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Our New Product is Nearly Ready

Doesn't time fly! Tomorrow sees the start of the new month! Just to keep you hanging on a little bit longer for the big reveal, we've decided to share with you a small amount of information about our new exciting product. We are proud to introduce the Washkube!

Nice New Wheels

Here is the newest edition to the Morclean fleet! With new shiny lettering, the biggest of our vehicles looks very smart! Our sales team clock up many miles travelling around the country for product demonstrations to a range of clients. So keep your eyes peeled for the Morclean Van driving around, could be coming to a town near you! If you would like to arrange a product demonstration, where we are happy to travel to you, where ever you are in the country, please contact us at .

Bauder Green Roof Installations

Lovely Green Roof Garden Bauder is a company that deals in creating Bio-diverse Green Roof Installations. Green roofs are accessible gardens used for recreational and leisure purposes, just like a normal garden. You can create just about any design of garden you want, just as a landscaped garden on the ground. Limits are endless! Green Roofs are brilliant for many reasons including: they support a natural habitat for flora and fauna, they support biodiversity and smaller wildlife and insects, they can blend man made buildings into natural backgrounds, improved air quality, encourages photosynthesis and reduced carbon footprint. Sounds great! Find more here. The tricky thing is to organise the watering of the roof garden, not only in the long term but temporarily, whilst you are waiting for the permanent irrigation to be up and running. An excellent solution that Bauder have championed is to use a Morclean Bowser (pictured). Along with a pump, a bowser can provide the

Vapour Steam Clean

Westcoast Ltd We have just sold a Vapour Steam VP3600 to a company by the name of Westcoast Ltd . Westcoast specialise in supplying IT products to computer reselling network. The company is a registered distributor of Apple and Microsoft products. The machine was to be used specifically for their warehouse, which is obviously stores racks upon racks of specialist equipment, including electrical goods such as TVs, cameras, mp3 players and more. These need storing in a clean, safe environment. That's where the VP3600 comes in. It is perfect for cleaning in an area such as this, where it is essential to not get things wet or use suds. With the vapour steam, very little water is needed for optimum cleaning results. One of our sales team travelled to Reading earlier this month to demonstrate this machine to the people at Westcoast . Sure enough, upon his return they were interested in purchasing one of these extremely useful machines. Visit our website to see our full range

Great Movie

Movies in the Park was a huge success! There were sunbathers a-plenty in Matlock at the weekend - an estimated four thousand people enjoyed great films with a great atmosphere in Hall Leys Park. A better day couldn't have been chosen for the event -  look at that blue sky! It was perfect conditions for basking in the sun, having a picnic and watching the entertainment! There were great stalls too, selling amazing local products. Couldn't resist some fresh popcorn! People have said of the event: "Thanks to everyone involved in today's Movies in the Park, we've had an absolutely brilliant time. What a fabulous idea, it would be great if this became an annual event..." Thankyou to everyone who came along and made it such a pleasant day, and all the dedicated organisers who made it happen.

Care for your Floor!

Every floor deserves some TLC! If your floor is looking a bit worse for wear, it might be time you had a look at Morcleans extensive range of floor care. We do a wide range or scrubber driers, an efficient way to get rid of dirt and stains, and the same machine dries the floor - all in one smooth manoeuvre! They are designed around a simple but robust chassis making them tough and durable. We do small compact machines for the tiniest office space, to ride-on sweepers for huge warehouse floors, and everything in between. Have a look at Morcleans website  for more information.  

Hard to reach?

Extended High Pressure Lance Here is a video of our product in action - the Morclean Extended high pressure lance allows you to clean the walls of tall buildings with ease. It could also be used for large vehicles or machinery that are need of a clean. The lance is fitted with a high pressure wash gun available for use with hot or cold water. You still get all the power of a usual pressure wash, just much more reach. The lance is 1.8 metre primarily, but can be extended to 7.3 meter. That's  three storeys high! If you have an interest in this product, please contact Morclean - 0800 1300 402 or .

Movie Time

Movies in the Park The big event is taking place THIS SATURDAY the 26th May. A colleague and I took a trip down to Hall Leys Park earlier to adorn the park with some Morclean banners. What a beautiful place! With the weather like this you would be missing out if you didn't join us on Saturday for a great day in the park. There will be a huge 27 square foot LED screen, with generator to provide entertainment. Showings begin at 12 noon, and three fantastic family films will be shown throughout the day. There will also be many stores from local business, providing an array of treats and gifts to purchase. The event has come to be through the support from local businesses, like ourselves. We are proud to sponsor such a fun event that the whole community can enjoy. See you there!

The Big Sell

Morclean seals the deal with The Global Draw Last week saw a hu ge sale made of not  one... not two... but One-Hundred-and-Sixty-Four PCV1 vacuums sold to The Global Draw , who are suppliers of server-based gaming machines you might find in a pub or bar. Not that you’d e ver find us down the pub... The PCV1 is a specialist vacuum cleaner are designed specifically for the cleaning of such machines. We were up against fierce competition, but our efforts proved successful when we obtained this fantastic order. For more information on the product, visit our website.

How to...

Hard work in action! Here's a little montage of our engineer doing work on a van for Sheffiled City Council for a Graffiti cleaning machine. (View original blog post here ). I find it strange and wonderful he just free-handed a near perfect circle! Wow. Click image to enlarge to see the skills up close. For more info on similar machines - please visit the  Morclean website .

