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Interceptor Detector


Some more installation images of this gargantuan interceptor over at Aztec Oils in Bolsover. 

As you can see - it took a rather large crane to lift the hefty piece of equipment.

It was then slowly and safely lowered into the ready- built hole in the ground.

Luckily there were plenty of staff on site to help out with lowering this interceptor into the ground - essential for everyone to be extra careful and look out for each other to avoid accidents.

Ta da! More pictures to follow on this hefty job! See here for previous stages in our other blog post on the interceptor. 
Photographs courtesy of Craig Atack and David Screen at Moorhay Contarctors Ltd
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Gantry Travel

Highways Agency
A few weeks ago, I had a little road trip to the Highways Agency Site in a local town to see their new Wash Bay and Gantry that Morclean had supplied. This is another Highways Agency site, but this time in Kettering. You can see it is a very similar job, as it is for the exact same purpose of cleaning large vehicles, hence the steps and higher level, and collecting the used water in the silt trap in the centre of the wash bay. 
Just to show Morclean can go far and wide to fit installations for you! Get in touch if you are interested in anything you see on the blog:  

Matlock Rugby Club Tour Italy

Italy Tour 2012
Morclean are proud to sponsor the Matlock Rugby Club! We had a small catch up upon their return to the UK.
Forty members of Matlock Rugby Club went on a four day stay in Lido di Jesolo, just outside of Venice. They had a long and arduous coach ride to Gatwick Airport to fly to Venice for some Rugby action. 

They actually played two matches against local opposition. The first they travelled to by boat, (see below!) to win Lido di Venexia RC 21-27. The second match was also triumphant, verus RC Silea, with a comfortable win of 7-62. Well done boys!

The reason for the tour was that it was actually a lengthy 6 years since the previous tour, when the team went to Majorca. It's a end-of-season tradition that the team want to bring back to full force! The tour really brought the team together, and as you can see from the pictures, there's more that a little camaraderie!
The Final night of the tour saw an end of season celebration, where the guys wore fancy dress! Shenaniga…

Nostalgic Wednesday

Today, the owner of Morclean, my boss, presented me with a stack of the one thing that always brings smiles and happy thoughts all round....yes....OLD PHOTOGRAPHS! He found a heap of these goodies in the attic, as we're having a big clear-out and tidy-up of our offices. To celebrate the bygone times I will share these glorious photo's with you once a week and hence, Nostalgic Wednesday was born! 

First up, this is a shot of the old depot in Wednesbury, East Midlands. Dated at around 15 years ago, you'd be surprised to learn one of these bunch is still soldiering on with Morclean today! Cheeky chap Dave (second from right) may have more hair and and even wider grin, but it's definitely him!
"Crikey, what a bunch!" -Peter Morley, MD

Next up, a topical one. This is one of the very first gantries Morclean ever built. The first of many! This was a job for Biffa Waste at Clowne, a town not too far away from where we are now. 

And just one more - a beauty shot of a nine…

Brand New Ambulance Depot

Welsh Ambulance Depot

There's been a recent news story about how things are changing in the care of ambulances. Across England and Wales there are now going to be ambulance depots where they will go at the end of shift to be replenished, cleaned down and generally taken care of, ready to go back out and help save peoples lives. 

As it currently stands, it is the paramedics job to restock and take care or the vehicle. With the new depots, they are freed up to have more time to do their job and at the same time making more jobs for assistants to be stationed at the depots. Read more here and here.

It just so happens that Morclean have been asked to build and fit a wash bay for a Welsh Ambulance Depot. It's still in process at the minute, but here are some photo's from the site and the work in progress.

This installation is similar to the one Morclean did for the Highways Agency. Read the original blog post here.

For this installation, the structure is based around a silt trap in …

Little Litter Lesson

Morclean BackVac

Last month saw one of our sales team travel to a Secondary School in Surrey to demonstrate the use of Morcleans BackVac Street Vacuum Cleaner. 

As it is a large school on large grounds with hundreds of pupils and teachers coming and going, you can imagine the litter and bits and pieces that could potentially ruin the sight of the vast grounds of the school. The Morclean BackVac makes it quick and easy to remove any unsightly rubbish. The BackVac comfortably sits on the users back and allows the user to go virtually anywhere and pick up virtually any rubbish (depending on size). 

The demonstration went fantastically and a 35 ltr Morclean BackVac is now being built to order for the school as I type. 

I'm sure the school will be very happy with their purchase and their nice, clean and tidy grounds.


The Prototype is almost ready...

Here's the latest from Morclean's WashKube project! Some extra talented people are just finishing putting it together. Looks good, doesn't it? Soon we will have a demonstration video and more information to share with you on this revolutionary water reclaim system.

Boxes Boxes Everywhere

Our storage area has been taken over!
 A swarm of ATEX Type H vacs are wrapped and ready to go today, heading for BAE Systems.

They previously ordered just two of the fine machine, just to test out and see how they got on with them. Sure enough, a few weeks later a huge order of 26 ATEX Type H vacuum machines have been assigned to the huge company. 
BAE Systems are a massive company, employing around 88,000 people and operate world wide.
The Morclean ATEX Type H Vacuums safely and efficiently remove harmful dust and hazardous materials. A standard vacuum could not do this as it doesn't have the complex HEPA filtration system. The machinery and friction could cause a spark, and the ATEX dissipates any static electricity. The hazardous dust has to be safely contained before it can be disposed of correctly. 

These 26 machines are due to be shipped shortly. What on earth will we do with all the spare space? Fill it right up again, I'm sure!

Pumping Station

Take a look at this!
Morclean have supplied a local business, Aztec Oils in Bolsover, with a humongous pumping station.

The pumping station dwarfs even the mightiest of Morclean staff.

The station came with two separate pumping chambers.

It needed a big ol' hole in the ground to fit it in! 

See our full range of tanks and interceptors on our website, or email us for more information - 
Pictures Courtesy of Moorhay Contractors
Visit for more information and great pictures.

Spencer's Ride

Wheels of Glory

Morclean have been incredibly proud to sponsor Spencer Bloomfield who has completed the outrageous challenge of cycling across Madagascar - a whopping 500km in just 5 days. 

This was all in aid of a charity called Transaid, which reduces poverty and improves livelihoods across Africa and the developing world. They help create better transport, so people can obtain better health, be part of a community, and they also give professional driver training. You can read more about the charity and their amazing projects here, and also visit their Just Giving profile here

The Director here at Morclean, Peter Morley, has said: "We're very proud to be associated with Spencer and all the team at Morclean admire his efforts completing such a physically demanding regime"

So far, Spencer has rose an incredible amount of money,  £1,745 all going towards such a tremendous cause. You can help too, by visiting Spencer's Just Giving account here. You can donate as littl…