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Help shape the North American Bin Wash

Our Bin Wash machines are something of a prized gem for the Morclean team. They’ve helped to spearhead our expansion in Belgium, Holland, Israel, Australia and more. It’s a product we’re truly proud of.

But that doesn’t mean we think they’re untouchable – we’re looking to move to North America and expect some tweaks to be made, which means we need to hear from you.

Help make one of our most successful products even bigger and better… a success story that you can capitalise on!

The product provides an entry into the lucrative trash can cleaning market – meaning you can become your own boss and take home the profits that you deserve. If you’re interested in improving your work-life balance, this is a fantastic opportunity.

Alternatively, it can become a brand new addition to your cleaning business fleet and a new service to offer your existing clients.

The machines are easy to use and maintain – place the bin on the lift mechanism, press the button to lift, clean out the bins whilst ele…

Trek to Aberdeen for customised Bin Wash

Delivering our equipment and providing expert training is paramount to our service – and that means we travel far and wide to meet your needs face to face.
Our latest long-distance trek is to Aberdeen, where we’ll be delivering a customised Bin Wash machine to ‘Bin Cleaned’, while admiring the Scottish scenery out the window.

The machine has a customised red tank to match the company branding and we’ll be delighted to hand it over in person tomorrow afternoon.
The van is primed and the coffee will soon be brewing for the 800 mile round trip. With 14 hours on the road together, Keith and Dave will have some nice bonding time – we don’t know who to feel sorry for the most!

Despite hysteria kicking in during these long journeys, we try to remain professional and always provide the training you need to operate and maintain our equipment confidently so you can be up and running in no time.
If you’re interested in demoing our equipment, or if you’d like to know more about our custom-brande…

Morclean pick up Green World Ambassador 2015 award

We were delighted to travel to the Houses of Parliament last week to receive our Green World Ambassador 2015 award in person!

It was a fantastic, glittering evening highlighting some inspirational companies. Peter received the certificate of achievement on behalf of the Morclean team.

The environmentally-friendly Bin Wash machine put our name out there and we’re glad that word is truly spreading on this fantastic product – call us if you’d like a little more information on 01246 471147.

The Green Organisation grants the award to those who are committed to environmental best practice and ‘helping others to help themselves’.

It’s another proud achievement for us and it’s nice to see that our mentality and hard work really coincides with proper environmental control measures and strategies – and better yet, we’re leading the way as an ambassador!

The Green Organisation has a variety of partners and supporters including a host of celebrities – Bill Oddie, David James, Fiona Fullerton and …

Green World Ambassadors visit the Houses of Parliament

We’re proud to be travelling down to the Houses of Parliament this coming Monday to be presented with our Green World Ambassador 2015 award for innovation and ‘helping others to help the environment’.
The initial presentation was held in New Zealand a few weeks ago, but the UK’s ambassadors will be attending the London event to collect their full awards in person.

We sadly missed out on the Christchurch event on October 19, but we’re delighted to be picking up the award on home soil!
The Green Organisation hosts the annual international campaign to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the world, so it’s an honour to be placed among our fellow award winners.

Find out more about the awards by visiting The Green Organisation websiteor visit our website to take a look at some of our environmentally friendly machines.

Morclean Bin Wash – coming to North America?

The Morclean Bin Wash machine has been a huge success both on home soil and abroad, so after an influx of queries and our curiosity piqued, we want to test the waters across the pond.
The pressure washing machine provides users with an economical entry into the lucrative trash can cleaning market – with just one machine, the potential profits are phenomenal!

The award-winning best seller is the UK favourite of its kind and is quickly expanding sales overseas – moving units in Holland, Belgium, Israel, Australia and more – and attracting attention at international exhibitions.
Easy to use and maintain, the power washing machines come with a variety of ‘tailor-made’ options; different water tanks, engine sizes and pump combinations which can be adapted to meet the North American market.
The trash can washers are entrepreneurial machines – sturdy and engineered to be fully self-contained, they make the perfect start-up business machine or an addition to your current fleet.
Worried about any h…

5 things you need to know about the Manchester Cleaning Show 2016

With next year’s Manchester Cleaning Show fast approaching, here’s a quick run-down of what you need to know…
UK’s premier cleaning exhibition
Organised by The British Cleaning Council and Quartz Business Media, The Cleaning Show is the UK’s largest dedicated cleaning and hygiene exhibition. With huge success at the London event earlier this year, manufacturers, distributors and service suppliers will be travelling north to Manchester on 6-7 April.

The Cleaning Show is the only show run by the industry for the industry, so you’ll be dealing with people who understand your issues and can produce the best products at the best price.

