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New product launch coming soon - BlueBox

Here's more about the new product we're launching soon. It's called   Blue Box Our R&D team have been working on this for a while now, it’s new, it's blue, and of course it's innovative. The Blue Box  is an above ground partial water treatment system. It's designed to provide an alternative to costly and inconvenient ground works and to eliminate excavation for the installation of  interceptors and tanks. It’s a totally surface mounted system that can  replace the need for  an interceptor, and can be used in conjunction with the Morclean wash pad, or your own wash pad, and where water is discharged to a mains foul drain Here's what the  Blue Box  is about... Normally  On a vehicle  wash you have to have (by law)  one of these; it's called an interceptor Size They can be between 2 and 6CuM3 (cubic Meters), so they're  pretty big.  You can either  Dig a big hole and install in the ground, but this is costly - and no

Who knows what's inside the blue box...?

There's something happening at Morclean, and there's a lot of activity in our workshops again this week Our R&D have been working on this for a while now, and even I'm not sure what's inside it! I've been promised that it's new, it's blue, and of course it's innovative. More to follow as we continue to develop  new products and change the way we think...

Just over 1 week until ISSA Interclean Poland

ISSA Interclean - Poland & Central Europe Exhibition Morclean will be co-exhibiting at ISSA Interclean in Poland between 22nd-24th April with Morclean Binwash Distributor, Bravos.  The decision to exhibit follows a successful exhibition at The Cleaning Show, London a few weeks ago, and also a successful exhibition last year at the ISSA Amsterdam.  We look forward to meeting everyone on the stand where we will have a Wheelie Bin Wash Machine on display for demonstrations, questions and inspections! See you soon... For more information about attending the event, visit this link.