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September Newsletter

Welcome to Morclean’s monthly newsletter.
We aim to bring you the very latest news from Morclean, and keep you up to date on new products and developments. Please contact us for any information on anything mentioned in the newsletter or general enquiries on 0800 1300 402 or email at
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The WashKube by MorcleanThe All New WashKube has been developed by Morclean to satisfy the ever growing demand of a all-in-one, compact water capture and recycle system. Fiercely independent, it is a revolutionary new concept to water reclaim.
Unlike most water reclaim units, the WashKube requires next to no installation, and is ready to go in a flash, compared to the digging of ground and other extreme installation practises. It simply connects to a 240V standard socket, and away you go!

For high quality results, usually, a fixed system has to be installed, which cannot be moved around, and is often a lengthy (and pricey) process. The WashKube is …

Re: Music in the Park

It is with great regret that the Music in the Park event scheduled for this Saturday (1 September) has had to be postponed. In a joint statement, organiser Irfan Shabir and DerbyshireDalesDistrict Council, which owns and maintains the venue, HallLeysPark, said: 
"This summer's weather has unfortunately claimed yet another victim. Despite the prospect of a dry weekend, more rain this week has left all parties with no option but to jointly call off Music in the Park as there was no guarantee that setting up the event's infrastructure - involving large vehicles and heavy staging - would not cause significant damage to the Green Flag award-winning Hall Leys, which attracts thousands of visitors every week. As much hard work and effort has gone into the organisation of this event, it is hoped it can be rescheduled."

Nostalgia Wednesday

Grab your coat, we're going for a walk down memory lane...

This little tinker was part of the workings of a Skid Mounted Hot Pressure washer - our trusty engineer Dave actually was working on it 15 years ago! Morclean engineers are extremely experienced and have invaluable experience. 

Beauty shot of a pressure wash! This was actually a strange job from about 16 or so years ago, when Morclean did contract work. A company changed their logo colour from bright orange to white, and Morclean were tasked with jetting clean all the production tanks ready to be repainted! All the staff had a nice orange tinge after the job was finished. 

Spot the old style van! This was "down on the farm"  in the early days of pressure washers. This was the norm for engineers and technicians to work from a big outdoor space like this or from outbuildings, as many dealers wouldn't have a dedicated workshop as we do now. 

I'm all nostalgia-d out! More next week. 

Wheelie Bin Racing

A bit of good ol' fun now, in the shape of Wheelie Bin Racing. Yes, that's a thing.

We're thinking Morclean should host it's own Wheelie Bin Race Championships! 

These ones are pretty nifty! I would like a go, please. 

And sometimes, they just need to get around on their own.
(If you are gong to race a wheelie bin, we would always recommend ensuring it is nice and fresh!)
Let us know of any Wheelie bin racing you have been been up to, or spotted whilst out and about! or tweet @Morclean

WashKube is HERE

Water Reclaim has a new name. 

The revolutionary new WashKube is now available at Morclean. The WashKube has been developed to satisfy the ever growing demand of a all-in-one, compact water capture and recycle system. 
Unlike most water reclaim units, the WashKube requires next to no installation, and is ready to go in a flash, compared to the digging of ground and other extreme installation practises. It simply connects to a 240V standard socket, and away you go!
The WashKube is different to other water recycle units as they usually depend on a complicated method of recycling and filtration. For high quality results, a fixed system has to be installed, which cannot be moved around, and is often a lengthy (and pricey) process. Also, a recycle unit often takes up to much space so isn't always opted for on account of extra effort and costs, despite obviously being the more sustainable and eco friendly option.  
The WashKube is a comparatively tiny 1 cubic metre thanks to space-saving cy…

Bon Voyage

How many boxes can you fit in a Morclean Van?
Today the answer is 26! Just on there way to their customer in Blackburn, these Morclean H-Type ATEX vacs are tightly packed into the big Morclean Van. I do not envy the guys downstairs who had to 'tetris' these heavy boxes in! Travel Safely. 

Retro Goodness

Wednesday is here, that can only mean one thing...

This fetching van was actually the companies own, outside of Dowding Mills, who have been long standing customers for many years, at least 15. Loyalty is awesome. 

This is a (rather artistic) shot of an early bowser, cold water engine driven. This must be one of the first we built about 20 years ago, times have changed a lot when you consider all the different types we offer now. 
See you next week, folks. 

Please Sign Here

An early morning delivery of yet another interceptor arrived at Morclean today!

Just a few tweaks with it, then it will be on it's way to the customer later on today. We're efficient here, you know! 

Nostalgia Time

Wednesday already!? Yes, I can feel the nostalgia! 

This week, a look at a very tidy, large, steel container. It is a water reclaim and recycle unit, with special filtration for plastic pellets. From only about 10 years ago, this seems a lot of equipment now, especially as the new MorcleanWashKubecan reclaim and recycle water using less than a third of the space.

This rather pleasant scene is found at Bakewell Show, (which incidentally still happens, missed it! Can we go next year?) Bakewell is a picturesque town not too far away from Morclean HQ. Early eighties, selling the latest range of High Pressure cleaners. 

