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Morclean's New Bin Wash App is Now LIVE!

Our New and Exciting Bin Wash 'Scheduling' App is now LIVE as a FREE Download for Android [with Apple to follow shortly] via the Google Play Store! This valuable app has been designed to help bin wash operators keep their busy schedules tidy and on track. From organising cleaning rounds to taking control of payments, all of your data is stored in one handy place.  If too much of your time is spent managing jobs and rounds, then Morclean's New Bin Wash Scheduling App will enable you to quickly organise each working day at the touch of a button. With the option of adding customers manually to the app, or importing via the template provided, customers can then be grouped into rounds, and these rounds can then be grouped into larger groups. Communication with customers is simple too! You can let them know that you are coming, that you've just cleaned their bin(s), or to remind them of any outstanding payments. The app also allows you to see how much you've earned, when