Brand new equipment for 2016
Technology is constantly changing as we look to create the best possible equipment. And the best way for you to see these refined products is face-to-face with the teams that bring them – live hands-on demonstrations that give you the chance to get your questions answered.
At the Manchester Cleaning Show, we’ll be revealing and demoing…

In line roller Hockey

Northampton's In Line Roller Hockey club purchased scrubber dryer cleaning equipment from Morclean to maintain the cleanliness of their new (very specialised) cushioned sports flooring.

Fancy Boxes

Producers of renowned high quality box and packaging products,The London Fancy Box Co Ltdhas recently made a substantial investment within its impressive Dover based premises. In order to maintain, clean and to provide training to operatives within its new look premises, the company approached Morclean to supply a range of fixed vacuums, scrubber dryers and floor polishers.

Bin Wash now available in Holland and Belgium

Here we have an Orange Bin Wash which has recently landed in Holland and is now available to purchase in Holland and Belgium. 

For more information please see HERE. 

Clean kitchens in Dubai

Dubai based cleaning contractors 'Quality Environmental Cleaners' purchased 2 Morclean vapour steam cleaners for use in cleaning kitchens. The Dubai based company contract clean, specialising in hotel and leisure industries' kitchen areas. They are now using Morclean vapour steam cleaners for the steam cleaning of hoods, canopies, filters and vapour steam cleaning of ovens etc.

Punting down the river...

Punting down the river Cambridge basedScudamoresprovides punts for hire on the river Camb. Boats that are moored at the three sites eventually fill with river and rain water, and become littered with leaves, paper and debris. Until recently this all had to be laboriously bailed out by hand.

Morclean was approached by James Scudamore to provide a solution to this problem, and subsequently designed and supplied several specialist vacuum units. The vacuum system provided removes all the water from the craft, and separates the debris, leaves and paper into a special filter. The machines then discharge all the clean river water, minus the debris, back into the river.

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Morclean Equipped Entire NCL Fleet

Florida based NCL (Norwegian Cruise Lines) have equipped all of their vessels with Morclean vapour steam cleaners. Morclean were delighted to receive the order and have despatched steam cleaners to numerous vessels. Steam cleaners are used in the kitchen galley areas on NCL prestigious fleet.

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Cleaning Matters Magazine Feature

We are super pleased to share with an article all about The Green World Ambassador awards, you can find this in the latest issue of Cleaning Matters Magazine.

Placed in the sustainable cleaning section, and rightly so, have a read!

You can read the full issue HERE.

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CMS Berlin- 2015

CMS, Cleaning, Management, Services, the international trade fair for cleaning systems, building management and services. Being the only event in Germany to cover the complete spectrum of cleaning industry products, it's something not to be missed. CMS combines a full range of themes at the main meeting place for manufacturers, retailers and service providers.

Germany is Europe's leading market for commercial cleaning technology and the building cleaning industry is one of the prime sectors, this makes Berlin the ideal place to present new products and services, along with the know how and expertise.

CMS Berlin will be taking place on the 22-25th September, for more information please see the Website Here.

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Graffiti removal on the underground - Vapour Steam Clean

Morclean are always looking for new avenues and opportunities to market their vapour steam cleaning machines. Something that has been successful of late is the use of a Vapour Steam cleaner for graffiti removal in subways. 

Morclean have supplied Steam Cleaners to contractors for cleaning graffiti in London Underground as well as Subways. The process uses much less water than the conventional method of high pressure cleaning (5 Ltrs per hour as opposed to 15 Ltrs per minute). The process in fact proved that graffiti could be removed by using much less detergent or chemicals. Graffiti in some of the subways was successfully removed by a steam cleaner without the use of solvents.
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An obvious choice in the elephant house!

Based at Stourbridge in the West Midlands, theSafari Parkhas an obvious need to keep the elephant house clean.

However it may be a surprise to learn that it's not just the by-product that's a problem - the elephants themselves love a warm wash too.

Morclean has provided a warm water medium pressure cleaner, with a particularly accurate temperature and detergent dosing system for use by the Park to clean the elephants every day.

So you can expect to see some super happy Nellys when you next visit! 

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Morclean Installed Vehicle Wash System to Peterborough City Council

Peterborough City Council approached Morclean to design and install a mixed fleet Vehicle Wash System to clean their council vehicles. They wanted a single supplier to project manage the entire thing and Morclean came highly recommended. 

The combination wash bay includes a hydraulic scissor lift, van washing area, environmental screens, drainage, oil separation and water recycling. It is efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Morclean also provided all the civil and ground works as part of their all-inclusive service.  Lots of council vehicles are washed at the same time which provided further challenges for Morclean. 

