Memory Lane


Time for some retro goodness. 

A very early version of a Hot Water High Pressure Washer - 3000 psi. This picture is probably around 10 years old. These models did very well at the time, selling well as there weren't many similar machines like this on the market. 

Morclean used to actually contract clean as well as sell products. About 15 years ago Morclean decided to concentrate on selling equipment. This is before then - a memorable job which was to clean all the statues in Chesterfield in time for Remembrance Day with our high pressure washers.  

Lastly, this is our Dave (who still works with Morclean today) working outside on a machine, as at the time our workshop was so crowded, there was no room! About 15 years ago, judging by the bosses E-reg Sierra in the background!