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Biscuit Time

THIS exciting looking package arrived on my desk this morning.  What could be inside?

Wow, what a treat we had in-store for us! The fantastic Pink Cake Box have made us these fabulous Morclean biscuits! Individually packaged, tied with a neat little bow, these really are a wonderful Christmas gift for us all at the office. 
Our MD, Peter Morcey,  was particularly impressed with them. Look at our logo on the super-thick, delicious icing! This is very clever baking. 
Thanks Pink Cake Box! Have a look at her website for more information, and some mouth-watering inspiration! 

Bear With Me

Morclean Bear at Work: The Movie is out and now available to watch on YouTube. 

He really is a great help here around the office. Superb telephone etiquette and pretty handy with the fork truck! 

Please like and share the video! 

And, if you want a bear (and why wouldn't you?) see this post here or here about how to get your paws on one.

Christmas Opening Times for Morclean

Chrismas is just aroud the corner. 
Do you feel Christmassy yet? We do, as you can see by our lovely Christmas blog logo

Just to let you know, we close on Friday 21st Dec at 5pm and re-open Wednesday 02nd January at 8am. 
Emails will still be being monitored during this time, so if anything urgent arises please email and someone will get back to you.

Delicious Dale Divas and Curry 7th Jan 2013

We hope you enjoyed Katie the Singer Performing last Thursday. 
Now, pop 7th Jan in your diary for this event, catered by Maazi.

Delicious Buffet style Curry provided by Maazi Restaurant in Matlock plus members of Dale Diva chorus (winners of Chanel 5's 'Don't Stop Believing') will be there to sing for you, there will also be a Bar & Raffle!

This Charity Night is to raise funds for Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO). Kristiana Shirley has been selected to go to Rajasthan In India on the 18th January 2013 with VSO; she'll be working with mother's and babies on the Maternal & Child health Projects. Please read more about Kristiana's story here. You can donate on the JustGiving website directly to Kristiana. They do not take a cut of the donation, it's free, easy and they do not bombard you with emails either.

To book for this charity event please call Sharon or Kristiana on
01629 57638 or 07940 837 948 / 07707 251 747 or

In Decem…

Bears in Coats

You may have already seen the Morclean bear! Here is a little drawing of him. Maybe YOU could doodle your way to having one of your very own!
Email in you reason why you deserve a bear! Tell us a sentence or two, or send us in a drawing or some other creative artefact made by you or your friends or family. It's easy! It will make you feel good AND you get a super cute Morclean bear to show for it! Just in time for Christmas. 
Twitter: @morclean Facebook: Morclean Pinterest: Blog: Email:

Send in your pictures as well, we will add them to our ever expanding photo album.

The Tale of the Morclean Bear

The Tale of the Morclean Bear
The Morclean Bear has arrived to the office! Complete with a trusty Morclean-blue raincoat, Bear is truly prepared for the winter weather here! Brrrr!
We are giving away 100 Morclean Bears! Read on for details on how to get your hands on one. We have a limited run of just 100 of these lovely honey bears to give away as a little treat! They will never be available again - once they’re gone, they’re gone! So if you would like a well-dressed new friend, here is all you have to do...
How to get hold of a Morclean Bear
Simply tell us why you, your family member, friend or child would like one, and a reason WHY they should receive a little parcel in the post! There is no limit for reasons, no right or wrong, it’s entirely up to you to tell us why! (Please note - grown-ups can have a bear too!)
Any reason could be worthy - have you or someone you know done well in an exam? Are they just a kind and lovely person? Passed a driving test? Prepared a particul…

Katie Sings at Maazi

Maazi is a fantastic Indian Restaurant located in the picturesque Matlock, specialising in serving delicious, locally sourced food.
The beautiful decor and the traditional Indian clothing worn by Maazi staff sets the scene, and the friendly and attentive service will ensure an amazing dining experience.

This Thursday 6th December, Maazi are hosting the lovely Katie Stewart, a local female vocalist, who's sultry tones will provide a wonderful soundtrack to your evening.
Katie is a very talented performer, and sings with soul and a delicacy to her voice. See for yourself here and visit her website for more information. A pleasure to listen to, and covering a range of classic songs with soul, she will not leave you disappointed. Katie Stewart is one of Derbyshire's inspirational, professional singers. How lovely to enjoy a tasty evening meal along with brilliant entertainment.
Do come along from 7pm and relax, feast all your senses, and let Maazi look after you! Visit Maa…

The Pink Cake Box

Cake and Cuppa Time

At Morclean, we like to champion local businesses, and this is a very enjoyable one to have a look at! It might make you peckish though. Don't say I didn't warn you!

The Pink Cake Box is based in Matlock, and is home to a variety of stunning creations! 

