The Blue Box has arrived!

The BlueBox has officially arrived at Morclean!

Here in the Morclean office we have such a buzz about this new release, from seeing this on my first day I can see why, I was really impressed.

Having great in design features which make it easy to fit with minimal installation, all surface mounted so no need to disrupt the workplace with costly building work.

The BlueBox only requires a power supply to operate with a simple connection consisting of one inlet from the wash bay and one outlet to a mains foul drain.

Thinking about relocating? no need to stress as the BlueBox is semi portable and easy to move which can be set up in your new location. This is possible as everything is above ground making unsightly building work a thing of the past. I think this is what impressed me the most after thinking about how much disruption would be going on if it was all under ground, mess everywhere.

The Morclean system can be manufactured for other suppliers, in other colours, and with their own corporate branding.

I think from reading about this you can see how exciting this is, so keep in the loop and follow our blog for future releases and more on our BlueBox

Posted today by Jodie Marketing Assistant contact: