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Steam Cleaner?

What do you think of when you hear the word Steam Cleaner?

To be honest before I started working at Morclean the only vision I had was of a small vacuum style steamer you would use in maybe your kitchen or bathroom, but oh was I wrong as there's a whole range of them.  

At Morclean we have different types of Steam Cleaners, so here I'm going to run through the details of each kind of Steam Cleaner.


All dry steam cleaners have a low volumeSupply steam and water with an element so no need for fuelClean low emission boiler so can be used inside Run from a 250v or a 415vSuited to detail cleaning internally or where fuel is a problemAll electric low volume vapour steam cleaners 

DRY/WET STEAM  Medium volume Electrically driven and oil fired steam cleaner Supply heat and water from an oil such as DieselThe steam production is high so can be used as wet or dry steam Suited to large surface cleaning with two outlets 
HIGH PRESSURE/WET STEAM  Often referred to as steam cleaners bu…

The Green World Ambassador Awards 2015

We attended The Green World Ambassador Awards 2015 on Monday which was held at The Empire Casino London, you may have noticed we've been a little (a lot) excited about this event.

So we picked up an award look how lovely it is!

The Green Apple Awards are one of the worlds most prestigious recognised campaigns and to mark their 20th successful year they launched the Green World Awards.

The Green World Awards recognises and rewards Governments, Ministries, departments, Agencies, Authorities and individuals who have a beneficial impact on the environment and improve sustainability.

So to be in with this crowd was such a good feeling as being able to make an impact on the green environment is amazing.

We are so proud to have picked up this award, after being given the chance to put ourselves forward after picking up our 2014 award, so we are delighted to have won.

So entrants came from a far, so many carbon footprints may have been left but worry not as a tree will be planted to offset thi…

Did you know we have a YouTube Channel?

So as a YouTube addict I was impressed that Morclean have a channel up and running, with lots of product demos and interesting clips.

I bet you didn't know that one of our steam cleaners featured on BBC four's The Archers show, well take a look here of some behind the scenes footage. 

Look it's our Famous BinWash in action! see video below:

Oh and not forgetting this video of our Morclean Bear hard at work:

So if you haven't already go hit subscribe as we plan to have more videos up soon.  You can subscribe HERE
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3 Days to go! - The Green World Ambassador Awards 2015

As you may have gathered we're very excited for Monday as we will be attending The Green World Ambassador Awards 2015!

We are proud to be picking up an award again, as you know we won one last year, you remember the green apple? previously posted HERE, and just to remind you again here's our little Morclean Bear!

As well as winning a physical award you get the chance to be in "The Green Book" which is a directory of all the past winners, as you can see from the photo below this is our section.

To see the full directory click HERE.

So with it being Friday today it's pretty bad that we're wishing the weekend away? as we can't wait for Monday! Seriously who actually says that ever? Well that's us today...

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Clean Middle East Pulire

Fancy a trip to the Middle East once a year? well you will be pleased to hear that Pulire Middle East is now going to be held annually.

 After the success of previous events going down well in the United Arab Emirates the Italian owned association that owns Pulire decided to go for the yearly event. 

Clean Middle East is a leading event for the cleaning sector in the middle east, 
the next event coming up being from the 2nd- 4th November 2015. 

Last years event took place on the 21st-23rd of October, and brought together manufacturers, distributors, end users and media associations. So amazingly good for networking in an amazing environment!  

So lets get booking those tickets! 

For more information on this event see HERE

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BlueBox - Live Demo Area

Roll up Roll up! We are pleased to announce we have a live demo area in the making for our Blue box, how exciting.

Offering training opportunities for both customers and dealers, ask those questions you have and we can answer them in person.

As you know there's only so much we can do over the phone and type away online, as a better experience we decided to let you come and see for yourself.

Bring your car and wash it and see how the BlueBox works from start to finish, someone will be on hand at all times.

So a quick break down of the advantages:
Surface mounted Easy to fix simple inlet, outlet Minimal installation No builders work or civil costs Easy to move, can be taken with you if you relocateThe system what does it do?  Treats wash bay/wash pad water Includes an oil filter Settlement tanks Inlet and outlet pumps 4M of inlet hose (from the wash pad) 10M of outlet hose (to the drain) 
As you can see from the above photos the first parts are being set up, I will update you with more…

Girl Power in the Cleaning Industry!

