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For those of you who don't know we've been nominated for the Tomorrow's Cleaning Award with our range of Bin Wash Machines! All we need to do to win is get the most amount of votes, so if you think our machine deserves to win make sure you drop by this link and VOTE MORCLEAN ! More information about our Bin Wash range can be found here .

I Got The Power!

Meet the Super High Power Pressure Washer  Washman Plus from Morclean! Designed to give you the ultimate in high power pressure washers, these machines give you more in every way, shape and form! The super smart, sleek metal design houses a powerhouse of pressure which can blow even the seasoned pro's over with its power!! See the video demonstration by Dave and Keith here at Morclean below, with pictures of the smart model too... You can find further details about all our high power pressure washers on our website Feel free to give us a call on 0800 1300 402 or email to discuss your needs further


A very short blog post to say WE NEED YOUR VOTE! We've been shortlisted for the Tomorrow's Cleaning Awards 2014. Our bin wash machine is up for the coveted award and all we need to do to win is to get our customers to vote for us! You can find our nomination here;  Tomorrow's Cleaning 2014 Awards Publication.  So if we could ask you to spare a few seconds of your time to follow this link and vote for the Morclean Bin Wash Machine, we would be very grateful! Thank you, The Morclean Team

Keep Calm and Clean Your Kitchens!

We've just been reading about the Takeaway Owner in Cardiff who deep fried his kitchen utensils instead of washing them. Not suprising that he was recently found guilty of 23 food hygeniene offences for his Kebab shop, which gave 9 people e-coli, and sentenced to 8 months in prison. Offences such as keeping raw meat and bread next to each other in the fridge, raw meat was also kept next to salad, and general unclean surfaces and storage units lead to a small outbreak of e-coli in Cardiff from this one little shop. Here at Morclean we can advise food outlets and commercial kitchens on the use of vapour steam machines which can eliminate over 99% of bacteria from all types of surfaces with just the use of steam/vapour power, no chemicals needed!  There's really no excuse in this day for such poor food hygiene in commercial kitchens. The cleaning industry is constantly evolving and moving forward and Morclean are here to help! KEEP CALM AND CALL MORCLEAN! More informa

Gum Removal Technology Landed at Morclean!

Morclean are pleased to announce they have added the new Gumwand to their evolving catalogue of industrial cleaning products. The Gumwand is a fantastic technological invention which allows the user to remove gum easily and without mess in even the most hard to reach and delicate areas. The Gumwand uses a steam type technology to gently 'melt away' the gum on surfaces such as carpets, rugs, tarmac, concrete and brick. Due to its non-abrasive nature, the gum removal wand can work on almost any surface with amazing results. It leaves surfaces cleaner than they were before! As you can see from the video demonstration we have made, the Gumwand works quickly and easily, allowing the user to eliminate gum freely. For more information on the Gumwand at Morclean, please email or freephone 0800 1300 402 where a member of our sales team will be more than happy to assist. For our full range of industrial cleaning products feel free to visit our website .

Help Support TEAM MEGAN!

Team Megan are cycling from London to Paris in May to raise money for a very worthy cause - Arthritis Research UK . It is a charity close to the teams heart with Philip's daughter, Megan, being diagnosed with juvenile arthritis at just 9 years old.  The Team hope to cycle from London to Paris in 5 days - that's over 300 miles to cycle - and raise lots of money in the process for Arthritis Research UK, as well as raising the profile for a condition which is usually attributed with old age.  You can read the full story on their just giving website , where you are also able to make a donation too. We wish TEAM MEGAN the very best in their journey and we hope they reach their target of £7,000! GOOD LUCK TEAM MEGAN!

Not Quite As Old As The British Museum...

As usual Google has educated and enlightened us this morning with it's daily news themed icon and this morning it tells us that the British Museum is 255 years old!  Although we're not quite as old as the British Museum, Morclean started life in the 1970's making us pretty much as old as the Fiat 500... now that IS cool! As well as being as old as the Fiat 500, Morclean also shares a lot of similarities with this traditionally Italian-British adopted invention. We too move with the times, update our image and listen to what people want which is why we are still around doing what we do.  (A little like how we drive round the streets of Italy) We share a lot of links with Italy and visit regularly for business purposes. Our translator, Gino, usually shows us around in his little 500, rallying around the streets of Italy showing us all the hidden gems tucked away in the little back alleys of the city. It reminds us of something off Top Gear - like when Jeremy

Countdown to Interclean...

With the beginning of any New Year comes new prospects and it's nearly that time of year when thousands of people from the Cleaning Industry descend upon Amsterdam for their b iennial Interclean ISSA cleaning exhibition. Once every two years the Cleaning Industry polishes off their sparkling new inventions, discoveries and innovations to present to each other and potential customers the latest in cleaning technology and so we know that 2014 will be no different! Morclean are pleased to announce we will be visiting the Interclean ISSA 2014 in Amsterdam with the team to check out the latest inventions and innovations and meet exhibitors. We're really looking forward to seeing what is new out there as we know Interclean is the place to be when it comes to fresh ideas!  With over 28,000 visitors expected and 670 plus exhibits, we'll be there for a few days to make sure we see everything on offer... we've got a feeling our feet might hurt by the end! Th

Because We're British...

...this is a little post relating to the weather, just because we're British and obsessed with the weather, of course! Having been inspired by the recent weather in America, it got me thinking, I wonder what our Bin wash machine would be looking like had we been based over there? ... I think you'll agree, it would probably be looking a little like this! The Morclean Bin Wash Machine in sub zero temperatures! It's making me feel cold just looking at it! Frosty, icy and snowy... maybe we should label it the transformer because with that pressure washer and those temperatures, it could always be used as a portable snow machine too! Brrrrrrr!

An Entrepreneurs Dream Machine - Bin Wash Machine NEW LOOK For 2014

We've been sharing little hints and teasers about our new look Bin Wash Machine for a couple of months now and can finally reveal the design!!! NEW FOR 2014 is a sleeker, meaner looking machine ready to fulfill all your bin cleaning needs! As you can see, the Bin Wash Machines now include not only a smart, robust tank, but also an eye catching and sleeker front blue plastic cover... I'm sure you'll agree it looks very smart indeed! Our Bin Wash Machines provide a fantastic opportunity for any entrepreneurs looking for a start up business or even those with an already flourishing round to streamline their earnings. We have a table of earnings on offer on our website so you can see just how much cash you could earn with just one of these machines... CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE!