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The Evolution of Morclean

Over the years, Morclean and its dedicated team have gone from strength to strength.  From humble beginnings as an engineering service in a garage to becoming a market leading industrial cleaning equipment supplier with dealers and customers all over the world, demanding our top of the range products.  We thought we'd share a little bit about Morclean's history and how we started and progressed over the years... You can find information on all of our products online via our website at or you can call our friendly sales team on 01246 471147

And the winner of the Morclean World Cup Sweepstake 2018 is...

Adele!! Although it was all heartbreak and upset in the office when England's chance of bringing home the World Cup trophy was cruelly taken away by Croatia in the semi-finals, it's not bad news for all of us... It was a head to head battle with our Operations Director, Rob having Croatia and Company Secretary, Adele with France, the life-changing jackpot of a whopping £40.00 was all to play for in this years World Cup final. Beth (right) handing over the certificate and cash prize to our winner Adele (left) Finishing with a butt-spanking 4-2, France made their country proud by taking home the fame, glory and beautiful trophy, making Adele our 2018 Morclean Sweepstake winner! In all the excitement, we managed to get a chance to quickly speak to our winner, we asked: "Adele, what will you spend your life-changing winnings on?" "Well, the first thing I'm going to do is buy everyone in the office a breakfast cob and then I'm b

Another Canadian BinWash Packed & Shipped!

We're delighted to send, yet another USA & Canadian BinWash aka the TR200 Trash Cart Cleaner, to a brand new start-up company in Canada. The trailer-mounted TR200 trash cart cleaner lifts and washes two 64 or 95 gallon capacity commercial and industrial waste & recycles the dirty, waste water whilst the cart is idling.  Powered by a Honda engine, the 200 bar (300psi) pressure washer quickly and effectively washes trash carts. The machine also comes with an automatic dosing system, which reduces the bacterial count in the tank as well as eradicating bad odors. Dave trying to get a free trip to Canada... I don't think it works like that D!   Loading and unloading the trash carts takes just seconds of your time; press one button and the carts are safely loaded, lifted and ready for a clean.  That is one biiiiiiig crate The TR200 Hot or Cold Water Trash Cart Cleaner gives owners and operators an economical and professional entry into the fast increasing ref

Morclean BinWash goes down under!

We had an exciting delivery this morning at Morclean HQ... Our orange, summery-looking BinWash machine that's due to be shipped to down under, has arrived!  The BinWash will be going to a well-trusted Morclean BinWash dealer, located all the way on the other side of the world, in Australia.  We have BinWash dealers all over the world and regularly ship our BinWash machines to serve businesses from all different countries.  The machines can be produced in various colours to suit your corporate branding, like we've done here with the orange BinWash "To me..." "To you..." It's great knowing that the Morclean BinWash brand name is well-travelled, with customers from around  the world wanting to get their hands on our machines...  Nobody makes them quite like Morclean . Want to become a Morclean BinWash dealer?  We are always looking for reliable and trust worthy dealers from the UK, Europe and the rest of the world to help us meet t

Stay Safe in the Sun with Morclean

So we've heard that it's going to be all blue skies and red hot rays for the next few weeks and although that sounds like heaven for some, for others, particularly those who work outside all day, the sun can be somewhat of a "occupational hazard".  Safety is one of Morcleans biggest priorities and we want to make sure that our clients are safe when they're using Morclean equipment and even when they're not!  We thought a few simple tips on how to stay safe in the sun would help minimise the risk of accidents at work and/or sun-related health issues/illnesses!  1 - Stay Hydrated!  Drinking plenty of water is so important whatever the weather but in this heat, it's imperative that you keep yourself hydrated.  Sweating will be increased, which means your body is losing water. Losing water whilst working in the sun can lead to serious problems like, dehydration, sun-stroke, fatigue and even cardiovascular impairments. The recommended average