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Another award winning bin wash delivered to Kent

This week another award winning Morclean trailer mounted bin wash was delivered to Kent. 

Used for the cleaning and sanitising of commercial waste containers, the Canterbury based operators had a need for another essential piece of equipment to add to their already established business

Delivery was made as quickly as possible with full handover and training. Morclean’s wheelie bin washing machines are designed to be easy to use and maintain. Simply place the wheelie bin on to the lift mechanism and press the button to lift

When the bin is  elevated, the operator can use the pressure washing system to clean out the bins, and lower the bins with the same single button once washing is completed.

A number of specialist marine jet wash units to Aberdeen

This week Morclean have completed another order for the supply to the off-shore industry. A number of specialist marine  wash units were dispatched  to Aberdeen.

The special build and high pressure jetting machines are fitted with accessories that are used below sea for deep cleaning. Morclean have supplied a quantity of these machines in the past with a further supply being manufactured right now!

Morclean’s  Meridian series of jetters feature higher pressures and flow rates for heavy and industrial applications. The high pressure jet wash units can be manufactured on a steel skid frame with an electric motor to power the pump. Alternatively, the marine jetters can be produced on a trolley and wheels for extra portability with a diesel engine. The machines are built to withstand extreme conditions and are robustly built with extra heavy-duty pumps.

Even our shop workers are front line!

Morclean have this week donated  a small number of face visors to a local shop in the area. Even our shop workers are front line!

One of our team noted that while popping into the shop, some of the staff were struggling with broken masks. Morclean had a few visors left over and in their PPE stock from a previous donation to a hospital so one of our Directors actioned this contribution to protect against COVID-19

Consignment of Silt Traps off to Cumbria

In these difficult times we're relying more than ever on 3rd party transport, and palleted loads. This particular delivery is no exception and is heading off to Cumbria  today to a merchant in Carlisle

The silt traps will then make their onward journey to several Highways Agency sites in the north of England. Typically these locations store the gritters and other servive vehicles which are also maintained and  washed on site

Silt traps are designed to provide a sump for collecting wash water and is typically placed in the centre of a wash bay so that the wash water falls to one collection point. Placed prior to the interceptor a silt trap collects larger debris and can be accessed via a hinged galvanised grating for easy manual emptying. As well as a collection point the silt trap collects debris and prevents excessive silt entering the interceptor. The water from the wash bay can be collected in a silt trap. The GRP structure contains the water and is fitted with an outlet for connec…

Morclean donate a number of face visors to local hospital

Morclean have this week donated a number of face shield visors to the Whitworth Hospital near Matlock in Derbyshire

The BS approved masks were delivered yesterday and donated free of charge due to the hospital appealing for PPE to enable them to better treat patients during the outbreak of COVID-19. The appeal was spotted by one of Morclean's Directors - Peter Morley, who lives not far from the healthcare facility which is situated between Darley Dale and Matlock in Derbyshire. 

The facility  is managed by Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust, and one of the nurses working in Oker Ward appealed for masks via social media earlier in the week.  Morclean's Director Peter said "recognising the needs of nurses who require PPE is something many organisations and individuals have helped with since the outbreak of COVID-19..."
The appeal was met with a significant response with seveal contributions or suggestions of where to obtain PPE. Whitworth has a spec…

Litter collectors on the way to the States

Another Two  Morclean outdoor  litter collectors are being packed, boxed and palleted ready to be shipped to the USA

The HONDA  engine driven machines feature a large collection hopper and large wander hose for collecting debris, cans, bottles or litter

The outdoor vacuum  unit stands on a large, sturdy wheeled base with a waste bin to collect waste. An injection moulded fan and fan housing increases suction and overall performance. It can vacuum up anything from glass, leaves, cans and bottles to dog faeces and cigarette  ends, which makes it a very versatile piece of kit to clean large areas such as holiday parks, large factory settings, etc. Ideal for all areas where access can be a problem. Supplied with  wheelie bin and  trolley,  optional bin liner also available for use with large refuse sacks, keeping the bin hygienic and safe An effective machine with all the power you need from a robust Honda engine. 

Inbound and outbound consignments

During COVID-19 Morclean are not only following all guidelines but taking  a safe while common sense approach to deliveries and collections

Today we've taken delivery of inbound equipment ready for assembly and test, the quarantine area at the front of the Morclean reception is proving to be practical, workable and functional

Incoming deliveries are held at the quarantine area and are handled safely without the need for 3rd party delivery drivers or operatives to come into contact with anyone else

Outbound consignments are handled in the same way while protecting  our own members of the team 

For more info or to arrange deliveries or collections please call 01246 471147 or 07500 010235

You can also  enquire via email to

Service & repairs still being provided

Service & repairs  are still  being carried out. 

Work is carried out on site here at Morclean and then shipped (via pallet) by 3rd party carriers to the client during COVID-19

Morclean engineers are still able to ship out parts or spares for existing cleaning equipment and have carried out service work for customers on our own site

This includes service, maintenance or breakdowns to equipment and as of today (8th April 2020) we still have a good stock of spare parts etc

This machine was fixed within 48 hours and ready to send back to a delighted customer who's still operation but without transport or access to site

COVID-19 Update Weds 8th April 2020

The current COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve daily. This is impacting businesses  as we are  sure it is yours. 