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SFITA in need of Morclean

We were contacted a while ago by Mr Alan Sandham of the Southern Fish Industry Training Association Ltd (SFITA) Part of the SFITA's Training involves sea survival courses using Life Rants. Now this did sound pretty random as why would they be contacting Morclean? How could we help? 

Well Mr Alan Sandham of SFITA said that during a sea survival course, a Life Raft has to be inflated quickly- and they required a machine to do this.  So Morclean supplied a Model 'N' series vacuum cleaner with a special external vent with a hose attached - thus using the vacuum cleaner as an air pump instead.
Mr Alan Sandham said the Association was set up as a non-profit making organisation in 1981 to provide safety training for the seagoing sector of the industry in Dorset and Hampshire. 
Since then, the Association has widened it's area of operations to cover the whole of the south east, from Lyme Regis to the Medway. In 1988, the SFITA increased their industry coverage in order to assist t…

Maazi & Monk Bar present- Food Mela!

Maazi restaurant and Monk Bar have organised an event which will take place at the ever so popular Hall- Leys Park, Matlock. 
So put Sunday 27th September in your diary as it looks like its going to be a great event, one not to be missed! 
What an exciting partnership two great businesses, one offering delicious food and one offering super tasty drinks, "drools". 
If you follow their Facebook page HERE you will be in the know already of what treats are in store if you're planning to attend this event. 

So you can enjoy the atmosphere and delicious selection of food and drink from all over the world. Just from looking on the Facebook page you can expect to visit the following stalls;
- Blood Bro's wood fired pizza ovens - Caribbean food.
- Russian
- Indian
- Banh mi - Vietnamese
- South Indian - Dosa
- Artisan coffee
- Cakes
- Crepes
- Hand made chocolates
- Wood fired pizza
So if you're anything like me I've just gotten a little "hangry" and raided the biscuit …

Morclean Vacuum units help clean up Churchills Archives!

After supplying several vacuum units to Colleges in and around the Cambridge area, Morclean were recommended to and then approached by the management team responsible for Churchill's Archives. After years of storage, books and files can contain hazardous spores and dust that is hazardous to health once disturbed.

Morclean were delighted to supply the appropriate high filtration units to the archives, one of the range of specialist hazardous dust vacuums. Morclean hazardous dust or asbestos vacuums are available in both electrically or air driven units.

The Churchill archive was purpose built in 1973 to hold Winston S. Churchill’s Papers, based in The Churchill College, Cambridge.
Almost 2,500 boxes of letters and documents are held in the archives, ranging from his first childhood letters, his great wartime speeches, to the writings that earned him the Nobel Prize for Literature. What a treasure trove!   

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Steam cleaning at the Kellogg's Factory

Did you know that breakfast cereal manufacturers Kellogg's purchased Vapour Steam cleaners from Morclean. 
The Steam Cleaners are used in the production and packing areas. 

We know they will still be going strong and hard at work! 

What's your favourite cereal? 

I think I'd go for a classic bowl of Corn Flakes! although I'd take some coco pops too! 

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Litter Picking - Festival clean up?

Did you catch the article on Festival goers volunteering to clean up after festivals?
Featured in Tomorrow's Cleaning August issue;

Now the festival seasons coming to an end, what an inspiring read and maybe this brings you ideas for next year? 
Did you know that Morclean have litter collectors for sale?  Have a look at the following video and see one of our machines in action. 

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New Bin Wash Machine?

So it's Friday and here you have another sneak look at our new BinWash Machine 2016...

I'm sorry I'm still non the wiser and don't have a "real" drawing for you but I do have a mixed up drawing! even more mixed up than the last one.

I mean it does kind of look like a Bin Wash?..

I think the only way it's going to be possible to actually see it is by attending The Manchester Cleaning Show 2016! 

For information on the show and how you can attend see HERE.

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Morclean Product guide - 2015/16 Edition

How super glossy do these product guide booklets look!
Available in a printed hard copy or an online version.

You can view the online edition HERE and if you need more information on our current products don't hesitate to get in touch!

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Maazi & Monk Bar Food Mela - 27/09/15

The Maazi & Monk Bar Food Mela which has been organised by Maazi and Monk Bar, held at Hall- Leys Park, Matlock, 27th September.
 So if you're looking for one last summer festival then this could be the one for you!
You will know how pretty the park is if you've been before, award winning and you can certainly tell.

As you can see from the flyer Maazi and Monk Bar welcome everyone to enjoy the atmosphere and delicious selection of food and drink from all over the world.