Retro fix complete, look out for next weeks post!

Where have you bin?

Here it is...

Our video of the Morclean Wheelie Bin Wash and Lift

There are also a couple of others on YouTube, so you can get a really good idea of the machines functions and aesthetics. 

Visit our website for all the information and why not contact us? We can send you a Wheelie Bin Wash Pack with lots of interesting facts on just how lucrative owning one of these could be.

Musical Madness

World Music Spectacular

So, what are you doing on September 1st? Heading down to Matlock Park, that's what!

As the last event in Hall Leys Park was so amazing, and due to great demand, another event is set to take place. There will be not only some great local bands, but there will be dancing, stalls and tasty popcorn. 

Morclean proudly sponsor Music in the Park, taking place from 10am all through the day til late. Can't wait to get back into the lovely park and see some great bands! 

Join the Facebook Event page to keep on top of the action - the line up will be announced later on today!

Ultimate Power - Take Two

Here is a video clip of the Power Washer I mentioned in the last post. Wowzers!

Ultimate Power

Some images from yesterday's antics at Morclean.
I managed to get a few snaps of this HIGH pressure power washer yesterday (whilst wearing correct PPE of course). 
It is a 500 bar, Diesel driven, twin cylinder, 7000psi power washer. It's so powerful that it can cut through wooden palettes like butter! Just to give you an idea, a regular pressure washer you might do your patio with is about 3000psi, tops.  Keep out of the way! 
It gets through about 20 litres of water per minute, so doesn't win any prizes for being green, but it's the man for the job if you need extra high pressure. Check out the website for all the details. 

Interceptor here, interceptor there

Here are a few snippets of things Morclean have been working on - featuring interceptors! (click to enlarge)
We have been up and down the country providing bespoke interceptors to a host of different clients. Please visit our website for an excellent guide-to-interceptors and more information on the choices you have when deciding what is best for the job in hand. 

Ye Olde Photograph

It's that time again!

A week has flown by yet again, it's time to have a look at times gone by...

Today's first photo is a nineties version of a trailer mounted high pressure washer, 3000psi. A nowadays version would be made with an inbuilt large water-tank. 

This is THE OLDEST PIC found so far. More than 30 years old, this early eighties number is a home-made petrol driven cold water high pressure cleaner.  Manufacturers did not produce machines like this at the time! (This is one you might purchase today, slightly smaller!) That's innovation for you! Lovely garden too, eh! 

Finally, to conclude this post of nostalgic wonders, here is a Now and Then shot of the building I am sitting in right now. On the right, you can see the Morclean Office as it was within the first week or so of moving in in 1995! Yard full of scrap, a rickety fence and a dodgy roof! 

On the left is a picture I took earlier today, (trust the orange van to be there!) and as you can see, nice clean spacio…

Music in the Park

Do you like good music?

Following the HUGE success of it's predecessor, Movies in the Park, a brand new event is taking place on the First of September. 

Music in the Park seems like it's going to be even bigger and better, showcasing a plethora of different music styles from all around the world. Set on the glorious and luscious park in central Matlock, there couldn't be a better backdrop for such an amazing event. 

Starting early on and going all the way through 'til night time, this event really will have something for everybody. 

Morclean are extremely proud to sponsor such a wonderful event, and are excited for a bit of a boogie when the time comes! 

Join the Facebook event now to keep up!

August Newsletter

Here is this months edition of the Morclean Newsletter! (click image to enlarge) If you have comments or interest in anything mentioned, get in touch! 

Long Drive

Scrubber Dryer Delivery

One of our dedicated sales team has a long day ahead of him today! He is driving all the way to Swansea to deliver a Morclean Scrubber Dryer to the City Council to help clean the indoor city market.

This particular Morclean Scrubber Dryer is pedestrian with traction. This means it is perfect for a medium sized floor area, and is portable and easily manoeuvrable into all the nooks and cranny's. They are durable and provide efficient cleaning, yet are compact and lightweight. 

Have a look at the Morclean Website for more info and contact us if you see something you like! 0800 1300 402 or

Welsh Ambulance Depot

Update on a Current Project

Coming along nicely! A few shots of the latest developments at the Welsh Ambulance Site were took yesterday. A protective cover is being lowered onto the water filtration and pumping system, which is just next to the wash bay surrounded by screens.

Three Vacs Full

Morclean appreciate their returning customers! 

An international company that have been dealing with us for six years have just come back again to order three more of the H Type ATEX Safety Vacuums. The specialist HEPA filter allows the safe collection of hazardous dust. They are going all the way to one of their bases in Dubai. 

See our website for more information on these clever vacs, or get in touch on 0800 1300 402.

Read all about it

Morclean featured in the July/August issue of Transport Operator.  (click to enlarge)


Extra Large Delivery arrived at Morclean HQ

This is a TWENTY THOUSAND litre interceptor that Morclean are working on. It will soon be ready to carry on it's travels to a rail company in Blackpool. Dave did a marvellous job of lowering the almighty interceptor to safety.