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Think Our Vehicle Wash Pads Are Only Designed For Cars? On Your Bike!

Our surfaced mounted vehicle wash pads are not only the perfect solution for professional valeters, service centres, car dealers, and mobile car wash outlets, there also ideal for cleaning down vans, trucks, plant, machinery, HGV's, and even motorbikes too!
Take, for example, a wash platform that we installed back in August 2019 at Silverstone, for the washing of championship-winning KTM motocross bikes, and a national motorbike repair centre in 2017! This custom made pad, which can be re-located and re-used, provided a viable bike cleaning solution at a fraction of the cost, disturbance, and time.

These quick-to-install, economical, and watertight washing pad systems enable any type of vehicle to be washed on its removable grating, capturing all the water into a drain and a surface mounted sump pump.
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Morclean's Range of Industrial Vacuums - Suck It and See!

One of the main advantages of buying an industrial vacuum cleaner is the efficiency that it brings to the operator. Vacuuming can be done in much less time than traditional methods of cleaning, and they provide the best results.With their impressive suction power, a smart filtering system, and a low noise engine, our range of Industrial vacuum cleaners are specifically designed to meet requirements for safe and efficient industrial practice, including hazardous environments. Keeping the workspace free from any dirt, dust mites, pathogens, or allergens.
One of the best things about our industrial vacuum cleaners are that they can be used in a number of applications, such as battery manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, carbon removal, hazardous waste, roofing, industrial painting, and sandblasting. On dry and wet surfaces, and within domestic, commercial, and industrial cleaning environments, including food and pharmaceutical industries, the mechanical sector, wood manufacturing, service …

R&D Project Innovation for Plant Wash Water Recovery 💡

We were recently approached by a client who was looking for a viable solution for cleaning and re-using water, for washing plant hire that has been returned from hire.Our MD, Peter Morley, got his R&D cap on and set about inventing a new wash water recovery system. We’ve now designed, prototyped, manufactured, and tested the new wash pad, which is the same as our regular wash pad, but smaller and deeper at 3x2m or 3x3m (L x W) and a depth of 180mm. The new system catches and collects the water on the wash pad. The water is then pumped from the pad to the reclaim system. Water enters the system and is pushed through a bag filter to remove debris and oils, and then on through a mesh filter to remove finer silt. The systems downpipes guarantee that oil remains free-floating, and any remaining oil is trapped in the absorbent pads. Lastly, a cartridge filter ensures that any free-floating solids are removed. The water is then pumped into the jet wash with a level control. The technical i…

Looking to the Future in North East Wales

We're already lining up projects for Spring 2021, and are extremely excited about our new and upcoming vehicle wash project in Denbighshire, for the washing of refuse trucks and council vehicles.This project will involve a whole host of works, including supply, civils, installation of a water management system (silt trap, GRP plant room, advanced media filter), a cleaning system (twin hot water cabinet jet wash, user posts, hose reels), and below ground items (interceptor, silt trap, buffer tank), alongside ongoing services. Above and below are examples of a past project we undertook, which is very similar to the works that will be undertaken in North East Wales. Our Morclean H&S Station will also be delivered to the site prior to the start of the works... Phew, what a welcome challenge to hopefully a more positive year for everyone. Roll on 2021!

Only 2 Weeks to Go Till Our Morclean Interclean Showcase!

With only 2 weeks to go, the countdown is on until our Morclean Interclean Showcase. Our showcase, which will start Tuesday 03 and end Friday 06 November, will see Morclean exhibiting its latest bin wash innovations, including our newly released AUTO/FLITE, and the ultra-exciting launch of our new Binwash 8 which incorporates 2 furthers stages of filtration and 3 new and incredible features! We have lots of other exciting product updates too, so watch this space until our next post...
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Morclean Wash Pad Projects Flying High

We're delighted to announce that we have another exciting new project starting at the beginning of November, for an organisation based in Salisbury that undertakes military aircraft testing and evaluation, for washing down Corba Fire Vehicles!
The finished project, which is planned for Mid-November, will include the installation of a Morclean Silt Trap and 3-Stage Interceptor.
We're taking this project straight from site survey, design, and proposal, all the way through to supply, install, and handover.

Morclean to saw cut, excavate and lay a 10m curbed wash. We will then install a sump and pump and lay concrete slab to the falls. Next comes the installation of an above-ground interceptor, alongside a bowser jet wash, and 2 hose reels and user posts.
Click on the following links if you're interested in viewing our past and most current project portfolios.
Let's innovate!

Morclean doing the Italian Job!

Our on-site projects are a big part of both what we do and who we are, taking us all over Europe and the UK. This time saw us in Italy, where we undertook site surveys and visits in record time!The whirlwind 3-day trip saw us driving for 10 hours in 2 days… but as always, we’re committed to getting projects right first time, every time!

We undertook a number of site visits, where surveys were conducted for the proposed supply of wash pads, canopies/screens, wash bays, and installation of the new BioX, for which R&D is to comply with European legislation for water discharge.

We also managed to sneak a few shots of historical landmarks along the way, and all in all the trip was highly successful!

