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Woah - Oh!

Oh Dear.

One of our daring fleet has taken a powerful blow this week! A rogue lorry tyre had come loose on the motorway and caused the destruction. No one was hurt, just the beautiful bonnet of this vehicle. Sob.

Pump It Up

New Wash Area and Pumping Chamber

Took a little trip yesterday to the Highways Agency site, where they've been getting on with installing a Morclean pumping chamber and tank to use with a wash bay for the cleaning of their large vehicles. Above you can see some shots from a few weeks ago. Things have come a long way now!
They have employed this method of water disposal as there is no drainage available to them on their location, so this was the most viable option for this particular case. As you can see, there is a large designated surface for the large lorries to drive onto when in need of a good clean.

The tiered gantry allows thorough cleaning in all the hard to reach spots of the tall vehicles. The wash bay is slightly dipped, so the water leads down to the middle and is captured in the silt trap.

From there, the water is taken to the Morclean pumping chamber, which is underneath THIS grate. 

When required, this pumping chamber pumps the water up an incline into a hefty over groun…

Pressure Washing

Morcleans Cold Water Pressure Washer. 

OK, on  a rainy day like today, it's not at the top of our to-do lists, however, sooner or later your car will be in need of a good clean!

That's where the Morclean Cold Water High Pressure washer comes in! With its quality materials, its is a very reliable machine and excellent value for money. The are electric powered and are very portable, so suitable for a whole host of cleaning. Vehicles. machinery, buildings, anything that needs a good clean or a spruce up. 

They are designed for continuous use in both commercial and industrial environments. They are excellent for the removal of build ups of dirt, dust and mud with haste and ease. 

Have a look at one in action in the video clip above, and visit out website for the details.

Bin and Gone!

Making Headlines

Here is a little look at our Morclean Wheelie Bin Wash editorial in Tomorrow's Cleaning. Looks pretty smart, don't you think? Follow the link here to see this months edition in it's entirety online.

We're on page 36 and 54! It's great how you can just click the bottom corner of the page to turn them, and you get to see the whole magazine just as if it were actually in your hands.

Always full of interesting articles, we are glad to be part of this great publication.



If you are going to be doing any work with machinery, chemicals, equipment or just good old DIY-ing, please wear the required Personal Protective Equipment.

Accidents can be prevented by wearing the right things. Be careful out there!

Scrubber Dryer

Morclean have a vast range of Scrubber Dryers

A recent sale of a Pro Range walk-behind scrubber dryer has inspired this blog post!

Keelings, a well established fresh product wholesalers have purchased the brilliant machine from us.

They are really easy to operate, simple to manoeuvre and in a modern, neat, compact design. The Scrubber dryers are super efficient, as the scrub the floor clean and dry the floor as they go, so no waiting around for wet floors to finally dry. It's all about quick and easy squeaky clean floors! Perfect for a large warehouse.

See the video clip below for a better idea.

Visit for more information.

Wheelie Bin Wash

Trailer Mounted Wheelie Bin Wash and Lift
The Morclean Wheelie Bin Wash is ready to go! Our NEW product is available to buy and to take out on lease. The trailer mounted system is a superbly designed and engineered product, self contained and purpose built. It’s so easy to use, and finished in quality materials.
The BEST thing about the machine is that not only does it dispense the water with a high pressure, long-reach pump to clean the bin, it then collects the water and recycles it so you can reuse it throughout the day. That’s a whole days work on just ONE tank of water. Clever thing! Owning one of these can also be astoundingly lucrative. If you have a bin round of just a few roads, you could earn up to £136,000 by just charging £3.50 per bin.
Coming soon, we will have a brand new video showing the machine in action! The image above is just a few sneaky peeks at the video.
For any more information on this product, do not hesitate to contact us, either ring the free phone number
0800 13…

Rotary Cleaning Head

Whirlaway Rotary Cleaning Head

This cleaning head is perfect for leaning flat surfaces. It is for use with any hot or cold pressure washer for a great clean result, on patios, drives and other large areas of floor, as you can see in the video above. It provides more intense cleaning whilst being less abrasive as its confines the jets of water, and prevents the water from spraying about, so its tidier than a usual jet wash. It actually uses less water as well!

Visit for more!

Our Sales Team are the Best

We've received some really positive feed back from one of our customers, regarding the purchase of a H Type Vac, and our excellent sales team. What an excellent customer. We look forward to working with them again.

"Just like to say a big thank you to Keith in sales.
I have always found it very rare to get a salesperson who keeps to their word and delivers what they promise. I ordered a H rated Vac from yourselves and I am very pleased with it. I was looking at various models from quite a few companies and must have rang Keith about 10 times and on each he call he was patient and understanding. I will always recommend your company and will use you again myself."
Well done Keith!

Sweep the Floor

Floor Sweepers in Every Shape and Size

Last month saw a lovely garden centre in York purchasing a floor sweeper from Morclean.  

Our walk-behind floor sweepers are really easy to manoeuvre and come in all different sized widths, so you can get one the exact right size for the area that needs a good sweep!

We do a range of different walk behind sweepers - petrol engine driven or electric driven. They are best for medium sized surfaces, like warehouses, foot paths and smaller outdoor areas. The brushes provided work well on any surface, but for extra heavy duty cleaning work more hardy brushes are available. We even do ride-on sweepers, suitable for larger areas, which you can see a  separate blog post on here.

As always, for more details see our website. For any advice on sweepers (there are many to choose from!) please contact us at or give us a bell for free on 0800 1300 402.

Go-Cart Fun

Morclean Sponsor a Ferrari.

Ok....maybe not the sports car you thought of!

Morclean have been busy with a little side project of building this super quick Go-Cart! Just goes to show the untold talents of the Morclean Team - it's pretty neat. We all want a go! Now, form an orderly queue, please.

Under Pressure?

Example of our Pressure Washers

The last Morclean blog post was about our range of pressure washers - here is a little sample of our range of our available products. Just to show the extent of machines we have to offer here!

Heavy Duty

Morclean reach far and Wide!

Recently Morclean have been selling a fair few Heavy Duty Pressure Washers, to various companies for a range of different uses. From keeping it local to Chesterfield, to sending one on it's way to Iraq! Above, you can watch a video of an Electric Driven High Pressure Washer. 
We have a full range of all types of high pressure washers, all with functional yet modern designs. They are used for a whole host of different cleaning, including; patios, vehicles, machinery, foot paths, walls, outside of buildings, drives, caravans...the list goes on!
We also make bespoke machines, so can tailor all specifications to your exact requirements.

Visit our website for more details, or contact us to find out more:

Type H Vacs

Type H Vacuums by Morclean

We have just sold an ATEX approved air-operated vacuum to a company in Newport: Kay Premium Marking Films. They specialise in manufacturing self-adhesive vinyl films for the use of sign making, graphic design, and vehicle application.

This MAV 45 Type H Vacuum uses a special kind of filtration for picking up hazardous dust. If there is any type of flash hazard, where the fast movement of vacuuming could cause the dust to spark, an ATEX machine is needed to ensure safe removal.

Our experienced staff can advise you on what machine would be best for you, depending on the material to be collected and the volume of waste. Highly efficient and easy to handle, they ensure safe removal of hazardous and health endangering dusts.  

If you think you might need such a machine to save from explosions, please visit for our full range.

Shiny Surfaces

Clean Kitchens Easily With VapourSteam!

This is an excellent example of how you can clean your entire kitchen with ease with a Morclean Vapour Steam Cleaner.

Whether its an busy restaurant kitchen or your own at home, you can see you can get great results without using harsh chemicals, just using minimal amounts of water.

It can clean all sorts of grime, grease and dirt that can build up in areas hard to get to, as well as larger spaces like the work tops and floors that need a good deep clean. Even notoriously pesky things to clean like ovens and hobs can be squeaky clean in no time.

Take a look at our full range here.

Clean Streets

This is the Street BackVac from Morclean.

It is an easy and convenient way to clean up any area that might have contaminated litter or objects. The hardest to get to places are not a problem with this machine. Even broken glass, cans, food leftovers, anything can be safely vacuumed up without the user having to go near it!

It can hold up to 35 litres of rubbish, and you can place a rubbish bag in the receptacle so its easy just to take out, tie up and throw away safely. The vacuum is available with 3 different size of hose - 5", 4" or 3" in diameter. It is powered by a Honda 4 stroke engine which is low noise, so minimal disturbance in the area around you. Ideal for parks, playgrounds, car parks, work areas, anywhere, even the most inaccessible.

Visit Morclean for more information.