Did you know that two thirds of those earning low pay are women?

The most effected industries being Cleaning, Social care and Commercial catering, which I'm sure these women work very hard, so why should the work go unnoticed and under valued.

One of the latest competitive funds in the UK futures programme run by UKCES, recognises that businesses and the economy are losing out on women's full potential in the work place.

Gail Cartmail, assistant general secretary at Unite the Union and a Commissioner at  UKCES, said: "As a  UKCES Commissioner, I’m calling on employers to come forward with fresh ideas for action on the ground and to find practical answers to the gap in pay and opportunity that millions of women face day in, day out."

So how can you help? 

UKCES are keen to hear from employers in the adult social care,cleaning and commercial catering sectors where 30% or more of their workforce are women. This put forward will hopefully make the working patterns and p…

Cleanzine Feature- Morclean’s cleverly-designed ‘BlueBox’ now available!

It's always nice to see our products being written about and in this case we have a feature in Cleanzine which is written by Jan Hobbs, if you haven't subscribed go go!

What an interesting weekly E-Zine all focused on the Cleaning Industry and delivered straight to your inbox when you subscribe, Lovely.

So in this weeks Cleanzine Jan has written about our BlueBox, the buzz we have in the office about this product is definitely catching, and so it should.

You can read this article HERE and be sure to subscribe HERE.

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The count down begins!

With just under a week to go until The Green World Ambassador Awards 2015, we are so EXCITED!

What an amazing venue?  The Empire Casino Leicester Square London, just think of the history of this place. 

The Empire Casino first opened its doors in 1884 as a Theatre, just imagine the famous faces to have walked the walk here. 

Just by looking at the venue you can see how important the awards are, we feel privileged to be invited and proud that we are picking up an award for our BinWash.
Here we have some images taken from last years event, excited to look through this years images! 

So what a happy Monday we have coming up! 

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Hello BlueBox!

Look what we have here...Yes a BlueBox one of our latest Boxes, set to go out to one of our customers.

So I'm not one to miss a photo opportunity... I've taken these photos just for you, enjoy.

So exciting to see this fully branded so keep following and I will post more pictures soon. 
You wouldn't believe it's summer here in the UK from looking at these images, but yes another grey day although brightened up by our BlueBox! 
Did you read our previous posts on the BlueBox? Click HERE and HERE

Please contact Morclean email here or call  01246 471147  if you have any further queries and need more info.
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Permanent Wash Pad - Five Facts

So I'm coming to the end of my first week here at Morclean, I'm still brushing up on product facts. So here you have five facts on the Permanent Wash Pad. 

The Wash Pad is...
Surface MountedSatisfies the current legislation for the containment and disposal of water from a wash bay.The Washpad is ideal for leasehold or sensitive sites such as multi-storey car parks where ground works are not practical. Morclean can offer extras such as pump stations and large installation projects. The Wash Pad captures all the water into a 50mm drain which can be discharged to foul or pumped to a water reclaim system. 

Please contact Morclean email here or call  01246 471147  if you have any further queries and need more info
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2015 Cleaning Market set to soar!

2015 is set to be the most lucrative so far for the Cleaning Industry with figures set to rise, according to MTW Research, sales are set to rise by almost 150 million, with more specialized services leading the way, giving value and growth to unique sectors. 

So what better time to think about getting into the BinWash Industry? 

Many of our machines are bespoke so you can tailor this to your own unique style, pick the colour, branding etc.

How would this work for me? 
You can work in your own time, do as many rounds as you wish you are your own boss.Get yourself marketed and get your name and branding noticed.
We have distributors worldwide so you don't have to be local to take advantage of our products. 
Distributors in the following locations: 

Jersey and the Channel Islands The NetherlandsPolandUK You want to be Eco Friendly? 

Well you have come to the right place as we have an Eco Friendly BinWash and we've won the Green Apple Award twice, heading to pick up our latest one on the 2…

Facilities Show 2015

With over 10,000 visitors the Facilities Show seems like one not to be missed, so hurry quick as today is the last day! 

