And the winner of the Morclean World Cup Sweepstake 2018 is...


Although it was all heartbreak and upset in the office when England's chance of bringing home the World Cup trophy was cruelly taken away by Croatia in the semi-finals, it's not bad news for all of us...

It was a head to head battle with our Operations Director, Rob having Croatia and Company Secretary, Adele with France, the life-changing jackpot of a whopping £40.00 was all to play for in this years World Cup final.

Beth (right) handing over the certificate and cash prize to our winner Adele (left)

Finishing with a butt-spanking 4-2, France made their country proud by taking home the fame, glory and beautiful trophy, making Adele our 2018 Morclean Sweepstake winner!

In all the excitement, we managed to get a chance to quickly speak to our winner, we asked:

"Adele, what will you spend your life-changing winnings on?"

"Well, the first thing I'm going to do is buy everyone in the office a breakfast cob and then I'm booking a holiday to the Bahamas... and maybe a new dress or 2!"

Well done to Adele and to France! And an even bigger well done to Gareth Southgate and the England team, you did us all proud lads! #ItsComingHome2022