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Getting to grips with the Sweepers!

So I thought I would give you a little update on how I'm getting on at Morclean, as you know I'm still
a newbie to the company. Last week I was able to have a go on some sweeper machines, how exciting!

I can confirm that the ride on sweeper seat was comfortable, for the learner driver like myself it's easy to use, honestly I could have drove around in circles all day.

If you are interested in any of these machines or would like more information please see the Morclean website; here. beep beep! 

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Shh! Top Secret...

Something is going down at Morclean HQ and I'm not even in the know, how annoying! No one is, according to Peter our boss, a Top Secret cloud is upon us and I don't see it becoming any clearer anytime soon!

If you read our post on Tuesday about The Cleaning Show Manchester 2016, read here, well you will know that we are exhibiting, how exciting, taking place at the Event City Manchester, 6th-7th April 2016.

So you can imagine the planning that's going on at Morclean as its 9 months away, lots and lots to do. It would be nice to be in the loop as to what will be on the Morclean stand on the day...But oh no Peter won't tell, that's his tea staying in the jar.

What could Morclean be revealing? If you know let me know, thanks, Jodie Marketing Assistant/not a gossiper honest you can trust me...


Hello Manchester! - The Manchester Cleaning Show 2016

Have you heard about The Cleaning Show heading to Manchester next year? How exciting.
Even more exciting now that you know Morclean will be on stand A30 raring to go, so please come and say Hi.

So a date for your diary the 6-7th April 2016, Location; Event City Manchester.

I'm sure you are aware of how successful The Cleaning Show has been in the past so we're excited to be a part of this upcoming event.

Do you want to be a part of this event? have a look here;

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Maazi Matlock Festival & Carnival Weekend!

Here at Morclean we are loving a good Festival and as another weekend approaches we have another one to attend! So if you have missed our previous posts... Here you go...The Maazi Matlock Festival & Carnival Weekend.  
Taking place at the award winning Hall Leys Park on the 25th and 26th July this Saturday and Sunday, Morclean are happy to be involved in another exciting festival. 
For more information see the facebook page HERE.  See you on the climbing wall.
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The Adventures of The Morclean Van

Did you do anything fun this weekend?
I know our Morclean Van was out and about and ventured to The Matlock Food Festival on Sunday, did you spot him? 
Morclean were happy to be involved in the Festival, fun was had by all, take a look at the photos below, see if you can spot the Morclean Van. 

 So what a fun day, thanks to everyone involved!

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One Morclean Bowser- Set for a healthier future

One of our Bowsers made its way to a Salad factory last week, set for a summer health kick, I should have salad for lunch...Opps.

But off our Bowser went with Coventry in its sites, to clean tracks in the Salad factory.

For more information please see the Morclean Website HERE.  Posted today by Jodie (Marketing Asistant)  contact: 

The Clean Zine- Feature

Here at Morclean we love a good weekly catch up and read of The CleanZine which is an online Zine published every Thursday straight to your Inbox.

Such a joy to read and very informative to the cleaning industry enthusiast, so we were impressed to see an article by Jan Hobs, Publishing Editor.

This article is all about our win of The Green Ambassador Award, you can read a snippet here;

  To continue and read the rest click this link Here.  Don't forget to subscribe yourself!

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Advantages of The Trailer Mounted BinWash

So you've heard and read all about the Morclean award winning BinWash machine and your thinking about purchasing one yourself? Or maybe you're looking for a new business venture and fancy a BinWash machine to help you on your way?

Well here are the advantages of a trailer mounted BinWash Machine and how it takes the lead when being compared to a pick up/4x4 mounted BinWash;

Here are some advantages;

You can use a small van or even a car to mount the trailer bin wash.The insurance for a pick up is considerably more than a small van.The resale value of a trailer mounted machine can be much higher as it can be used by anyone.The van can be used for other jobs when not towing the bin wash, where as a 4x4 is likely to be parked up after the round is finished. Trailer versions are all a standard size so no need to special build to suit each pick up. The cost of a trailer bin wash are much lower compared to the cost of a 4x4 mounted machine machine, and the extra cost for the vehicle, …

Matlock Food Festival- Sunday 19th

So with just four days to go until the Matlock Food Festival we can't wait to get stuck in, I'm always hungry...always hungry. So it always seems appropriate to schedule posts like these at lunch time as you maybe hungry like me and it will get you excited?

So if you haven't popped this event in your diary, then go do it, with lots of stalls with plenty to offer you will be spoilt for choice.

See you there!

