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Morclean Autumn/Winter 2014 Newsletter

NEWSLETTERAutumn/Winter 2014 Morclean Wins Green Apple AwardOn 10th November 2014 Morclean collected a national environmental award for their Binwash City, from the Houses of Parliament.

Morclean scooped the prestigious Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice at a ceremony at the Houses of Parliament in London, for their battery operated wheelie bin-cleaning machine.
Morclean launched the first Wheelie Bin Cleaning Machine as a petrol version in late 2012; due to the popularity of the first range of machines, Morclean have been developing a brand new, innovative battery operated bin-cleaning machine since. The City battery machine is a totally new idea in the bin cleaning industry and takes huge steps forward to improve what is currently available. With worldwide emphases on green and eco-friendly products, the Binwash City offers a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to those conscious about their carbon footprint.  Morclean Director, Peter Morley, said “We wanted to develop…

Trolley Vac from Morclean Leaves for Bahrain

Today, one of the highly popular Morclean Trolley Vac 240l machines left the premises to begin its 4,000 mile long journey to Bahrain. You can see the Morclean Trolley Vac in action on our youtube channel above. The map charts the trolley vacs journey, which includes passing over France, Germany, Romania, Turkey and many other countries before arriving at its destination. 
For more information on the Morclean Trolley Vac, please call a member of our sales team on freephone 0800 1300 402 or email

Morclean Bear is Presented with the Green Apple Award

Morclean Bear was a happy little chap when we bought his Certificate and Award to the office this week. Morclean Bear didn't quite make the journey to London (he's not as adventurous as Paddington), but he was still ecstatic with the prizes he received from Green Apple!  Morclean were awarded the Green Apple Award 2014 for their innovation in bin cleaning machines. The Binwash CITY is a battery operated bin cleaning machine which takes cleaning to the next level. With a hydraulic lift and attached pressure washer hose, the machine makes bin cleaning easy, and means you can reap the rewards in the process, earning up to £160,000 per year from just ONE machine.
For further information on the Morclean binwash CITY, please visit our website or call 0800 1300 402.

Green Apple Awards - A short congratulations to all the winners

Reflecting back on an excellent awards ceremony at the Houses of Parliament on Monday, Morclean would also like to congratulate other winners and attendees including;
Marks and SpencersBritish American Tobacco (BAT)Balfour BeattyWestfieldIntuBlue Water Shopping The awards were a great experience and enjoyed by all. Morclean would like to thank the organisers for the recognition they received in what is a niche market. We hope the Binwash City will be as well-received as the original petrol binwash. 

Morclean Wins Green Apple Award at Houses of Parliament

Yesterday, Morclean collected their Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice at the Houses of Parliament, London. 
The ceremony rewards firms which drive forward environmentally minded changes to the industry. They reward green and environmentally friendly practice and celebrate the achievements of firms all over the country.

Morclean picked up their award for Environmental Best Practice for their battery operated wheelie bin wash machine. The machine has been designed and manufactured by Morclean as an alternative to the petrol engine machine currently available.

For more information on our battery operated wheelie bin wash machine, please visit our website or freephone 0800 1300 402.

Morclean's Gone all Area 51...

I'm almost a week late for the halloween reference, but Morclean appears to have had it's very own alien encounter...
We were paid a little visit on Wednesday evening by Dave and his drone, which we're going to be using to film some cool 'old fashioned film reel' style sequences in our offices. We gave it a little test run before we left for the evening yesterday; it took a few little crashes but overall, the sequence was pretty cool - like a 'fly on the wall.' 

 We're still in the practicing stage at the moment, but watch out for some new little videos in the next few months from Dave and the drone!

Single Brush Vehicle Wash - NEW to Morclean - Glide & Drive Models

Morclean are pleased to announce the launch of a brand new product - the Morclean Glide and Morclean Drive. 
The Morclean range are single brush vehicle wash machines which save the need for big, expensive, time consuming installations. They are perfect for cleaning large vehicles such as lorries, large vans, coaches, buses and such. They are single brush machines which can be operated by one person and manually pushed or 'driven' around the vehicle to provide an intensive clean.

The single brush vehicle wash has many advantages including:
A cost effective  alternative to large vehicle wash installationsBuilt-in water saving jets that ensure little waste;  saving you valuable cleaning time in the process.Includes the control,  reverse rotation direction & detergent dispenserFree delivery and training from MorcleanHeight - from 3.2mCost - from £7395 + VAT

In comparison to the vehicle wash installations, you can soon see the advantages of the single brush versus a large installa…