Being held at ExCel London from the 16th-18th June 2015, maybe this post is a little late in coming but we didn't want to miss posting about this industry leading show. 

So what makes this an Industry Leading Show? 
The show delivers knowledge, innovation and solutions. Great place to networkBrowse the best suppliers in the industry Meet with all the major industry bodies including BIFM, The Building Futures Group, RICS,CIBSE and Carbon Trust. Its FREE to attend...this is a rare occurrence nothings ever FREE these days! 
So as you can see its a show stopper of an event, so why not head down today, we've enjoyed being there this week. 
*image taken from
Take a look at Facilities TV Click this link to view 

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The cleanest trade show of the year!

With Germany being the largest market in Europe for commercial cleaning systems and cleaning chemicals, Berlin is the perfect location for this years CMS Trade show. 

The venue: Messe Berlin what a stunning building! see photos below.
Date for your diary: 22nd-25th September 2015

*Images taken from Messe
CMS Berlin is where manufacturers and service providers showcase innovations for a keenly interested professional audience.
Meeting all Eco friendly standards- GREEN 
With state of the art demonstrations and technical trends this is not to be missed,  can you tell we're pretty excited about this one? 
Looking back on previous shows it looks pretty fun and colorful, check out the costumes from 2011.

 *images taken from
If you would like to keep up to date on the events we have scheduled in for 2015 give our blog a follow, we have many exciting things planned for 2015, and beyond. 
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Bravo another BinWash sets sail!

Another BinWash set sail for Poland on Wednesday, making its way to one of our Polish distributors, Bravos.

Carefully loaded into a J.Heebink truck heading to our Rotterdam hub and then onto Poland, have a look at the photos below and see the journey begin.

Bravos is a repeat customer of ours preferring a black painted BinWash , very sleek in design and Eco friendly.

Are you thinking about becoming a distributor? 
Have a look at these figures to see how lucrative it can be see our PDF for an idea of how much can be made. I can see myself driving one of these around in pink maybe...

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Pulire - The Smart Show 2015

With over 15,000 Visitors to this years exhibition Pulire really did pull in the crowds, we were happy to have visited the event. 

Pulire is the largest professional cleaning industry trade show in Italy and is host to everything you could ever want for the industry, ranging from Machinery, Chemical products, Equipment and Components for professional cleaning in indoor spaces. 

This years event was held in Verona Italy, 19th-21st of May with 300 exhibitors showing their pride and joys in a 16,000 m2 of display space, having a look around was very interesting.

Did I mention that this event was all interactive? really impressive, with the help of the interactive app on your smart phone letting you access product information, very Smart.

*Image taken from
Also this year you could take advantage of the Autopromotec show being held in Bologna Italy, 20th-24th of May, Bologna Trade Fair Centre. With over 1500 exhibitors and 103,989 visitors it was a great success. 

Autopromotec, the mo…

BinWash City - Five Facts

As I'm getting to grips with everything Morclean on my second day, I'm still being blown away at how impressive the Binwash City project is and how environmentally friendly it is. So I thought while I'm doing my research I would run over some interesting facts.

The machine is virtually silent... No noise complaints! Binwash City is also Carbon free and gives out no fumes.So yes the service you would provide would be totally Green.The Binwash switches to standby when not in use. So you save on battery power to keep costs down. Water is filtered and ready to be re-used throughout the day. Let's Recycle. 

I'm taking it that you have read today's post about the International Green Apple Awards? well this is the Machine that won the award. If you haven't you can go view the post here

Please contact Morclean email here or call  01246 471147  if you have any further queries and need more info

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The Green World Ambassador Awards 2015

29th June 2015 a date for your diary...

We will be attending The Green World Ambassador Awards 2015, Empire Casino, Leicester Square, London. 

The awards are organised by the Green Organisation which has been established since 1994 as an international independent, non profit, non political, non activist environment group, dedicated to recognising, rewarding and promoting environmental best practice around the world.

I'm sure you may have read previously about our Binwash City Machine well this environmentally friendly machine has won us our award. Our innovative design is new to the market place. It provides operators and the community with a smarter, green, quieter, workable solution to a dirty problem.