Cleaning Show 2013

19-21 March 2013 The Cleaning Show 2013 is taking place at Birminghams NEC, the UK's largest exhibition venue, and you can see why. It may seem a while away just yet, but organisation and planning is well on the way for the Cleaning Show next year. It happens every two years, and it the only major UK showcase for all products and services relating to the cleaning industry. It is a fantastic exhibition where companies can market, sell and promote their products and services to an international audience. If you are involved with the industry, the Cleaning Show 2013 would be beneficial to attend for you and your business, where thousands of industry professionals gather under one roof. Cleaning Show 2013 19-21 March // NEC // Birmingham

Chim Chim Che-ree

One of our sales team yesterday posted off a Morclean Type H Vac  - which is for safe the removal of hazardous dust.  It was for a Chimney sweep in East Riding, to remove the dangerous soot and other substances he would come across on a day to day basis. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Dick Van Dyke, but it's nice to think he's as happy as him about his nice new vac.

Good things in Small Packages

Morclean's Compact Scrubber Drier This neat piece of equipment is powerful for it's size, and this also makes it efficient and really easy to handle. With Morclean's Compact Scrubber Drier you can achieve incredible results in cleaning even in the hardest conditions of usage, easy to manoeuvre in the smallest floor space. With the accessories supplied, this little machine can also clean carpets, so is ideal if you need that versatility. Ideal for small shops, offices, kitchens, schools, hospitals, bars, garages, etc. If you would like any more info, please email

Getting Close....

It's not long until our brand new product launch is upon us! We are definitely getting excited here at Morclean , with many developments going on, we can't wait to show it to everyone!

Cleaning Up the City

Graffiti Cleaners Sheffield Homes - a company linked to Sheffield City Council have recently acquired SIX Hot Water Skid Mounts from Morlcean , complete with a half ton tank for the water fitted inside the van. They are mounted to the back of their vans and do not need any extra power to operate - it is all self-contained and runs entirely off the vehicle. The high pressure hot water is perfect for removing unsightly graffiti from around various parts of Sheffield. So the guys at the workshop have been working super hard today to get them fitted! A job well done. 

Allow me to introduce you to...

        TheThermaSteam 350X The ThermaSteam 350X from Morclean generates super heated steam to provide a brand new, easier method of car cleaning. With an ThermaSteam 350X you can now steam clean a car without using the volumes of water a typical jet wash produces. With the Thermasteam 350X you can clean your whole car with just ONE litre of water, yet it uses LESS power than your kettle. The machine produces great results as it cleans using 100psi of super heated steam. The steam can also be mixed with high-pressure water for extra stubborn dirt. It’s really easy to control and with the long reach handle you can get in all the hard to clean areas. With a heating up time of just two minutes and a   continous fill water tank, this really is a remarkable piece of equipment. The machine itself is wipe clean, and it’s ultra-low run off so is very cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Ride On Sweeper

Whizz through the sweeping! Morcleans Ride On Sweeper takes the effort out of sweeping.  It has a petrol engine or can be battery powered. The machine is made of sturdy shockproof steel. Main controls are mechanically operated, to ensure maximum ruggedness and reliability over time. The Sweeper  is ideal for cleaning of medium-large surfaces, such as car parks, schools, hospitals, and warehouses, in super quick time and with ease. As you can see, it's really easy to empty with no mess, as it includes a hydraulic waste container-lifting arm. Smart!

Nobody likes a dirty car

Get shiny results from Morclean's  VapourSteam 180X.   The VapourSteam 180X is our most compact ste am cleaner. Its great because it uses much less water than a traditional pressure washer, and is ideal for steam cleaning vehicles and machinery. It's great for getting in all the nooks and crannies of a machine that's difficult to clean. To give you an idea of how little water is uses: a traditional jet washer uses about 15 litres of water per minute; that’s 900 litres every hour. However, the Vapour Steam 180X uses just 12 litres of water in an hour. That's a massive saving of 888 litres of water an hour, with BETTER cleaning results. If this video isn't enough, come down to our show room and we will happily show you one of these in action.

Movies in the Park

Morclean are proudly sponsoring an amazing event coming up this month. MOVIES IN THE PARK at Matlock is taking place on  Saturday 26th May at noon . It will be held in Hall Leys Park, with plenty of stalls and food and other activities taking place. There will be a big ol' movie screen playing great movies all the family can enjoy (who DOESN'T like Up ?). The best thing of all is that the event is FREE! So, grab your picnic blanket, a tub of popcorn and a loved one, and enjoy a lovely chilled out day in the park.

Watch Out!

Curiouser and curiouser! We've had some developments today, and very clever people from in and out of the office bringing this project along.


Leading the way to a sustainable future Sustainability live! is taking place this month at the NEC in Birmingham. Between the 22-24 May, UK's leading sustainability event will be attracting buyers and sellers from all corners of the sustainable business sector. There will be hundreds of exhibitors, big name speakers and many show features. The new Trailer Mounted Wheelie Bin Wash and Lift from Morclean is an excellent example of sustainability, as it recycles and reuses just ONE tank of water for a full days work. Resulting in no wasted resources, and the safe disposal of contaminated water. Good thinking! Sustainability live! is free to visit, and you can register here for access to an outstanding conference for industry professionals.

Bright Ideas at Morclean

Crikey! Stand back! We are all about teamwork here at Morclean! Our secret project is well on the way.

Something's Coming...

Sparks are flying here today at Morclean! Something pretty special is being created down in the out for updates as things progress!