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Amsterdam Reflections, ISSA Interclean 2016

Over four days a total of 30,289 professionals from 134 countries visited the show. The international share of attendees also keeps growing. This time 76% of the visitors came from outside the Netherlands. The largest growth came from Oceania, Western Africa and Southeast Asia.

The world’s largest international trade show for the cleaning industry, is organised by RAI Amsterdam in cooperation with ISSA. It provides a complete industry overview and excellent insight into global developments. Visitors are top level representatives from all major international cleaning manufacturers, distributors and cleaning contractors and decision makers from the largest industrial, commercial, medical, institutional, hospitality and foodservice facilities. ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam was founded in 1967 and celebrates its 26th anniversary in 2016.

Manager of ISSA/INTERCLEAN at RAI Amsterdam, Rob den Hertog says“The success of ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam was the great atmosphe…

"Cake optional, fun mandatory" - Morclean to support local food festival and business

Get ready- 'The Matlock Live! Food Festival' is on its way back!On Sunday 5th June, Morclean will be proudly supporting the Matlock Food Festival again and helping to bring this wonderful community event to Matlock. With over 20 vendors set to attend and an array of different food producers set to show, the event is looking to be a great success and highlight the strength of the local business community.
The festival will take place in Matlock Town Centre and will start from 10am finishing at 5pm. There's a range of local food producers set to attend including:
Blueberry Hill PreservesButter Fingers BakeryFarm to Shop to CheesesBrockleby's PiesTornado PotatoDirect Beers LtdBlood Brothers- Wood Fired OvensThe Crusty Pie Company+ so many more!
We can't wait to get stuck in and enjoy the variety of vendors. If you're about on Sunday why not pop by and see what's on offer? Cake is optional, fun is mandatory! ;) 

The Matlock Live Food Festival is proudly supported b…

Derbyshire's Prime Supplier of Meats Install Morclean Machines

Another of our Hot Static Pressure Washer Cabinets went out to one of the longest standing meat suppliers in Derbyshire last week

Providing a new and innovative way to clean and maintain hygiene within a high demand butchery department, the cabinets are not only tough and robust, but also very versatile. 

If you look back through our blog, you can how many applications and environments the Morclean Hot Static Pressure Washer Cabinets really has. If you've read this far in, and aren't 100% on what these machines do and look like, take a minute to watch this Demo video.. 

Available in various and custom specification's, further information can be found on our website via this link Morclean Static Hot Pressure Cabinets

Article composed by Clare Gaffoor Morclean Marketing

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CSSA Reform New Board of Directors and Executive Managing Bodies

Following two years of inactivity, the Cleaning and Support Services Association (CSSA) has announced its reconstituted board of directors and executive management bodies. On the 22nd April 2016 at the inaugural meeting, it was agreed that for the time being, the association would function with four management bodies to support the identified programmes and activities of the main board. These are:
Health and Safety – to co-ordinate all Health & Safety activities and practical legislative matters
Human Resources – to increase the knowledge and facilitate the improvement of the professional competence of members, which in turn will help drive industry standards and respect for all involved
Innovation and Technology to bring to the industry the application of practical, scientific and other non-cleaning developments which impact on all within the cleaning industry.
Marketing- to raise the profile of the association and the industry through the creation of a conceptual and deliverable stat…

Hot Pressure Cabinets out to Top Plant Manufacturers

Hot Static Cabinet Wash & Bespoke Chassis Wash  out to Worlds Largest Plant and Agricultural Machine Manufacturers

One of the world's largest plant and agriculture machine manufacturers have recently had installed several of our static pressure washer cabinets and a bespoke chassis wash is currently being produced for their requirements (update to follow). 

Our professional hot static pressure washer is effect for daily heavy-duty industrial cleaning. The cabinet features full frost protection, various optional powder coated and steel finishes with lockable controls, weather proof coating and is ideal for external storage. The high pressure chemical system features efficient boiler system, automatic stop/ start function as well as an optional timed chemical system. 

These rugged cabinets come complete with a removable lid for easy servicing and are constructed of either robust steel which is stove enameled or stainless steel. This is ideal for anyone who requires a fixed, secure, …

Vapour Steam, a Sweet Story....

Earlier this week, our demo guru, Keith, took one of the Morclean VapourSteam units to one of the top leading confectioneries for delivery and demonstration/ staff training....
 Keith reports that his entrance to the production area was very strict, with an introductory video and test, a health and safety feature to protect the sanitation and hygiene within the department. The VapourSteam machine (pictured above pre-delivery in the Morclean warehouse) will be used to clean the catering machinery, production line and may also be used for sterilising floors and fridges. 
Unfortunately, Keith forgot to visit the factory outlet shop on his way out. Keith is making his own tea in the office this week!

More on Morclean's Steam Cleaners The Morclean Pro range of Steam Generators produces saturated steam at an average temperature of 175ºC. Because of this, paired with the high pressure these machines produce, they negate the use of chemicals and are ideal for cleaning surfaces to a hygienic g…

No Wet Lettuce Here.. Major UK Fresh Veg Suppliers Use Morclean Equipment

Diesel Powered Hot Water Pressure Washer goes out to a Major UK Fresh Produce Suppliers.

One of our diesel powered hot water pressure washers went out to a major fresh vegetable harvest and supply company last week. This may look like an unusual environment for such a machine, but this Morclean machine is highly versatile.

Heavy duty and self contained, this twin cylinder water cooled diesel powered machine is ideal for mobile use where electricity is not available.
Enclosed in a tough steel main frame for added robustness, this particular order was skid mounted, making it ideal for cleaning large areas (such as car parks) or washing down agricultural vehicles/ plant machinery.  Maximum temperature of 140ºC, a flow rate of up to 1320 liters per hour, and up to 200 bar operating pressure.

They also come with a Linear pump, and three ceramic pistons and pump head with by-pass valve. Other features include manual power control, a flow regulator and a belt driven pump to absorb vibration.

For m…

Important Announcement - WTL: Water Technology List

WTL: Saving Water, Saving you Money, Helping the Planet. The Water Technology List. We're on it.
If you are considering purchasing new equipment to help you reduce water use, why not make it sustainable? Not only saving you water but also saving you money. Morclean are proud to announce that several of our products are now included on the Water Technology List, thus qualifying for the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme.

What are Enhanced Capital Allowances?
Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) are a type of First Year Allowances (FYAs) which reward businesses that invest in environmentally beneficial equipment. Compared to normal Capital Allowances, First Year Allowances allow a greater proportion of the cost of an investment to qualify for tax relief against a business’s profits for the period during which the investment is made. The ECA scheme provides 100% FYA and lets businesses set the whole of their expenditure on designated equipment against their taxable profits for the period d…

ISSA Interclean in Review

ISSA Interclean 2016
10 halls... 28,000 visitors... 45 different countries... over 800 manufacturers... No wonder Interclean is the largest and most attended cleaning event worldwide.
Putting the stats and figures aside, it's easy to see why Interclean is the industry's leading cleaning event, and why so many people flock to the halls to see what's new. 

As well as discovering the latest industry trends and innovations, Interclean offers the opportunity to see how the market is evolving, an insight to global developments and an excellent opportunity for networking. There is something to learn every year, new technologies to absorb and with all suppliers in one place, it's an excellent opportunity to find and compare all cleaning solutions and alternatives. 

Morclean have been in attendance for the past two Amsterdam based events, and yes, we're attending the next one in 2018 too. With old and new faces, new connections and contacts, an insight into the progression and …