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Morclean Supply Fast Growing External Cleaning Company in Kent

Morclean are delighted to supply Ashford Cleaning Services a Custom Plus Wheelie Bin Washer. Based in Kent, Ashford Cleaning Services is a fast growing firm, whom originally specialised in the external cleaning of windows, gutters, cladding, solar panels and more, and have now added wheelie bin and food caddy cleaning to their growing list of services.

Using our best selling BinWash, the Custom Plus, Ashford Cleaning are able to provide their customers with an efficient and thorough bin cleaning, taking around 10-30 seconds per bin, with the built-in, high pressure washer on a 1.5 meter lance. 

Our Custom Plus machine boasts a 6 stage water filtration system, which uses smart technology to filter the water in the tank, this eradicates the growth of bacteria which reduces any bad smells and recycles the waste water to a standard as per EA guidelines, saving water, time and money! 

With the ability to clean 2 domestic bins at once or 1 commercial bin, this machine helps you save time and a…