Rose, the company owner, bakes her cakes from organic locally sourced ingredients, and uses the best flavourings possible to make the cakes extra tasty. She has developed her own personal recipes over the years to make the cakes taste delicious as well as look beautiful. 

The Pink Cake Box caters for every occasion, and custom designs the cakes to anything you desire! Football fans birthday? Got it. Vintage style wedding? Got it. Golfers eightieth? Got it. A wonderfully decorated box of cupcakes for no good reason other than they are yummy and shaped like The Muppets? YES. 

Just having a peruse of The Pink Cake Box's lovely website, you can see how creative the cakes are, and just how there really is no limit…

Vapour Steam Demonstration

Hotel Vapour Steam Demonstration
A local hotel in Chesterfield is now the proud owner of aMorclean Vapour Steam VP3600.  A member of our knowledgeable sales team, Keith, went to deliver the machine himself and to give a detailed demonstration on how to safely use the machine to it's full potential. This training service comes as standard with all of our machines bought within the UK. 
The machine in question, the VP3600, is a fantastic piece of kit, which can turn any kitchen into a spotless haven in hardly any time at all, with none of the elbow grease! There are numerous different fittings, heads and brushes that can be slotted onto the multifunctional machine and can adapt to any sort of cleaning you could find in a hotel. 
Using steam is a particularly hygienic way of cleaning, creating a sterile environment, as the heat of the steam kills off all known bacteria. The machines require no harmful or expensive chemicals, as the pressure and temperature of the steam can lift off even…

Bespoke Interceptor

This week sees the departure of two rather special interceptors.
Two separators for hard-standing areas have been custom made for a company in Malta. They are for safely removing and oil from water, and safely dispose of. 

The company that contacted us were seeking a UK company in particular, to give advice on this pressing problem. The main issue for them was the pipe sizes. As you can see in the pictures - the pipes coming from the interceptors are quite a bit bigger than usual; 450 mm to be exact! To cater for this unusual pipe size, a custom made interceptor had to be made. Morclean, of course, obliged, and created the separator to exact site requirements. 

Morclean custom made the system in kit form. It has large, separate pipes that will fit exactly onto the separator. This was especially important to the company, as they wanted there to be no danger of leaks whatsoever, due to regulations on the site. Of course, for a full unit it would be too large to transport, (the pipes alone …

The Cleaning Show

The Cleaning Show 2013

The Cleaning Show takes place in the NEC in Birmingham, next year between the 19-21 March. 

It is all set to be a fantastic event, possibly the best yet, as registration numbers are already at an all time high. The best thing of all, is that registration is free, and there are still tickets left, so head on over to their website to grab some before they go! 

The Cleaning show is a chance for exhibitors from all around the country, to show case their newest equipment, services and technology, from every section of the industry you can imagine! It's lining up to be the biggest show yet, so why not get a space to exhibit? Space is running out, but if you are speedy about it you might be able to bag one of the last slots! 

Daily Deal at Morclean

Today's Bargain Machine is a VP 3600 Vapour Steam Machine.

Temperature: 170 degrees C
Pressure: 8/9 Bar
Plus two full tool kits, for operation with just steam or steam and vacuum.

This Vapour Steam machine is ideal for safe and hygienic cleaning, with almost no product needed, so minimal chemicals are used. 

It is perfect for use in kitchen cleaning and food environments, nursing homes and health care. 

All for just £2,250 plus VAT. WITH Warranty. 

If you would like to find out more about this offer, please call 01246 471147 or email

November Newsletter

Welcome to Morclean’s monthly newsletter.

We aim to bring you the very latest news from Morclean, and keep you up to date on new products and developments. Please contact us for any information on anything mentioned in the newsletter or general enquiries on 0800 1300 402 or email at

Little Interceptor

This mini-interceptor was needed for an INTERCEPTOR EMERGENCY! A company were installing a vehicle wash station, and they were let down by their original supplier. By a stroke of luck, Morclean had exactly what the needed, in such short notice. It was dropped of in our yard, and then immediately taken away to be installed before the projects looming deadline. If you need an interceptor, no matter how big or small, don’t hesitate to contact Morclean for solid advice.

Morclean SALE!

