New product launch coming soon - BlueBox

Here's more about the new product we're launching soon. It's called  BlueBox
Our R&D team have been working on this for a while now, it’s new, it's blue, and of course it's innovative.

The BlueBox  is an above ground partial water treatment system. It's designed to provide an alternative to costly and inconvenient ground works and to eliminate excavation for the installation of  interceptors and tanks. It’s a totally surface mounted system that can  replace the need for  an interceptor, and can be used in conjunction with the Morclean wash pad, or your own wash pad, and where water is discharged to a mains foul drain

Here's what the BlueBox is about...

On a vehicle  wash you have to have (by law)  one of these; it's called an interceptor

They can be between 2 and 6CuM3 (cubic Meters), so they're  pretty big. 

You can either 
Dig a big hole and install in the ground, but this is costly - and no-one wants to dig holes. 

If you move site you have to leave it behind, it's concreted in and won't budge

You need to dig holes like this,  they're costly and messy

You can leave above ground interceptors on the surface, but they are ugly and big. Imagine your prestigious garage or a sleek building with an ugly tank stuck outside....

So. We've developed
A new system, it's inside  a blue box, just  like the image below

Inside this box there's a system that replaces the need for an interceptor as described above. The overall dims of the box are just 2M M square and finished in a nice colour - blue, with the Morclean brand name on. It can be lifted onto site ready to use. The BlueBox takes water from the wash pad, without the need for a sump or any holes in the ground, and it pumps out the water ready to discharge to a mains foul drain

So here's a layman's terms summary

A traditional interceptor;

Someone has to dig a hole
Someone also has to back fill  and install
There's dirt and mess
You have to leave it behind
It's a builders job
And, may not be your land
You'll have to leave it behind if you move
It's  hassle, lot's of hassle

But here's an alternative, the new BlueBox 

Totally surface mounted
Zero dig
No mess
No excavation
You can take it with you
You can fit it in minutes
It looks good
It's in a box. A blue box 

So what's the cost
Interceptors are pretty cheap, we can sell a 3 Cum3 wash bay interceptor  (3000ltrs) for about £1200, ex works ex Vat - but it's the cost of installation that makes it less than viable. This varies site to site but the builder's works could easily be £3000 to £5000 ex Vat. You'll be able to contact us soon for up to date prices when we launch the new BlueBox  range

We can't  help you with the quote for the installation, we're not builders, there's no typical price so  it depends on site conditions, how much concrete is needed etc so it's really difficult for our customers because  most people want a one stop shop

We quote a fixed price for the surface mounted BlueBox  and you take it away

The Law
And remember it's law to have one, the EA's PPG13 Guidelines will tell you this and you can find a copy here


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  2. Seems like very exciting and effective product.. I would love to gather some more details before getting it.
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    1. Thank you for your comment for more information please contact: or call 0800 1300 402 or 01246 471147.


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