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BinWash Static- New Model

So we have a new Model to add to our popular and award winning BinWash range, BinWash Static, we delivered one to a hospital last week see this post.

After showing you one being delivered and set up last week, this post is to give you more information into the features of the BinWash Static. 

So as with all Morclean products this BinWash is very robust and efficient, fitted with automated bin lift and water recycling as standard.
The static model is designed to be fixed at one location or bin wash depot. 

Simply locate the wheelie bin onto the lifting mechanism at the rear of the machine, press one button and the bin is lifted.
Once elevated, the Morclean system drains the bin into a catchment tray at the same time it is being washed - in one simple process. Water is filtered and ready to re-use throughout the day. As you can see below the detailed spec for the BinWash Static range;

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Interceptor VS BlueBox - "Machine off"

The Battle is ONin today's machine off, INTERCEPTOR vs BLUEBOX!

So before you get your bets in lets go through each and compare, starting with theINTERCEPTOR.
You don't know what an Interceptor is? well take a look here this is how it could look when the work starts at your work place...

An Interceptor is an underground water treatment system which disposes of the Water from a Wash bay, Car Wash. 
So if you go for the interceptor, you have a lot of building work to tackle on your way into the office! Mind your step! 

This building work you see can be costly and also take weeks or even months to complete, also if you're thinking about moving then you will have to say goodbye to your Interceptor. Sadly once installed its very tricky to relocate, its all under ground as you can see below so once its covered you won't see it again.

The Interceptor comes in different capacity's from 2000-20,000 Litres, so if you decided to upgrade in size you would need to get a new one…

New BinWash Model Launched - 2015

Here we have a new Model which has been added to our fixed BinWash range, great for Hospitals and waste management sites and much more.

We recently delivered and installed one of the new models to a Hospital, as you can see from the photos below it will be a great asset for the hospital as they have many types of bins in use.

So you can see how the machines look in action and how they could look in your workplace, we can install and demo machines so you too can become an expert in our Static BinWash. 
I will be bringing you more on the Static BinWash in the coming weeks so be sure to give our blog a follow.  
For more information please contact: 01246 471147 or email:

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Matlock Food Festival

Are you local to the Matlock area? well we have something for you, The Matlock Food Festival, 19th July, Matlock Town Centre. We are super excited for this event and we feel now summer is finally here (kinda when it feels like it anyway).

What will give this event the authentic street party feel is the fact that for the first time in a long time the Matlock Bridge will be closed for the day.

This event is being brought to you by Matlock Live and Maazi Restaurant so expect some tasty food and great live music. I think from looking at previous event photos you can see below what a fun day its expected to be.

So Matlock Food Festival is bigger and better this year, bringing local producers and traders together in the historic spa town.

You can keep up on all the festival goings on by following the Facebook page here. 

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The Cleaning Show 2015- BCC Coverage

You may be aware that we exhibited at the Cleaning Show, earlier back in March, you can read the Morclean diary Here.

The cleaning show is a major event hosted in the UK, specifically aimed at the Cleaning Industry,  the show was held for the first time this year at ExCel, London and was attended by thousands of visitors from all over the UK and overseas.

As we loved the show so much we always like watching coverage filmed at the event,  so have a look at this BCC footage, you really do get an inside feel as to how the show runs. 

The next show being the 14-16th March 2017 so put the date in your diary as we sure have.

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Green World Ambassador and Green Apple Awards 2015

Yey! we were awarded with the Green World Ambassador Award and Green Apple 2015 Award on Monday 29th, 2015, at the Empire Casino Leicester Square, London.

This was presented in a carbon-neutral presentation ceremony, following the presentation our Green paper is now published on the Green Book CD (distributed all over the UK and around the world)
The Green Apple awards are one of the world's most prestigious recognised campaigns and to mark their 20th successful year they launched the Green World Awards. This years Awards ceremony will be in New Zealand where the overall winner will be presented with the World award.

And here we have Peter with one of the awards!

Lastly not forgetting the certificate, it will be nice to see this framed in the office.

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Maazi Matlock Festival and Carnival Weekend

We are delighted to be a part of this event which is taking place at Hall Leys Park, Matlock , 25th-26th July.
So enjoy the summer sun and watch some Music in the park while bumping into your favorite superhero, did I not mention they will be making an appearance? 

Being held in the beautiful award winning park it is set to be a lovely day, with over 60 stalls there's sure to be something to take your fancy. 

Take a look at some of the photographs from previous events below: 

So will we see you in the sun?  You can keep up to date with this event HERE be sure to give them a follow.