We value your business and we are  closely monitoring the situation and taking every possible step to continue to provide new machines, as well as service, parts, and accessories  for your existing cleaning equipment

Spares, Parts & Accessories
As of 8th April, we haven't seen a significant impact on our stocks or the availability to deliver spare parts and accessories. However we are beginning to see some delays on transportation of goods within Europe as well as reduced capacity among some of our Italian suppliers. At the moment we generally have availability of spare parts or can access parts from other manufacturers

On-site service
Providing on-site service is difficult for us as we have had to furlough most of our mobile engineers. We do have a number of people that can provide over'the-phone help, and we can accept deliveries here at Morclean to repair or s…

Boxes for shipment to Sauda Arabia

Here at Morclean we're still operating albeit with reduced numbers of the team

Here's an example of shipments today, a number of boxes of accessories being shipped to Saudi Arabia and this consignment will soon be ready to go!

Morclean not only provide a full range of  industrial vacuum  cleaners, but a  comprehensive stock of parts, accessories, spares, hoses and bags etc ready to ship!

Sanitising Sprayer & Fogger Alternative

Introducing the Sanitising Sprayer - Now Available
Large Area Electric Sanitising Sprayer - 240v - Fogger Alternative 
Current delivery lead time 4 days (Apr '20) Electric Sanitising Sprayer for large areas - ideal for ambulances, buses, schools, restaurants, cinemas etc- an alternative to fogging or fogger machines and electrostatic sprayers.

Huge time savings and maximum efficiency without touching any surfaces
Deivered as a totally stand-alone unit that’s ready for immediate use.

Contact Peter Morley for more info or call 01246  471147 / 07500 010235

Ever busy with new ideas and prototypes

The guys in the works have been busy prototyping today and we’ve sandwiched some old part-ex stock with some new stock to provide a trial unit fora food flavouring company in the Midlands. The device is to provide wet suction and water pick-up in the food environment and we’re testing this as we speak!

Morclean Custom Plus bin wash machine ready to go!

In these unprecedented times it’s good to know that one of our most popular models – the trailer mounted award winning Morclean Custom Plus bin wash machine  - is still being manufactured and in production. 

We’ve machines  in build as of now. This machine has today been fitted with the unique 6 stages of water treatment and machines like this can  be financed for a s little as £53.52 per week (Plus Vat). Call one of the team on 01246 471147 for more info!

Staying Connected

Morclean are now using ZOOM for video based meetings, sales calls and training. This platform also enables colleagues working from home to discuss important changes to the business. For anyone wishing to use this service, please download the App (available in iTunes / Apple Store & Android) or use the PC based version and we’d be happy to connect. Contact us for more information.

Deliveries and Collections

While most of our office and admin staff etc are working from home we do have limited and minimal cover in the building.

As of 25th March, we are here Mon-Fri during office hours but please note:

·Please check/confirm first so we can make sure someone is here by calling 07976 442297 or 07976 822390
·Can you let someone know what you are delivering or collecting; when/what time and why the item(s) are being moved
·Is the item boxed or palleted and do we need to fork lift?
·If delivered. where has the item been, what is it used for or where is it from?
·When entering the site there is a separated break point that you can reach ‘your side’ and we’re on the other side to maintain distance etc

·We’d just ask any drivers/operatives to observe all site rules

You can contact us as normal

You can contact Morclean using the email you already have, or by using You can contact us by calling land line +44 (0)1246 471147 and ALL telephone calls are either diverted or will be answered on site during office hours. ALL emails are still operating as normal during office hours (UK times).


Please note that for any overseas orders, some carriers are not making any deliveries whatsoever to some countries. Because the info is changing all the time, we have decided not to publish the data. In general however we are unable to send shipments to the areas grossly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Shipping Costs

We have also noted a steep rise in prices for shipping and transport for consignments we have already quoted for at a lower price prior to the change of circumstances. While we will endeavour to absorb what we can, we have noticed a gross increase running to 000’s of % in some cases. Please note all shipments to Europe or the rest of the World are subject to prices on the day.

Exchange Rates

Please note that our overseas/export quotations are generally sent on an ex-works basis GBP unless otherwise stated. There have been changes to exchange rates which may significantly affect the quoted price. Please check exchange rates on the day, there’s numerous web sites to do this – we’d suggest you could find the right info here

Dedicated Mobile Number

We now have a dedicated mobile for any calls during office hours, this is because our land lines are diverted and we need one single point of contact. The number 07500 010235 is now available to our customers, partners, suppliers and colleagues as a point of contact within the offices.

Current Situation

We have been monitoring the Covid-19 situation for some time and have been working hard while preparing to put the required measures in place. Due to the nature of our business, we are  providing limited cover when there is a need to supply essential equipment into the healthcare, waste management, hospitals and similar sectors until further notice. We are following Government guidelines at all times as well as taking advice from other organisations, including but not limited to H&S, Chambers of Commerce, Public Health England, WHO, and HR. Within the Morclean premises we are taking steps to protect members of our team, visitors and customers. If there is an essential need to visit Morclean then we ask you to comply with our site rules at all times. You should not rely on our Statement for your own advice or guidelines, and you should seek independent or Government advice.