Here at Morclean, we sell the most up-to-date machinery you can buy for industrial cleaning, for the best prices around. Every now and again, we like to offer our customers EVEN MORE of a good dea…

Wash Bay Combi

Interceptors are always a big seller here at Morclean
Today, a Wash Bay Combi has just left the workshop on it's way to Sutton-in-Ashfield. Personally delivered by our knowledgeable engineers. 
Our Combination Wash Bays provide two stages of settlement within the interceptor, as well as a galvanized silt trap grating and sump. This means just one item needs to be purchased, instead of a separate silt trap and interceptor. Saving tour customers time, effort and money. Clever, eh!? 
There are also two sizes of the Combined WashBays and Silt traps, so whatever your need, whether it be a small car valeting service, or a large industrial wash bay for lorries and machines, we can find the perfect wash bay solution for you. 
We deliver all over the country personally, and work closely with world wide shipping firms, so where ever you are in the world, we are here to help!
Contact (+44) 01246 471147 or email

Daily Deal at Morclean

Type H 10 Ltr Vacuum (The red vacuum pictured above) 
Refurbished and recertified. 
Ready for use in 110V/230V with full kits.
Click here for more info on the model. 

For the safe removal of hazardous dusts in factories and manufacturing areas. 

Priced at just £250.00 + VAT

Call Keith on 01246 471147 
Or email

Grab yourself a deal!

Morclean's Real Deal

Grab yourself a Deal!

Here at Morclean, we sell the most up-to-date, brand new machines you can buy for industrial cleaning, for the BEST prices around. Every now and again, we like to give our customers EVEN MORE of a good deal, by offering our Ex-Demo, Reconditioned and Used machines. 

We have on offer a range of excellent top quality machines, that are at a significant discount, due to previous use. Of course, we take the utmost care of all our machines when doing demonstrations, and if needed used machines are refurbished with quality materials by skilled engineers. So, all our Discount Machines will be as good as new, but with a bargain price! 

Vacuums, scrubber driers, pressure washers, Vapour Steamers and sweepers to name a few of our machines on offer. We of course can deliver to you, and you can always pop round and have a look at the machine before you buy.

If you would like to hear in more detail what we have on offer, please ring our lovely sales team on 01246 471147. 

Keep an …

Hazardous Dust Removal

Morclean have just sold three ATEX  APPROVED Vacuum Cleaners to a bakery Company in Stoke-on-Trent.
The reason for the need to use ATEX vacs is because residue from some ingredients used in their baking operations, i.e.  flour, sugar, milk powder, present a possible flash hazard when being picked up with a vacuum cleaner.  All ATEX vacuum cleaners are built using anti-static ( conductive ) materials, preventing ignition of any potentially explosive/hazardous dusts in the atmosphere. The Company opted for air operated units, but mains operated ATEX machines are also available from Morclean . 
Oh, and, did I mention the also  company make sausage rolls? I hope the delivery van that's dropping the vacs off comes back with some snacks for us!

Say No To Cold Calls

Here is an empowering story about a man who triumphed over cold-callers. You CAN turn the tables on them! 

Our boss liked this story so much, he wanted to tell our readers. We all know what it's like, why do they keep calling us, how did they get our number, why won't they get the hint? 

You can visit the gentleman's website here for tips on losing the cold callers, and maybe even making a bit of extra pocket money while your at it.

Final outcome favours Morclean

Here at Morclean we endeavour to provide the best possible service and are continually under pressure to do so. This is in fact why we feel it's perfectly reasonable to place just as much pressure on our suppliers

Recruitment isn't an easy task, and the people  that agencies provide are not boxes or pieces of machinery. However the agents that perform this process have to deliver their services properly - and on time

We're pleased to finally announce that a major, global, recruitment agent, a big player in their market place, have finally backed down after fighting our claims that they hadn't in fact acted professionally and efficiently. What we felt they had in fact done is acted most unprofessionally, and we provided evidence of this in the way of  copy emails containing surprising content and insulting comments

We're pleased to say that we took on a giant, we were not put off  by threats of action nor did we agree that we should pay all their fees when they had cle…

'Fresh' Beauty

'Fresh' are experts on beauty and well-being, and the salon is situated in Matlock. They pride themselves on making you feel relaxed, in a busy world where it is often hard to make time for yourself. They cater to your own personal needs, as individuality is key to them and allows you to fully relax and trust their expert knowledge.

Please click here to visit their website for more information, and details on the fabulous packages they provide.

SpookFest 2012

This Halloween Weekend saw the fantastic SpookFest take place in Matlock, at the beautiful Hall Leys Park.

Everyone came in style, donning fancy dress and face paint galore! Even this little one made the effort!

The park was gleaming in autumn colours, and the excitement of Halloween was definitely in the air. 

Some great local bands provided entertainment in the park, and the after-parties at the local bars kept the live music going until the early hours. 

As usual at the events that are held at Hall Leys Park, many of the local shops and boutiques held stalls, selling and array of fantastic gifts, sweets and treats. It's great when everyone comes together to make a day like this really special and well worth going to.
Many thanks to the dedicated organisers of the event, and to all the people who came to the event and made the day fun! And to our very own Peter Morley, who supervised the security of the event to ensure it all ran smoothly. 
Thank you to Lynn Sheperd of Matlock People …