With Live Bhagra music and dancing throughout the afternoon and street food from Maazi along with cocktails from Monk Bar you don't want to miss out!!

Hit like on the Facebook page to keep up with this exciting event HERE. 

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Introduction to the BCC- British Cleaning Council

Today I thought we would get to know the BCC, British Cleaning Council. You may have noticed they are the co owners and organisers of The Cleaning Show and the new Manchester Cleaning Show.

Being the voice of the cleaning industry the show is definitely in good hands, establishing in 1982 with years of knowledge and experience.

The council has 21 members so everything in this multi million-pound UK cleaning industry is discussed and worked on so the profile is raised. They help raise the standards in health and general cleanliness standards, supporting the cleaning industry for over 30 years.

The British Cleaning Council publish its own quarterly news letter The Voice, you can view the latest one HERE.

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Meridian - Extreme Heavy Duty High Pressure Cleaners

So I introduced you to the new range of Meridian machines on Wednesday HERE, and today I wanted to fill you in on more details and the features of the new range available at Morclean.

The Machines feature a range of pumps that are designed for salt water use, a large selection of hot or cold pressure washers for use with 60 Hz, as well as a 4350psi hot or cold water units for extra heavy duty industrial applications and demanding projects.

As well as the standard range of 50Hz and 60Hz, the Meridian machines can be purpose built with multiple pumps or twin boilers where extra pressure and flow is required.

Whether stationary or mobile the Meridian range offers much higher flow rates  than typical high pressure cleaners, and is typically used in industrial, marine and shipping applications where there are greater demands for high performance jetters.

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The Manchester Cleaning Show - 2016

The hype is picking up on the Manchester Cleaning show so make sure you have this date in your diary: April 6-7th, 2016.

Yes that's right Stand A30 is where we shall be so pop by and see our stand, you can get more information about the show HERE.

We will be revealing our new Bin Wash machine, How exciting!

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Morclean Welcomes Meridian High Pressure Washers and Jetters

Here at Morclean we are excited to bring to you a new range of extreme heavy duty high pressure cleaners and Jetters.
The Meridian Range includes cold water mobile and static, hot water mobiles, and cold water engine driven. 

The machines are fitted with extra heavy duty high pressure pumps, robust frames, and double thickness stainless steel covers. They’re generally designed for marine, shipping, and extreme and heavy duty industrial applications.
Peter Morley (Director) says “The Meridianrange does not replace any of our current models, but adds to our already comprehensive range. The machines are designed for heavy and extreme conditions where our customers demand even more duty and performance”
Keep following for more information on our new range! 

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New BinWash Machine?

So I'm guessing that you gathered from our previous post HERE that we are exhibiting at The Manchester Cleaning Show 2016...well a long with the excitement of the show Morclean will be giving you a big REVEAL of our new Binwash machine.

I've spoken about not being in the know...well I managed to get my hands on some "secret" drawings. Tiny snippets, kind of like a puzzle I suppose maybe you can try put the pieces together?

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BinWash landed in Israel!

Here we have an image of our BinWash machine which made its way over to our newly appointed distributor in Israel, Eco Vision Environmental Projects Management Ltd.

See our previous post HERE where you can find out more information on our distributors and how to become one yourself. 
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Towns Spring Clean up!

Just a quick Friday post to inspire you for the weekend... You can see in the image below all the residents gathered to get their spring clean on!

The Spring clean by residents of Montrose Court, Stapleford, was part of the towns annual community clean up. Skips were provided for residents so bulky items could be disposed of , along with a swap shop so none of the good went to waste.  One mans trash is another mans treasure! 
So idea for the weekend? 
*image taken from
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The Green Book-2015

Following on from our previous post on Tuesday which was all about this Years award show for The Green World awards. Today we wanted to fill you in on the New Green Book which is currently at Volume 20, we received a digital copy through the post.

Here at Morclean we have enjoyed reading the published papers about fellow Ambassadors and reading our feature on The winning machine The Bin Wash City.

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New Morclean BinWash Distributor- Israel

Here at Morclean we are delighted to appoint another distributor to our ever growing team, Eco Vision Environmental Projects Management Ltd.
Our new distributor will be located in Israel, stocking as well as demonstrating and selling our range of BinWash Machines a long with after sales support.  

We’re delighted to bring Omri Zilberman on board and look forward to doing more business via Eco Vision’s already established network.
Maybe we have a distributor in your area? Take a look HERE at our list of distributors.  For more information on how you can become a distributor email  you can also download this literature here for additional information. 
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