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Morclean Interclean Showcase

Interclean has grown to become the largest and leading cleaning show in the world, with the highest number of visitors and international attendance in the cleaning industry. The event has proudly gained international recognition and earned a high level of loyalty from global visitors and exhibitors, and its continued success makes it the perfect venue for collaborating with industry professionals and showcasing the latest innovations and solutions.However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Interclean Amsterdam 2020 has been postponed until 2022, and a virtual (online) version of the event will be hosted from 3-6 November.Morclean will be revealing its own Morclean Interclean Showcase throughout this period, paying homage to the world's leading platform under the following itinerary:Day 1 - Set up dayDay 2 - Showcasing our ever-popular Custom Plus Bin WashDay 3 - Showcasing our soon-to-be-launched Binwash 8Day 4 - Showcasing our recently launched AUTO/FLITEDay 5 -…

Morclean's BinWash Flite In Action

With incredible features such as its easy lift action, 200 bar rotating nozzles, and automatic cleaning process, the BinWash FLITE from Morclean makes cleaning bins simple and straightforward.

All of the wash water is contained within the system, so no overspray occurs, and its ability to lift and lower 2 standard bins or 1 large bin with ease makes this impressive machine even more desirable.

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Custom Plus Bin Wash Machine Sailing its Way to the Land of Fire and Ice!

An Icelandic firm based in Reykjavík recently placed an order for our Custom Plus Bin Wash machine, which is now out for shipping. A pioneer in providing approved safety equipment, personal protective equipment, and workwear for employees throughout Iceland, the company also provides sales and services of equipment for the construction and shipping industry.  It's encouraging to know that our and brand and industrial cleaning product range is reaching countries far and wide.So what is it about the Custom Plus that makes it so sought after?Aside from how cost-effective this ergonomic machine is, its Honda driven engine and its 6-stage filtration system take it clean above the competition. Galvanised heavy-gauge steel chassis and durable components ensure a long service life, while its 350L Baffled water tank of recycled water provides a full day's work.The Custom Plus effortlessly lifts two bins at the touch of a button, and can also be used as a portable pressure washer for dri…

Morclean Aiming for "Last Place" in Guastalla’s 07th Edition Charity 'Slow Rally' in 2021!

In Guastalla town, which sits north of the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy and boasts only 7,500 inhabitants, Ginetto Tosi (Morclean's semi-retired industrial/trade translator, representative, and mediator) prepared for the start of the annual Slow Rally. The yearly event, which was held on the 18th September this year, sees amazing cars such as Ferraris, Jaguar’s, (and Gino’s Fiat 500), all compete to come last!
Gino, who is a dedicated charity fundraiser and supporter, particularly for the disabled in Gustalla and the province of Reggio Emilia, was all revved up and ready in his green Fiat, with the Mayor of Gustalla (Camilla) and his Grandson (Sammy) alongside (pictured above and below)

The event, which was organized by Gino himself, sees the youngsters of Anffas Trentino (an association that helps with the assistance of people with disabilities) engaged as "navigators" in sports vehicles and vintage cars once a year. The race, in which whoever finishes last w…

Morclean Secures New Wash Pad and Interceptor installation Project for the Washing of Heavy Duty Generators

Always looking ahead, we have another exciting new project penciled in for a mid-October start. A builders yard in Worcester, which is currently vacated, is set to be a brand new location for a power generator firm that will be washing heavy-duty generators. Once the site survey has been undertaken, Morclean is to saw cut and excavate for the installation of a silt trap, interceptor, and wash pad, with some of these elements being placed above-ground to reduce excavation.The project will come complete with user posts and hose reels for jet washing. Here's some before pics...

...and we're looking forward to posting our project updates throughout the second half of October 👍Visit us here for more information on our range of vehicle wash systems, or please get in touch on 01246 471147 to speak our experienced sales team.

Morclean’s 3, 6 and 8 Stage Bin Wash Range About to Hit New Heights

Back in June 2018, we explained in-depth the stages of Morclean’s BinWash water filtration systems, but as we’re about to lift the lid our NEW 2020/21 model very soon, we thought we’d briefly remind you why these stages are so innovative and unique.

If you’re already aware of the Morclean BinWash range, you will know that all of our pioneering machines come with a water filtration system which ensures that bacteria are inhibited in the contaminated water. 
Our best-selling Custom Plus is fitted with a 6-stage water filtration system, while the Daily and the new FLITE have 3 stages, and others, such as the self-cleaning and automated Custom 40, possess an impressive 8 stages! But what are these varying stages exactly?

3, 6 & 8 Stages of Water Treatment:  The catchment tray removes large items of debris.A fine mesh screen filters the water.The third filter is situated just before the pump.Water in the holding tank passes through a ‘blue’ washable filter.Water is filtered through a silve…

New R&D Project Prototype for Water Reclaim and Recovery

Morclean are presently in the process of developing a new plant washing, water-saving device.A plant hire company approached Morclean to design, develop and deliver a solution to help them save water.Initial steps taken:✅ inspect site✅ take water samples✅ design prototypeThe proposed ‘all-automated’ system will be compact in design, with the sole intention of saving and storing water.This is phase 1 of the design and prototype...Phase 2-3 to follow!

Despite a Deserted Ferry, We’ve Been Busy in the Netherlands Assessing Sites!

There and back on an empty ferry...
...our recent site visit to the Netherlands saw us preparing for some installation work via our hub in Rotterdam.

Morclean to install wash pads, a blue box, wash screens, canopies, pumps, pump chambers, and the new BioX - car wash treatment plant - that purifies and separates all pollutants (such as sand and mud, gravel. silt. residues, detergents, oils, hydrocarbons) that are present in the water.
All areas cleaned and sanitised, and the installation team ready and raring to go!!
And all of this in just one day - phew!