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Morclean's New Bin Wash App, Soon to be Launched!

Have you ever had moments when you feel overwhelmed by your work schedule, or your paperwork is so high that you can't get around to doing what you need to because your diary is overloaded?At Morclean, we never sit still. We’re always looking to invent and develop new and innovative cleaning solutions and applications. Our completely new and revolutionary Bin Wash App, which will be launching very soon, is our latest cleaning innovation, providing bin wash operators with a hassle-free way of scheduling their rounds at the touch of a button!
Available primarily on Android, and soon to be followed by IOS, our App is designed to assist operators with planning routes and organising customer locations.This highly-functional and easy-to-use App allows you to keep your busy bin wash schedule on track in one handy place. Some of its key benefits include:
·No more paperwork or complicated spreadsheets! You can add your customers to the app manually or import via the spreadsheet template prov…

Staying Safe, Staying Strong

Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, Morclean has remained stable, operational and optimistic throughout. Complying with, and adhering to, each and every government health & safety guideline has meant that we've created a safe and functional environment that allows deliveries, transportations, and day-to-day transactions to continue without putting anyone’s lives or jobs at risk.

Our wide range of wheelie bin washers, floor cleaning machines, high pressure units, sanitising machines, and specialist/ATEX equipment - amongst others - allows the customer to choose the most suitable cleaning solution for their business needs.

Whether you’re looking for an industrial scrubber dryer, a vapour steam cleaner, or a cost-effective bin wash machine, we’re here to support and grow your business.

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Clinical Waste Management Company Goes Static!

We very recently delivered one of our usedStatic Bin Washesto a highly-efficient and innovative Clinical Waste Management company based in Stoke-On-Trent.These 'permanently situated' machines are perfect for providing owners and operators with an economical and professional entry into the lucrative bin cleaning market. With an automated bin lift mechanism and water recycling system, this model is designed to be fixed at one location or bin wash depot.
Their simplicity, practicality and sheer ease-of-use makes for effortless cleaning at the touch of a button, whilst achieving spotless results. For more information on these incredible machines, visit our website at

Another award winning bin wash delivered to Kent

This week another award winning Morclean trailer mounted bin wash was delivered to Kent. 

Used for the cleaning and sanitising of commercial waste containers, the Canterbury based operators had a need for another essential piece of equipment to add to their already established business

Delivery was made as quickly as possible with full handover and training. Morclean’s wheelie bin washing machines are designed to be easy to use and maintain. Simply place the wheelie bin on to the lift mechanism and press the button to lift

When the bin is  elevated, the operator can use the pressure washing system to clean out the bins, and lower the bins with the same single button once washing is completed.

A number of specialist marine jet wash units to Aberdeen

This week Morclean have completed another order for the supply to the off-shore industry. A number of specialist marine  wash units were dispatched  to Aberdeen.

The special build and high pressure jetting machines are fitted with accessories that are used below sea for deep cleaning. Morclean have supplied a quantity of these machines in the past with a further supply being manufactured right now!

Morclean’s  Meridian series of jetters feature higher pressures and flow rates for heavy and industrial applications. The high pressure jet wash units can be manufactured on a steel skid frame with an electric motor to power the pump. Alternatively, the marine jetters can be produced on a trolley and wheels for extra portability with a diesel engine. The machines are built to withstand extreme conditions and are robustly built with extra heavy-duty pumps.

Even our shop workers are front line!

Morclean have this week donated  a small number of face visors to a local shop in the area. Even our shop workers are front line!

One of our team noted that while popping into the shop, some of the staff were struggling with broken masks. Morclean had a few visors left over and in their PPE stock from a previous donation to a hospital so one of our Directors actioned this contribution to protect against COVID-19