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Bin Wash Arrives in Denmark!

We've just had these pictures sent over to us of the Bin Wash machine arriving at its new home in Denmark! We hope the people of Denmark are ready for super clean bins - Zimling bin cleaning is on its way to a street near you.

All Set for Sweden

Just a quick update on those little Bin Wash Machines of ours. We've sent them to Denmark, Holland, Iceland, Poland and Australia, and now we can confirm that another will soon be heading to Sweden!

For further information on our wheelie bin wash machines, or if you are interested in becoming a distributor, you can visit our website or call 0800 1300 402.

Wheelie Bin Wash Machine Leaves for Stockport

Another Bin Wash has left the premises today to begin working life in Stockport. The Morclean Wheelie Bin Washer will be cleaning the bins of residents, business' and schools all over the Stockport, Bramhall and Cheadle area. They also have the ability to provide patio and decking cleaning too, which in this weather, is essential for all those BBQ's and outdoor team parties!

If you'd like more information on the Morclean Wheelie Bin Washer range, or would like to find out just how much you could earn, head to our website or call a member of our team on 0800 1300 402 where someone will be on hand to help. 

"Do The Funky Chicken" - Morclean, STAND 13, Expo Midlands Event

Just a bit of fun...
Morclean are at the Solihull Midlands Exposure event today - you can find us at stand 13!
On the stall you will find all the information you need about our Bin Wash Machines and Steam (2nd Generation) models. You will also find members of the team doing the 'funky chicken' for your entertainment only as demonstrated by Peter S and Keith below... (I'm just kidding, at least I hope I am!)
If you can't make it to the event, you will find all the information you need for these two sets of machines on our website 

Australia Bound

After last week's post that the second Bin Wash machine to Australia was ready, we are now pleased to report that the machine has set sail and has officially started its mammoth journey down under.

The Bin Wash has left the UK docks it was sailing from and now has a 10,000 mile journey ahead of it.

You can find more information about our Wheelie Bin Wash machines on our website or call 0800 1300 402 for a price-list or demonstration. You'd think we were talking trash if we told you how much these machines can earn for you, but the figures speak for themselves!

Getting Creative with our Exhibitions

We will be exhibiting at the Exposure Midlands event on Tuesday 17th June - I've already shown you the roller banners we've had ordered, but we've saved the best until last! Welcome, the Bin Desk!

Designed using a simple wheelie bin with a desk top attached to the lid, not only does it make a very useful and themed desk, but it also acts as a great storage unit too.. clever huh!

Morclean - Worldwide Industrial Cleaning Equipment Suppliers

Many of you may only be aware of the BinWash and Steam cleaner product lines we have at the minute because that's the main focus of the blog. In reality, Morclean do an awful lot more than just manufacture and supply Wheelie Bin Washers. 

Morclean was founded in the 1970's to supply industrial cleaning equipment to trade; initially covering the midlands area and later expanding into exports. Morclean now supply a huge array of different cleaning equipment including scrubber driers, specialist vacuum cleaners, sweepers, litter collectors and pressure washers. As well as the everyday items, we also specialise in bespoke builds such as vehicle wash areas, interceptors, wash bays and more. 

Just a few examples of what has left our premises in the last week or so;

- 4 x 5000Ltr 3 stage washbay interceptors to go to Iraq
- A scrubber drier to a small company in the West Midlands
- A large pressure washer to a well-renowned vehicle manufacturer in the West Midlands
- 2 x Back Pack Litter …

Another Bin Bites the Dust

"Duh duh duh, another bin bites the dust, duhhh duh duh duh, another bin bites the dust... And another bin's gone, and another bin's gone, another bin bites the dust... HEY, they're gunna clean you too, another bin bites the dust!"

Another day and we're waving goodbye to another Bin Wash machine from Morclean... It's a sunny, warm day (for a change) so we're sure there'll be plenty of bins that need cleaning where this one is heading!

Keep posted for the latest Bin Wash machine adventures from Morclean. We're at the Solihull Expo event next Tuesday (17th June) if you want to come down and say hi; we're also planning more exhibitions in the not too distant future! Failing that, if you're desperate to see one of our machines in action, you are more than welcome to come up and arrange a demonstration... just call 0800 1300 402!

If you're a budding entrepreneur after a new venture without ties or franchise, you can find more informati…

Wheelie Bin Wash Machine leaves for Denmark

In a new chapter in 'The Life of a Morclean Bin Wash' (a book title we will be copyrighting, because you never know), the next machine to leave the office leaves for Denmark.

The machine makes its journey from our hub in Sheffield on the ferry over the North Sea, then through the Netherlands, part of Germany and up into Denmark. They're certainly getting about a bit as this week as we have also shipped one to Australia!

Keep an eye on the page for where the next one is off to, and if you're in Denmark and need your bins cleaning, keep an eye out for the little blue machine!

A Regular in Rotterdam

Late last night, Peter (our MD) made his seven millionth trip on the overnight ferry from Hull to Rotterdam this year... maybe that's a slight over exaggeration but you get our drift.

Pete is over in Amsterdam for a few days with our Dutch distributors for our Bin Wash machines. With distributors now based in The Netherlands and Poland on the continent, the bin wash machines are widening their horizons.

This overnight ferry is becoming as familiar as the j29-j29a stretch of the M1... it doesn't look that welcoming in the chop though!

BinWash Get's Ready To Sail The Seven Seas... Literally

Ahoy there!

As yet another one of our Binwash machines packs its suitcase and leaves the premises, we decided to track its journey to show you just how far the machines actually travel. With over 10,000miles as the crow flies from Hull to Brisbane to travel (so way over 15,000miles by sea), the Binwash takes around 6 weeks to sail the several seas, oceans, bays and channels to arrive at its destination.

To give you a bit more of a breakdown, the journey for Hull to Brisbane, QL, covers around 12 different areas of water. Here's a run down of its long journey ahead...

The Binwash leaves Hull and travels down the North Sea.It crosses the English Channel then;dips its toes in the Celtic Sea.It narrowly makes contact with the dreaded Bay of Biscay;then travels down through the North Atlantic Ocean.It makes contact with the Gulf of Guinea then;Travels south through the South Atlantic Ocean.Skims the Southern Ocean and;heads to the Indian Ocean. The journey is almost complete...It then …