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Matlock Festival 2013

Matlock Festival 2013 Morclean are getting excited about the upcoming Matlock Festival! On the 18th to the 21st July there will be an abundance of fantastic events going on in Hall Leys Park. There really will be something for every one, and many local businesses will provide stalls around the park to peruse at a leisurely pace! Hall Leys Park is such a beautiful venue, with its gorgeous scenery and easy accessability.  Things will get off to an entertaining start with live music on  18th and 19th July. Various bars around the town will be taking part, we will let you know more details as plans unfold!  The weekend will then move on to two full days of family events, based in and around Hall Leys Park. On the Sunday there will be a Food and Ale festival between 10-4, providing an array of scrumptious treats and tastes from all over the world.  This is the first time such a large and diverse event has been held in Matlock, and will see a real sense of community from the

Matlock Golf - Today!

We would like to wish all competitors the very best of luck today at the Matlock Gold Junior Open! Our banners have been placed at the golf course as we are proud sponsors - they look rather smart! Shame about the weather today - let's hope the rain holds off until they's reached the 18th hole!  Peter Morley, our MD, is presenting the trophy at this prestigious event later today, so more pics to follow! 

Pulire 2013

This week see's the the event of Pulire 2013.  Held in Verona, Italy, it is one of the largest professional cleaning industry trade shows. There is so much to see, in a huge space, with over 300 exhibitors exhibiting the very latest in cleaning products, machines and services. It started yesterday, and the last day is tomorrow, the 23rd May. Our MD, Peter Morely, has flown over to view the show, I'm sure it will be a great event and very interesting to have a browse around! I'm sure the weather will be nicer there too (jealous).  Head on over to the  Pulire website for more information.

Matlock Golf Club - Morclean Sponsor

Morclean are proud to sponsor Matlock Golf Club Junior Open this Year! Taking place on Thursday 30th May, it is an annual event which attracts junior players from far and wide! Matlock Golf course is particularly beautiful - located just on the edge of the Peak District. The scenery is really amazing as you progress around the golf course.  The course is built on a Moorland, with many of the original nature remaining today, the heather, wild flowers and wild life adding character and charm to your round of golf.  The Daily Telegraph Junior Golf competition is 18 hole, and the requirements are Maximum Handicap 28 for boys and 36 for girls.  You still have time to enter the competition, all you have to do is print off an entry form, which can be found here , and fill in and send to: Junior Organiser,  Matlock Golf Club, Chesterfield Road, Matlock Moor, Matlock,  Derbyshire DE4 5LZ and mark envelope JUNIOR OPEN. It is only £6 to enter and the Daily Telegraph title is very h

Shake n Vac

A local school has just purchased a vacuum from Morclean.  This vacuum is specially designed and built for the removal of hazardous dust. There is some renovation being performed at said school, and there obviously cannot be any risks taken in the safe removal and disposal of any hazardous dust.  This vacuum is extremely useful in this situation, providing an easy-to-use solution for a potentially dangerous situation.  The H-type vacuums come in a range of sizes and strengths, please contact us for any information.  01246 471147 or email i  

H-Type Vacs x24

We recieved a very large order last week, of 24 machines!  Morclean  received a huge order of SEVEN Meva 20/1 H-Type ATEX 110 Volts Vacuums, plus SIXTEEN MV 20/1 H Type Vacuums. All the machines were built to order, and both perform a very specific task for the client.  The first machine, (top picture) is an ATEX approved machine, and is built to be able remove hazardous titanium dusts. These particular dusts are prone to explosions, and are created by drilling and filling of parts for building aircraft. This potential volatile substance needs to be removed from the work place efficiently, quickly and, most importantly, safely. This vacuum from Morclean achieves this, and is the ideal machine for this purpose. All the materials used to build the machine ensure that there is no spark or any chance of ignition  It safely collects and contains the hazardous dust and allows the user to responsibly dispose of it.  The machine shown in the bottom picture, the MV 20