So we definitely have the "GREEN" covered.

So what makes our Bin Wash Green?

Like many bin washers on the market today, we considered recycling water and saving energy was a requirement rather than an innovation. We felt that machines were making savings for reasons of n…

The Blue Box has arrived!

TheBlueBox has officially arrived at Morclean!

Here in the Morclean office we have such a buzz about this new release, from seeing this on my first day I can see why, I was really impressed.

Having great in design features which make it easy to fit with minimal installation, all surface mounted so no need to disrupt the workplace with costly building work.

The BlueBox only requires a power supply to operate with a simple connection consisting of one inlet from the wash bay and one outlet to a mains foul drain.

Thinking about relocating? no need to stress as the BlueBox is semi portable and easy to move which can be set up in your new location. This is possible as everything is above ground making unsightly building work a thing of the past. I think this is what impressed me the most after thinking about how much disruption would be going on if it was all under ground, mess everywhere.

The Morclean system can be manufactured for other suppliers, in other colours, and with their own corp…

The BlueBox is here!

TheBlueBox is an above ground partial water treatment system. It's designed to provide an alternative to costly and inconvenient ground works and to eliminate excavation for the installation of  interceptors and tanks.
Surface Mounted It’s a totally surface mounted system that can  replace the need for  an interceptor, and can be used in conjunction with the Morclean wash pad, or your own wash pad, and where water is discharged to a mains foul drain

Design The Morclean BlueBox is a system designed to treat the outflow from a wash bay or car wash area without the need for a below ground interceptor. The BlueBox is surface mounted and requires just a power supply to operate.  The simple connection consists on one inlet from the wash bay and one outlet to a mains foul drain
Minimal Installation The BlueBox requires minimal installationand is surface mounted, this means there is no requirement for excavation or builders works to install an interceptor and the system is semi portable so can…

My first day at Morclean

For me Monday night mainly consisted in me setting my alarm for a super early start, by accident may I add meaning I got up half an hour before I was supposed to. Feeling better for the nice relaxing walk for my train, appose to my normal get out of the door and catch that train! Then straight on to a bus to drop me in Staveley, Derbyshire for my first day at Morclean. 

So let me introduce myself, my name is Jodie Blackburn and today I will be getting to grips with everything Social Media and Marketing related at Morclean. Taking on the role of Social Media and Marketing Assistant, what a lovely office to come into. 

After my induction and walk around the building I was asked by Peter to sit in on this mornings sales meeting, wow straight in there on my first day how exciting. 
This particular meetings focus was all about the Morclean Permanent Wash Pad, which was set up outside which peter gave me a quick run through. 

Did you know that it is illegal to wash any vehicle on business pr…

Morclean water capture

Morclean ‘BlueBox’ water system Below ground interceptors are reasonably inexpensive but the associated builders costs are considerable (and you can’t remove the interceptor afterwards or relocate to another site)
Above ground interceptors take up approx. one car parking space, they’re not particularly pretty things to look at and  not pleasing to the eye when they're sat outside your building either
The BlueBox is a surface mounted system that handles waste water from a wash pad or existing sump, there is minimal installation and  all that is required is a main power supply and a pump fitted to your wash bay sump

The BlueBox is a surface mounted system that handles waste water from a wash pad or existing sump, there is minimal installation and  all that is required is a main power supply and a pump fitted to your wash bay sump
Features Easy to fix/minimal installation All surface mounted No builders works or civil costs Easy to move Can be taken with you if you relocate
The system Treats was…

Morclean Wash Pads

Morclean Wash Pads As you’re probably  aware the civils and builder’s costs for creating a wash pad can be considerable
Please see below the details of this surface mounted, movable and semi-permanent wash pad
The wash pad will therefore satisfy current legislation for the containment and disposal of water from a wash bay, namely that it is a dedicated, isolated, kerbed, and impermeable surface that contains all the contaminated waste water.
The wash mat is a surface mounted system which means the operator can avoid excavation or the need to have any items installed below ground. 
This is ideal for leasehold or sensitive sites such as a multi storey car park where ground works are not practical.
Please contact Morclean by email here or call 01246 471147 if you have any further queries and need more info