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Build up the Walls

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, we have having a little extension built on our workshop, to make way for even more machines and equipment!
It is coming on more and more each day - reinforcing the floor for a good base to build on. And some wonderful handiwork building that rather nice wall!
More to follow as the site progresses! 


Wrapped Up
Lots of parcels packing up and ready to leave Morclean, to go on their journey to far and exotic places! 
Destinations like Dubai and...East London! They get about a bit. 
Remember, Morclean ship World Wide frequently and can give you the best deal on not only the product but P&P aswell. Email info@morclean or call 0800 1300 402 for more details. 

Morclean is Growing

There is a lot of movement on Morclean Grounds today!
Work has started at the rear of the Morclean premises. The additional area of approx 250M2 will provide an extra working area for our service dept, along with with an external wet test area for water based products as well as new storage for serviced machines. 
The guys have just been cracking on with the concrete filling and levelling out the outdoor area. Keep  it up! 

In a Box

It's all in a box The WashKube was the brainchild that came from our MD, Peter Morley. He had been scouring his brains for a solution for water reclaim. Do we really need a huge interceptor and tanks, holes in the ground, storage to hold the gallons of dirty water? If only we could just give to customers the solution in a box. 
Now, we DO have the solution in a box! The WashCube is about one meter cubed, and is self contained, portable, and requires virtually no installation. 
The Eureka! Moment The WashKube started of as a humble sketch on the back of a poster; the only writeable surface our MD could find in the middle of the night, which is when he had the brainwave for this revolutionary machine. What followed were many more sketches, ideas and revisions. Could this work? Can we get all these parts into such a small space? Could we save our customers time, money and effort when it comes to water reclaim?
It works! The prototype was made, right here in our workshop. Trial and error, a…

Memory Lane

Time for some retro goodness. 

A very early version of a Hot Water High Pressure Washer - 3000 psi. This picture is probably around 10 years old. These models did very well at the time, selling well as there weren't many similar machines like this on the market. 

Morclean used to actually contract clean as well as sell products. About 15 years ago Morclean decided to concentrate on selling equipment. This is before then - a memorable job which was to clean all the statues in Chesterfield in time for Remembrance Day with our high pressure washers.  

Lastly, this is our Dave (who still works with Morclean today) working outside on a machine, as at the time our workshop was so crowded, there was no room! About 15 years ago, judging by the bosses E-reg Sierra in the background!

Morclean's WashGuard

Where the levels and falls are insufficient to outflow to the mains foul drain under gravity, then a Morclean Pumping Chamber can be used.

All our GRP chambers can be made in various pipe sizes, outlet and inlet sizes and invert levels. 

The chambers are redirected to a 600mm access chamber that can be neatly concealed under a standard Manyway cover and lid.*
The oil filter can even be housed in the third or fourth chamber of the existing interceptor (or standard interceptor) or separate pumping chamber. This all depend on the site specific conditions, every aspect of which we will take into account. 

The outflow of water can fall to mains foul either via gravity or a Morclean Pumping Chamber can be used to get the water up an incline.

Specification and technical details are available on request.
*Manway Covers and lids are an added extra. Pumping stations are also all available above ground.

Please contact us for more information! or 0800 1300 402

Bins in Business

Morclean's Wheelie Bin Wash has been included as a feature in this months Industrial Process News.

We're pleased of the interest in this fantastic product. Read more about it here, and visit our website, where you can download relevant documents and more.

Pumping Station

This range of high capacity pumping stations are used for pumping contaminated water in industrial applications. Typically, dirty water to main foul drains, rain water to a surface drain or any process of outflow where levels and falls are insufficient, or where the discharge is higher that the outlet and where gravity in insufficient.

Our pumping chambers are available as a standard supply from 2,000 litre to 20,000 litre capacity and can also be produced on a bespoke basis in capacities over 20,000 litre. All our pumping stations have a number of 600mm turrets so that when installed the pumping station is neatly concealed beneath a standard 600mm manway cover and lid.*

The pumps are industrial heavy duty stainless steel and can be activated via high and low level switches, low level alarm and failsafe alarms. These can all be activated by an individually specified control panel.

Due to the capacity of the range of Morclean pumping stations we can also, typically, partially treat water,…

Star of Screen


Morclean are working on some videos for our ever expanding YouTube Channel.

Here is the latest, featuring our very popularInterceptors!

Even more videos coming soon!

Nostalgia Time

This is a Cold Water 4000 psi jetter built in the old fashioned way. A heavy duty pump and large motor, it was a great machine, but extremely heavy!

One of the old-style three colour vans, not in very good shape! (Sounds familiar.) It's being repaired in the garage on the farm, after being in a minor accident. We have a large fleet of Morclean vans nowadays to get up and down the country, and even then we had four Morclean vans for sales and service of pressure washers, but mainly for Derbyshire, Nottingham and South Yorkshire. We get about a bit now, you see. 

The final picture this fine Wednesday is a beauty shot of the farm, where many of our machines were built and tested in the early days. One of the four old vans can be spotted, and a few other old cars. Nice view of the Derbyshire countryside, too!

That's enough nostalgia for one day, see you again next week.

No Hazards Here

Today, our forever helpful sales team have secured an order from one of our loyal customers. 
The tenth order in just two years is for a major manufacturing company in South Africa. An order of 10 Specialist Air Operated Vacuum Cleaners will be ready to go on their long journey next week. 

The Air Operated Vacs are the safest option to remove any hazardous product. They are fully equipped to meet the requirements of 99.997% filtration efficiency. We individually test every vacuum sold and is provided with a test certificate, so the owner is safe in the knowledge of the capabilities of the vacuum.

Visit our website for our full range of H-Type Vacuum Cleaners.

The New Silt Trap Range

Silt traps are designed to provide a sump for
collecting wash water and is typically placed
in the centre of a wash bay so that the wash
water falls to one collection point.
Placed prior to the interceptor a silt trap collects larger debris and can be accessed via a hinged galvanised grating for easy manual emptying. 

As well as a collection point the silt trap collects debris and prevents excessive silt entering the

The water from the wash bay can be collected in a silt trap. The GRP structure contains the water and is fitted with an outlet for connection to a mains foul drain via the interceptor.
The capacity of this silt trap is suitable for lighter
use and the cleaning of most vehicles. The
Morclean Silt Trap Lite comes complete with a
B125 Medium Duty galvanised hinged grating. 

A larger silt trap with more capacity is also available
from Morclean, please ask for more information
on the Morclean Silt Trap Heavy Duty.

Please contact Morclean for any more information on this product.…

Bespoke Pressure Washer

Yesterday we sent a couple of bespoke machines all the way to Lybia. To be specific, they are 950Ltr Baffled Water Tank, 10Hp Diesel 3000Psi Pressure Washers, complete with chemical tank! It is ready to be mounted onto  a tuck, for portable cleaning of vehicles and machinery. They were pretty big, but luckily Dave is pretty handy with the fork truck. On the lorry in no time!
These machines were specially purpose built to meet the exact needs of the client. If you want something bespoke making, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. Freephone: 0800 1300 402 or email: 

What time is it? Nostalgia time!

People, time look to the past! Here we have, top photo, our (then) brand new H1100 looks very old today! This was a very successful and popular model, selling dozens of them. It's then 'compacted shape' appealed to customers, as it was easy to move. This was photograph was probably about 14 years ago. 

The second photograph is a very early bowser (in a rather striking red - I like it!). It's a cold water engine driven, the first one Morclean ever built, about 20 years ago! Things like this just weren't around then, compared to all the choices we have now. 

To know your future, you must know your past,
each stepping stone that has been cast. -Margaret Jang