a portable machine. Housed within a sturdy steel chassis with stainless steel covers the Washman Plus produces a staggering 4350Psi of hot water at a flow rate of 21Lpm. For tough cleaning tasks this is a high specification machine for serious industrial operators.

Cider and Sausage Festival

This weekends - Saturday 3rd of August - see's quite a unique festival taking place in Matlock!
At Cromford Meadows, there will be a fantastic Cider and Sausage festival taking place all day long! There will be excellent live music from local talent from 6pm  There will be over 30 west country ciders and real ales to chose from, perfectly accompanied by a selection of the finest sausages and burgers! 
There is going to be a tournament held by the Matlock Rugby 10's, including 16 team with over 45 games taking place.  
There will also be a charity auction to raise money for the Matt Hampson Foundation.
The tickets can be bought from Indigo Furniture, Dale Road and The White Lion, Starkholmes Road for just £5, or £8 on the day at the event. 
See the Facebook Event Page for more info! 

Matlock Fest 2013 - Sunday Funday!

What a weekend! 

The whole four days of Matlock Festival 2013 have been an absolute blast! Hall Leys Park was packed Saturday and Sunday. It's a shame the sun didn't make more of an appearance, but that didn't stop anyone enojoying the festival. 

I was lucky enough to enjoy the whole Sunday in glorious Matlock, and had a fantastic time!

Here are a few things I cast my eye on...