Morclean Vacuum units help clean up Churchills Archives!

After supplying several vacuum units to Colleges in and around the Cambridge area, Morclean were recommended to and then approached by the management team responsible for Churchill's Archives. After years of storage, books and files can contain hazardous spores and dust that is hazardous to health once disturbed.

Morclean were delighted to supply the appropriate high filtration units to the archives, one of the range of specialist hazardous dust vacuums. Morclean hazardous dust or asbestos vacuums are available in both electrically or air driven units.

The Churchill archive was purpose built in 1973 to hold Winston S. Churchill’s Papers , based in The Churchill College, Cambridge.

Almost 2,500 boxes of letters and documents are held in the archives, ranging from his first childhood letters, his great wartime speeches, to the writings that earned him the Nobel Prize for Literature. What a treasure trove!   

Posted today by Jodie (Marketing Assistant)