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Petrol Driven Single brush Vehicle Wash - Morclean FLITE

Petrol Driven Single Brush Vehicle Wash - Morclean FLITE

Morclean are pleased to announce the launch of the new petrol driven single brush vehicle wash - the Morclean FLITE. 
Although we already have Morclean GLIDE, our electric driven machine and Morclean DRIVE, our battery operated machine, the Morclean FLITE is our brand new petrol driven single brush runner.

The Morclean FLITE is now available for demonstrations and viewings. Contact us on 0800 1300 402 or email for further details and specifications! Check out our video below to see how the GLIDE operates to give you a better understand of the machines.

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TRANSFORM YOUR EARNINGS with the Morclean Binwash Machine

The Morclean Binwash machines are affordable, quality bin cleaning machines. They make the perfect start-up business machine and are available with lease and finance options. NO ties. NO franchise... Transform your earnings with the Morclean Binwash machines today!
We will be exhibiting the Morclean Binwash machine at the Cleaning Show, between 10th and 12th March 2015 at the London Excel arena. The award winning machine will be proudly displayed on STAND A11 where the Morclean team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. You can even have a little demo if you're lucky!

If you are new to the Morclean Binwash machine, these machines are manufactured by Morclean based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. They are fully self-contained wheeled bin washers mounted on Type approved EU trailers. The machines can be towed by most medium to large vehicles (anything from a little van upwards!) Another reason why they make the perfect start up business for any bu…

2 weeks today until The Cleaning Show 2015

2 weeks to go until Morclean exhibit at The Cleaning Show, London 2015...
You can find us at Stand A11 between 10th and 12th March 2014 with our award winning binwash machine - make sure you register to visit and head down!

3 Weeks Until The Cleaning Show, London 2015!

It's now just 3 weeks until The Cleaning Show 2015, and we're counting down the days...
Morclean Bear has packed his little bearcase and is preparing himself for the 4 hour journey down south in all that traffic... 
We will be at The Cleaning Show between 10th and 12th March 2015 at the London Excel, with our award winning Binwash machine. 
Entry into the show is free so if you want to see the machine in action, as well as attend keynote speeches on the cleaning industry and marketing, etc, AND discover what innovative technology the UK has to offer in this field, make sure your register here and come down.
See you there!

Morclean Are Older Than You Think...

A lot of people, due to the popularity of our new machines such as the Binwash machine and the Single Brush Vehicle Wash, appear to assume that Morclean is a relatively new company. Although we've only begun exhibiting and exporting fairly recently, Morclean has actually been trading since the 1970's would you believe!

That's way before the likes of Minecraft, Mario Brothers and even Pacman... They may look old, but actually, we trump the lot of them... why? Because we've evolved with the times.
Like many other successful companies, Apple, Starbucks and Microsoft were all founded in the 1970's. So, who's stood the test of time?
Well, it's pretty clear from our Morclean Pixel Art that Morclean has moved with the times and not stood still in a time-warp. If we did, we probably wouldn't be here today. Instead, Morclean has developed, expanded, changed and moulded itself into the business you see today. 

So rest assured that although we look all shiny and …

Morclean GLIDE Living the High Life...

The Morclean GLIDE yesterday made the transition from 'downstairs to upstairs' and has become Lord of the Manor down at Waddesdon Manor in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.
The Manor, from the Rothschild portfolio now owned by the National Trust, has become the proud new owner of one of the Morclean GLIDE single brush vehicle wash machines, to keep their buses looking spic-and-span through the next season. The GLIDE will be on hand to help the staff keeping their buses clean after transporting bustling visitors to and from the Manor. 

The Morclean GLIDE single brush vehicle wash is the perfect, portable, easy-to-use vehicle wash suitable for cleaning buses, coaches, lorries, HGVs, ambulances and more.  It makes easy work of cleaning medium to large sized vehicles; the operator simply guides the machine around the vehicle and the single brush does all the hard work, using its motion to pull it around the vehicle. 

The single brush vehicle wash will be enrolled into the team in Ayles…

Morclean Feature in Cleaning & Maintenance Ahead of The Cleaning Show 2015

Morclean are pleased to feature in this months edition of Cleaning and Maintenance - the official publication of The Cleaning Show 2015.

