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Local Derbyshire Council to have new venture with Morclean BinWash machine.

It's been a very busy few months for us here at Morclean. The team have been working especially hard and it's showing... we've had Bin Wash orders coming out of our ears!  Morclean takes pride in being able to help businesses all over the world save time, money and water with our award winning Bin Wash machines. With our range of machines boasting up to 8 stages of water filtration; 5 more than our competitors, we don't compromise on quality or performance.  We've sent these fierce pieces of kit to firms in America, Australia, Canada and Dubai, just to name to few, because it true that nobody makes them like Morclean. More recently, we've sent one of our best-selling machines on the market somewhere a little closer to home. The Custom Plus has gone to a local Derbyshire Council ready to get out on the streets for a new commercial venture and clean the bins of residents in Derbyshire. Our Bin Wash machines help provide users with a quicker, easier, s