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We’re very proud of the success  we've  had with our award winning trash can and dumpster cleaning machine. It’s the best selling in the UK and we’ve an established network of Dealers in Europe . But here’s where we need your help. We’ve designed a machine for the USA , so we’d like to further develop the system for the USA , and we’d like you to offer any feedback. So, how can you help? If you wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes of your time to fill in this short survey it would be greatly appreciated Here are a few features of our Bin Wash range and you can find more info at ·                   Very fast washing process and fully recycled water ·                   Very low running costs – great earning potential ·                   Fully galvanised heavy-gauge steel chassis, to ensure a long service life ·                   Baffled water tank of

UHP Jetters

Our new UHP Jetters systems are extremely high powered getting rid of deposits for immaculate finishes, stripping paint and even cutting through concrete and metal. They can be used for many different industries including.... Aluminium Industry: Heat extractor, tank and pipe cleaning Due to the material and temperature different deposits sit in the thousands of pipes and plates with some extreme hard layers like limestone.  Dirty or blocked heat exchangers reduce efficiency which results in loss of money. It is necessary to speed up process and keep the efficiency high. Cleaning can seem complicated with different deposits needed to be removed and it can be hard to reach all the areas needed to be cleaned. Our new range of UHP jetter have been designed to over come these challenges and remove the toughest layers in the toughest of places with features such as; -          Pressure and flow adjustable to adapt power/impact to face all challenges in deposits    

The Future of the Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry faces some changes this year with new health and safety laws with tougher guidelines (online guide)  and new products, equipment and laws as the need to address global pollution rates. Prominent in the The Global Risks Report 2016  are environmental risks such as failure of climate change, which is considered the most potentially impactful risk and the third most likely, with water crises, biodiversity loss and ecosystem collapse rising up the list of concerns. Environmental worries have been at the forefront in recent years reflecting a sense that climate change related risks have moved from hypothetical to a great concern. Unless current water management practices change significantly, many parts of the world will therefore face growing competition for water between agriculture, energy, industry, and cities.  The world is made up of 70% water so why are we facing a water crisis?  Only 2.5% of the worlds water is fresh water with 80% of that being used in

**New Products** ... coming soon: tank, silo and container cleaning

.... coming soon Tank, silo and container cleaning.  for industries such as; automotive, ship, cement, paper, aluminium, oil and gas and chemical. Tank cleaning is usually complex and can be subject to specific factors: tank size and geometry, typical contamination, external influences. Removing layer on layer of thick deposits can be tough and without efficient cleaning can slow your process down and reduce efficiency of your product.  Our new high-quality UHP systems are efficient, cost-effective and energy saving and we have systems for all tank and container cleaning needs which have been  customised to suit the particular type of  contamination and cleaning frequency.  With specially selected spray  heads which control and regulates the interaction of the perfectly matched components: efficient high-pressure  pumps, hot water/steam generators and versatile accessories. Combined in modular system solutions for virtually  all applications: cold, warm, hot – acidic or a

The Manchester Cleaning Show

The British Cleaning Council and Quartz Business Media, organisers of the UK’s largest dedicated cleaning and hygiene exhibition – The Cleaning Show – have announced a new event following the hugely successful event at London ExCeL in 2015. Why you should attend? -Great opportunity for  networking  as The Cleaning Show attracts a mixture of manufacturers, exhibitors and potential customers.  The 2016 show is expected to attract a more regional audience and will give you a chance to build your local reputation. -  Brand new equipment for 2016!  Get your hands on all the latest equipment and get to know all the facts on how the equipment works with live demonstrations. - Free seminars to attend helping you run a successful business.  What Morclean has to offer?   At the Manchester Cleaning Show, we’ll be revealing and demoing our brand new 2016  Bin   Wash  model. Previous versions have been a huge success for us, so it’s your chance to see what makes them so effec

Our New Range - The Therma Flow and Why You Need One

Here at Morclean we have been working hard coming up with unique and innovative ways to bring you the most efficient high quality cleaning products. Our newest addition for 2016 is the Therma Flow range of high pressure cleaning machines that are guaranteed to give you flawless results, save you money and are ecologically friendly. So if you work within transport, motor trade, food and beverage, marine or clinical industry be sure to bag yourself one of these. The new features ensure this product is durable, sustainable and highly efficient giving you killer cleaning that doesn't kill the environment or your bank balance!