Morclean will be exhibiting at the event in London at the Excel at stand A11 between 10th and 12th March 2015.

You'll find us with our award winning Binwash machine - make sure you register to attend and come and say hi. We're a friendly bunch... honest!

4 Weeks to Go until The Cleaning Show 2015!

It's now only 4 weeks until The Cleaning Show in London at the Excel. Whilst the main attraction is clearly going to be Morclean and their Binwash at Stand A11, there's some other little things going off too ;)

You'll be able to find the Master of Window Cleaning just a couple of stands up from us. Terry Turbo! Burrows will be showing everyone how it's done at the Window Cleaning Competition - The Guinness Book of Records will be joining them all on that stand to record the fastest window cleaned!

There are seminars and workshops for a variety of different things including Healthcare, Carpet Cleaning, Retail and Transport Cleaning and Health and Safety...

It's also been confirmed that Rugby Ace Kyran Bracken will be joining the event to give a speech and the Innovation Awards (where the Binwash has again been entered this year) will also be taking place too!

It's free to enter the show and have a nosy around, you just need to make sure you register before hand…

Morclean Supply Salt Water Jet Wash to North Sea Helipads

Morclean delighted to supply a number jet wash machines to North Sea Helipads for the very first time.   The Morclean jet wash machines are currently being tested so all being well, the machines can be installed at other pads and bases too.

The Helipads are based in the northern and southern areas of the North Sea, and are required to fulfill the brief of a jet wash capable of using sea water due to the location.

The off shore / marine salt water pressure washers are being used to clean the pads for landing. Due to the location of the pads, they often get covered in seagull and other sea birds debris causing a slip hazard. With the salt water pressure washers, this can now be avoided.

The Morclean jet washers are specially built for use with salt water; normally salt water would deteriorate a normal pump in a normal jet wash, so these machines have to be made to specification. They are built especially for the marine and offshore locations and are built with brakes and lifting eyes.


Kyran Bracken to give Guest Speech at The Cleaning Show in 5 weeks time!

It's only 5 weeks until The Cleaning Show in London on the 10th-12th March 2015.

This morning, we had a suprising email confirming that one of the guest motivational speakers this year would be none other than ex-Rugby legend Kyran Bracken. Personally, I remember him more from the Dancing on Ice glory days but maybe that speaks more about my age and gender than Kyrans' talent!

We're really starting to look forward to the show now we can finally see it coming over the horizon.

Don't forget you can find us at Stand A11 at The Cleaning Show 2015, London Excel between 10-12th March!

See you there!

Morclean DRIVE and Morclean GLIDE Single Brush Vehicle Wash

Morclean GLIDE Single Brush Vehicle Wash

The Morclean GLIDE Single Brush Vehicle Wash is a mobile vehicle wash machine with a sturdy stainless steel case. The Morclean GLIDE edition is designed to not only make vehicle washing easier, but also to act as an environmentally friendly alternative to the large industrial vehicle wash mechanisms.
This user-friendly alternative has built-in water saving jets which ensure little waste; saving you valuable cleaning time in the process. To operate, the operator pulls the machine along the vehicle so the machine can reach all parts of the vehicle. Washing time is approximately 5 minutes for a 12 metre vehicle.

Morclean DRIVE Single Brush Vehicle Wash

The Morclean DRIVE Single Brush Vehicle Wash is the ultimate mobile vehicle wash machine. It uses battery power to conveniently and easily clean your vehicles, with built-in water tank to ensure an even water distribution. 

Like the Glide model, the single brush vehicle wash machine is an environmentally …

Morclean in a week - and what a week it was!

I think anyone who lives North of Nottingham will understand just how hectic last week was weather wise. But Morclean had more than just the weather to contend with. 
It was a busy week all round with new deliveries, new products and worldwide exports. Here's a little breakdown of what we got up to last week...

On Tuesday we took delivery of our brand new permanent wash pad, now available from Morclean. The washpads are perfect for when a full washbay installation is not necessary, as you can clean your vehicle, catch the water, and drain it away legally. The pads come in a couple of different sizes to suit your cleaning needs. Suitable for small-medium vans and cars.
For further information on the new washpads, just give us a call on 0800 1300 402 or email us on


We've started advertising heavy and hard now on the run up to The Cleaning Show in March. The show is held at the Excel, London this year and we're really looking forward to it a…