Brand New Ambulance Depot

Welsh Ambulance Depot

There's been a recent news story about how things are changing in the care of ambulances. Across England and Wales there are now going to be ambulance depots where they will go at the end of shift to be replenished, cleaned down and generally taken care of, ready to go back out and help save peoples lives. 

As it currently stands, it is the paramedics job to restock and take care or the vehicle. With the new depots, they are freed up to have more time to do their job and at the same time making more jobs for assistants to be stationed at the depots. Read more here and here.

It just so happens that Morclean have been asked to build and fit a wash bay for a Welsh Ambulance Depot. It's still in process at the minute, but here are some photo's from the site and the work in progress.

This installation is similar to the one Morclean did for the Highways Agency. Read the original blog post here.

For this installation, the structure is based around a silt trap in the centre of a bed of concrete creating the wash bay (seen in the top picture). This collects the water from the high power cold pressure washer used to clean the ambulances at the end of a shift. This is a static pressure washer, see here for the benefits of this opposed to a portable pressure washer.

Around the wash bay, there is a 'U' shaped structure of screens to prevent over-spray escaping and getting anything around the cleaning area wet! (You can see this being built in the photos above.)

All the dirty water drains down through the silt trap to a 6000Ltr interceptor below the ground. The water is then pumped to a water recycle system, which will be in a plant room which is yet to be built. 

The water is treated and all detergents, oil and sediments are removed, in order to use the water again. This mean the water is fully recycled and is ready to be used again on the next ambulance. Super efficient, sustainable and SMART! 

More news to come as this installation progresses! 

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