Another Canadian BinWash Packed & Shipped!

We're delighted to send, yet another USA & Canadian BinWash aka the TR200 Trash Cart Cleaner, to a brand new start-up company in Canada.

The trailer-mounted TR200 trash cart cleaner lifts and washes two 64 or 95 gallon capacity commercial and industrial waste & recycles the dirty, waste water whilst the cart is idling. 
Powered by a Honda engine, the 200 bar (300psi) pressure washer quickly and effectively washes trash carts. The machine also comes with an automatic dosing system, which reduces the bacterial count in the tank as well as eradicating bad odors.
Dave trying to get a free trip to Canada... I don't think it works like that D!  
Loading and unloading the trash carts takes just seconds of your time; press one button and the carts are safely loaded, lifted and ready for a clean. 

That is one biiiiiiig crate

The TR200 Hot or Cold Water Trash Cart Cleaner gives owners and operators an economical and professional entry into the fast increasing refuse cart cleaning market. All you need is an automobile to tow a small trailer and you are ready to offer a mobile service.

Waiting at our R&D Site to be loaded 
We send our BinWash machines to businesses all over the world and there's no sign of us stopping... no-one makes them quite like Morclean

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