WashPad delivered to Morclean HQ before its journey to Bangkok!

WashPad delivered to Morclean HQ before its long journey to BangkokThe guys here at Morclean have been out in the yard enjoying this week, enjoying the beautiful weather whilst it lasts! Having the gorgeous sun beating down makes unloading big deliveries a lot easier than if it was raining... like it usually is!!
This week, we've had a Morclean WashPad delivered to our headquarters in Chesterfield to make sure it's all perfect before it begins its long journey to Bangkok. 

The Morclean WashPad is a solution to heavy-duty environments where a high volume of vehicles needs to be washed. The WashPad is a surface mounted system that collects wastewater when washing vehicles. 

This system is ideal for leasehold or sensitive sites, a multi-story car park, for instance, where ground works are not practical or just not possible. Similarly, we offer Inflatable Vehicle Wash Pad Systems, which are flexible and hardwearing, however, more suited for lighter use and can be easily folded up and…

Lorry Wash Facility Completed in Cheshire

The Morclean team have recently completed an impressive, new lorry wash facility in Nantwich, Cheshire. The wash system comprises of water recycling, silt traps, interceptors and water storage tanks, whilst contained within a purpose-built gantry with screens to allow access to the tops of vehicles when being washed, whilst containing over-spray. The project has been completed in 3 phases; civil works, steelworks and installing the systems.Phase 1: Civil Works To kickstart the exciting project, civil works are carried out to prepare for the installation of the underground tanks. 
The first port of call was marking out the site. This had to be meticulously done to ensure the dimensions are absolutely perfect before pecking out the existing concrete.

Once the concrete had been removed, it was time to excavate for a 6CuM3 Silt Trap and a 10CuM3 Interceptor tank.
In order to make room for the below ground interceptor and silt trap, approximately 100 tonnes of spoil had to be excavated first. M…

And the winner is... ThermaSteam!

This time last week the Morclean team were busy busy busy chatting with Cleaning Show 2019 go-ers about our brand new ThermaSteam. So let's reflect on the show...Usually, we bring the BinWash along with us to the show but this year was a little different. This year we brought our new machine, the ThermaSteam, which caught quite a bit of attention due to the mesmerizing video we had playing in the background, showing off exactly what the ThermaSteam can do. 

Monday: Get up and Set up!Monday was set up day and Ian, Keith and Peter were tasked with the job of pulling the stand together and making it look pretty for the busy days ahead. Getting the TV position just right, meticulously sticking the stand graphics up on the boards and making sure the ThermaSteam was looking its best. It was a hectic day, to say the least, with all the other exhibitors doing the same but everything ran smoothly and the set up was a success with no issues. Hats off to the team at Quartz for their smooth or…

ThermaSteam Shortlisted for the Innovation Awards 2019

Once again, the Morclean team are revved up and raring to go to The Cleaning Show 2019 at London's ExCel on the 19-21st of March. This year is particularly exciting for more than one reason...

Firstly, we're excited to be bringing along a few new faces to the show this year. Our service manager, Ian, and our marketing manager, Beth will be joining the Morclean team on the stand this time. This is the first Cleaning Show Ian and Beth will be attending so make sure to come and say hello to them on stand A15 and have a chat about our brand new ThermaSteam! 

Secondly, if you're familiar with our flagship BinWash then you'll know we love bringing it with us to The Cleaning Show to show it off to industry professionals around the UK. Well, this year we're leaving it at home and our brand new ThermaSteam machine is tagging along this time! The ThermaSteam is a revolutionary and unique system that uses hot steam and a soft washing method to remove resistant matter such as gr…

League 2 Football Club Order Morclean Back Pack Litter Collector

Morclean are delighted to have sent a Back Pack Litter Collector to a top of the table, league 2 football club this month.Football matches can be messy business, and that's not just the team rivalry. One of the biggest issues clubs face is the rubbish that is left behind by the match go-ers. Although there are usually bins situated around the grounds, apparently, it's becoming increasingly harder for people to dispose of their rubbish into the provided bins... 

Litter pickers are old news, they're not only time consuming but also difficult to use in hard to reach places, such as under chairs and benches and round bends and picking up bits of smaller rubbish.

The Morclean Back Pack Litter Collecter is ideal for both internal and external cleaning in areas with limited access. This fantastic peice of kit is also perfect for picking up smaller peices of rubbish such as cigarette butts, food and broken glass which can be very dangerous, without the need for the user to touch the…

Morclean Install WashPad at Leading Plumbing Firm

Specially designed and built to order, this fantastic peice of kit has found its permanent home with a market leading plumbing company.
This large Morclean WashPad, built with screens to protect from any overspray is to be used to keep company vehicles sparkling clean. 

The WashPad is a solution to heavy duty environments where a high volume of vehicles needs to be washed. The WashPad is a surface mounted system that collects waste water when washing vehicles.

The beauty of the Morclean WashPad is that it erradicates the need for any excavation or below ground works, which can be very expensive, time-consuming and sometimes impossible! 

Morclean offers interceptor boxes to work hand in hand with the wash pad and process the waste water that is collected. We offer a blue box which hastwo filters to take out particles such as silt, oil and grease. When connected to the wash pad, an integral pump processes the waste water collected from the pad and discharges it to foul drain. 

The permanent …

The Cleanest Bins in Scotland...

We're very excited to add yet another council onto our list of BinWash clients.Morclean are set to send a Custom Plus BinWash machine to a council in Scotland, to provide the people of scotland with clean, hygenic, fresh smelling bins!

The Custom Plus is our best seller and customer favourite, with features such as a double lift mechanism, allowing the user to clean 2 domestic bins at once, or one large commercial bin at the touch of a button, a 350L baffled tank of recycled water, more than enough for a full days work, and a 6-stage water filtration system, so eradicate bacteria in the recycled water and foul smells. 
Not only is the Morclean BinWash machine effective and efficient in cleaning bins, but it can also be used as a mobile pressure washer for driveway, patio and decking cleaning, giving the user even more earning potential. 
This machine has it all, a perfect addition to any fleet and a fantasic way to enter the lucrative bin cleaning industry and be your own boss!

For mo…