September's Newsletter 2013

Morclean have just released a brand new machine - the Air-Tech.

It is a Air Operated Vacuum Cleaner, and is capable of wet and dry pick-up. The Air-Tech is also available in Supercharged version, which has twin venturi, which will increase the vacuum even more than the original Air-Tech/1. For full specification and more information, please call or email us.

Features and benefits of the Morclean Air-Tech/1 Standard and the Air-Tec/2 Supercharged
• Works from plant air supply
• Low maintenance and Low life time costs (no motors or fans to replace)
• Syphons up to 45 gallon fluid in 24 seconds
• Develops vacuum up to 3 times greater than normal industrial vacuums
• Cleans up sumps, drains, elevator pits, blast furnaces, boiler flues, dust collectors and de-greasers
• Capable of removing oil, sludge, sewage, swarf, food, slag, sand, turnings
• Also available in twin venturi for extra power
• Used extensively in mines, plants, oil rigs, foundries, chemical plants, shipyards, railway workshops, food processing and aviation industry.