Aircraft Vacuum goes to Leading Aircraft Spares Specialists

A world leading independent Aircraft spares company has recently purchased a Morclean Back Pack Aircraft Specification VacuumWith a number of awards and operational hubs all over the world, including Dubai, Moscow and Shangai, Morclean were happy to provide this high brow company with top quality machines.
Due to the constraints of Aircraft design, A standard Aircraft electrical system is set to 400Hz rather than 60Hz, which enables small and lighter power supplies to be used. 

Limited space and weight restrictions upon aircrafts means that our 400Hz aircraft vacuum cleaners are designed to be highly economic in size and meet the standard 400Hz without compromising on power.

The aircraft specification MORBP400 machine brings with it great advances in convenience cleaning, producing vastly improved results. In many countries back pack cleaning has become commonplace with substantial improvements in cost effective operation.

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Engine Driven Pressure Washer Goes to Popular Online Grocery Retailer

A large online, grocery retailer has recently purchased a heavy duty, Morclean Cold Water, Engine Driven Pressure Washer. Designed for the professional user, the Morclean heavy duty, petrol engine, pressure washer is powerful and robust enough to tackle jobs not only in the food industry, but in all sectors of industrial, agricultural and commercial cleaning. 
For maximum performance and outstanding longevity at the heart of the Morclean petrol you will find a world leading Interpump 1450 Rpm triplex plunger pump driven via a 2:1 reduction gearbox as well as an ultra reliable Honda engine.
Ideal for applications in industries such as; agricultural, food, heavy industry, machinery, vehicle cleaning, shipping, quarrying, petrol stations & oil forecourts.
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BinWash goes to New Bin Cleaning firm in Croyden

Morclean are happy to see another new Bin Wash business thriving in Croyden with a Custom Plus BinWash machine.Serving Croyden and surrounding areas, fast growing firm, Lust For Bins are the newest arrivals in the lucrative bin cleaning industry. 

They cover a wide range of businesses including: Shops and offices, Pubs and hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food retailers, Local councils, Hospitals, Schools, Leisure centres, Supermarkets and Waste management.

They work in line with waste collection days and use specialist self-contained equipment, the Morclean Custom Plus, which lifts and washes the bin, leaving no mess on your premises.

Using our best selling BinWash, the Custom Plus, Lust For Bins are able to provide their customers with an efficient and thorough bin cleaning, taking around 10-30 seconds per bin, with the built-in, high pressure washer on a 1.5 meter lance. 

With the ability to clean 2 domestic bins at once or 1 commercial bin, this machine helps you save time and allows you to …

Morclean Supply Fast Growing External Cleaning Company in Kent

Morclean are delighted to supply Ashford Cleaning Services a Custom Plus Wheelie Bin Washer. Based in Kent, Ashford Cleaning Services is a fast growing firm, whom originally specialised in the external cleaning of windows, gutters, cladding, solar panels and more, and have now added wheelie bin and food caddy cleaning to their growing list of services.

Using our best selling BinWash, the Custom Plus, Ashford Cleaning are able to provide their customers with an efficient and thorough bin cleaning, taking around 10-30 seconds per bin, with the built-in, high pressure washer on a 1.5 meter lance. 

Our Custom Plus machine boasts a 6 stage water filtration system, which uses smart technology to filter the water in the tank, this eradicates the growth of bacteria which reduces any bad smells and recycles the waste water to a standard as per EA guidelines, saving water, time and money! 

With the ability to clean 2 domestic bins at once or 1 commercial bin, this machine helps you save time and a…

Local Derbyshire Council to have new venture with Morclean BinWash machine.

It's been a very busy few months for us here at Morclean. The team have been working especially hard and it's showing... we've had Bin Wash orders coming out of our ears! 

Morclean takes pride in being able to help businesses all over the world save time, money and water with our award winning Bin Wash machines. With our range of machines boasting up to 8 stages of water filtration; 5 more than our competitors, we don't compromise on quality or performance. 

We've sent these fierce pieces of kit to firms in America, Australia, Canada and Dubai, just to name to few, because it true that nobody makes them like Morclean.

More recently, we've sent one of our best-selling machines on the market somewhere a little
closer to home.

The Custom Plus has gone to a local Derbyshire Council ready to get out on the streets for a new commercial venture and clean the bins of residents in Derbyshire.

Our Bin Wash machines help provide users with a quicker, easier, safer and overall …

The Evolution of Morclean

Over the years, Morclean and its dedicated team have gone from strength to strength.  From humble beginnings as an engineering service in a garage to becoming a market leading industrial cleaning equipment supplier with dealers and customers all over the world, demanding our top of the range products. 
We thought we'd share a little bit about Morclean's history and how we started and progressed over the years...

You can find information on all of our products online via our website at or you can call our friendly sales team on 01246 471147

And the winner of the Morclean World Cup Sweepstake 2018 is...

Adele!! Although it was all heartbreak and upset in the office when England's chance of bringing home the World Cup trophy was cruelly taken away by Croatia in the semi-finals, it's not bad news for all of us...
It was a head to head battle with our Operations Director, Rob having Croatia and Company Secretary, Adele with France, the life-changing jackpot of a whopping £40.00 was all to play for in this years World Cup final.

Finishing with a butt-spanking 4-2, France made their country proud by taking home the fame, glory and beautiful trophy, making Adele our 2018 Morclean Sweepstake winner!
In all the excitement, we managed to get a chance to quickly speak to our winner, we asked:
"Adele, what will you spend your life-changing winnings on?"
"Well, the first thing I'm going to do is buy everyone in the office a breakfast cob and then I'm booking a holiday to the Bahamas... and maybe a new dress or 2!"

Well done to Adele and to France! And an eve…