Wheelie Bin Wash

Trailer Mounted Wheelie Bin Wash and Lift

The Morclean Wheelie Bin Wash is ready to go! Our NEW product is available to buy and to take out on lease. The trailer mounted system is a superbly designed and engineered product, self contained and purpose built. It’s so easy to use, and finished in quality materials.

The BEST thing about the machine is that not only does it dispense the water with a high pressure, long-reach pump to clean the bin, it then collects the water and recycles it so you can reuse it throughout the day. That’s a whole days work on just ONE tank of water. Clever thing!
Owning one of these can also be astoundingly lucrative. If you have a bin round of just a few roads, you could earn up to £136,000 by just charging £3.50 per bin.

Coming soon, we will have a brand new video showing the machine in action! The image above is just a few sneaky peeks at the video.

For any more information on this product, do not hesitate to contact us, either ring the free phone number

0800 1300 402 and speak in person to the lovely sales team, or e-mail info@morclean.com for an information pack.


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