UHP Jetters

Our new UHP Jetters systems are extremely high powered getting rid of deposits for immaculate finishes, stripping paint and even cutting through concrete and metal. They can be used for many different industries including....

Aluminium Industry:

Heat extractor, tank and pipe cleaning

Due to the material and temperature different deposits sit in the thousands of pipes and plates with some extreme hard layers like limestone. Dirty or blocked heat exchangers reduce efficiency which results in loss of money. It is necessary to speed up process and keep the efficiency high.

Cleaning can seem complicated with different deposits needed to be removed and it can be hard to reach all the areas needed to be cleaned.

Our new range of UHP jetter have been designed to over come these challenges and remove the toughest layers in the toughest of places with features such as;

-         Pressure and flow adjustable to adapt power/impact to face all challenges in deposits     and layers
-         Range of different nozzles for various applications
-         Up to 4 rigid pipes with automatic drive systems  
-         Waste water systems (less mess)
-         All diameters and thicknesses possible with long hose line and adjustable pressure         and flow 

Cement Industry:

Rotating kilns - Pre Heat- Exchanger - Transport belt cleaning 

UHP solution for the cement industry has been especially developed for cleaning during the cement production. The jet does not cool the kiln and damage of the cladding of the kiln does not arise.

 Construction Industry: 

Surface Preparation - Cleaning of Form Work Elements - Concrete Repair

-         Removal of paint, mortar, coatings
-         Fa├žade and building cleaning
-         Removal of old loose layers for re-coating
-         Cleaning of carbon black dust and dirt
-         Create a general rough surface with enough grip for new coating, isolating or paint           layer
-         Concrete hydro – demolition
-         Exposure of steel reinforcement
-         Cleaning on concrete, stone, bricks
-         De rusting of reinforcement bars
-         Roughing concrete surfaces
-         Jet cutting of concrete 

Automotive Industry: 

Paint Shop Cleaning - Cleaning of engine parts -  Cutting / metal surface preparation