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2017 has been a great year for Morclean so far and we have lots of innovative and forward-thinking ideas in the mix. Peter Morley, Managing Director of Morclean, speaks about one of our more recent ideas, the Emergency and Spill Response Van. 

This vehicle is designed especially for emergency clean up’s and will efficiently aid in dealing with many problems such as emergency vehicle cleaning, trauma and crime scene cleaning, sewage, flood water and street cleaning, bird dropping removal, odour removal, void property cleaning and many more. 

Peter Morley said:

“We recognise that there is an established need for an efficient and self-contained solution, though we have looked at this from a different angle and taken a more innovative approach. Now we need feedback from potential clients”.

Whilst still in the testing stages of this system, we would really like to hear your thoughts and feedback on this concept. So, here’s a bit more information on the innovative idea and answers to so…

Upcoming Shows

2018 is fast approaching and we are happy to tell you Morclean will be exhibiting at not one but two highly rated shows again next year. We have booked our spaces nice and early at both, The Manchester Cleaning Show & ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam 2018!
The Manchester Cleaning showis a highly-anticipated event which promises to deliver thousands of attendees ready to order products, discuss industry challenges and network. 

After the successful show in 2016 and the big reveal of our new Bin Wash Custom, Morclean are already making preparations for 2018 and we have something exciting up our sleeves this year...

Lets hope we make it on to BBC newsagain this year eh!

Make sure you come visit us on the 11-12th April 2018 on Stand A30 at Event City, Manchester. Click here to read about last years show!

The ISSA/INTERCLEAN exhibition is the worlds larges…

It's not just a drain: Water Filtration

#ItsNotJustADrain: Water FiltrationAs most of you will know, those who create waste water in a business, like car washing, have a responsibility to collect and dispose of said water. It is unlawful to discharge chemical laced and contaminated vehicle wash water down surface drains and you can be faced with a hefty charge if you are caught.

Remember, "it's not just a drain" these surface drains actually carry, essentially harmless, rain water to rivers and soakaways, so if contaminated water were to go through these drains, it is potentially harmful to our ecosystems. It can also cause harm to animals that drink from such polluted water. Contaminated wash water must outflow to a mains foul drain and usually via an interceptor.

If there is no foul drain or easy access to a foul drain, then the car wash operator would have to either:
Move off site and find a new locationContain and store the water and take it all off site  Fully recycle the water. All 3 are time consuming, not…

ATEX Vac goes to compressed air and pneumatics specialist

Morclean have delivered a MAV 45 Type H Vacuum to a business which specialises in the fields of compressed air, material handling (industrial lifting), power tools, pneumatics and product finishing systems.

This range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners is suitable for picking up hazardous dust and debris in Gas Zone 1 and Dust Zone 21. 

The Vacuum cleaner is fully earth bonded and has an anti-static (conductive) vacuum hose and air supply hose. Every vacuum cleaner is individually tested and provided with its own test certificates for filtration efficiency and earth path continuity. This range is available in models MAV 15H, 18H, 20H, 30H and 45H. 

All models are supplied with a certificate of filtration efficiency, a certificate of earth path continuity, 5 disposable micro-fibre bags,  a spare Anti-Static (conductive) cloth filter assembly, a 5 metre conductive air supply hose, a 38mm conductive hose and toolkit.

For more information please visit our website, where you will find more in depth…

Scrubber Drier goes to local Chesterfield Electroplating firm.

We're always happy to supply our fellow Chesterfield businesses with fantastic cleaning equipment. The most recent is a local electroplating firm who have bought a Morclean Scrubber Drier.

Morclean’s scrubber dryers are robust floor washing machines, tough and simple to use. They help save you time, increase productivity and still give you outstanding results. Our Pedestrian scrubber dryers are mains powered or battery driven. 
Our scrubber driers are suitable for different types of environment, including: WarehousesProduction areasDistribution centresFactory environmentsAirportsShopping centresPerfect for different floor surfaces
Morclean’s hard floor scrubbing and cleaning machines are perfect for industrial and commercial floors, including concrete, marbled floor, vinyl floor, terrazzo, tiled, stone and slate floor surfaces.
For finer polishing e.g. marble and high gloss tile floors, floor polisher machines are also available from Morclean.Scrubber drier or dryer?
Do you spell it scr…

It's not just a drain: BinWash System

#ItsNotJustADrain: BinWash System You may not be aware that disposing of contaminated waste water could land you with a hefty fine or in some extreme cases, potentially prison. 
This is because there are different types of drains which can only have certain things run through them. These are foul drains and surface drains.

A foul drain is designed to carry contaminated wastewater to a sewage works for treatment, where as a surface drain is only really meant for rainwater and uncontaminated, clean water. 

This is because surface drains lead directly towards our rivers, streams and lakes and the untreated, chemical laced water is deadly to our eco system and potentially harmful to animals that may drink the water. 

Activities that product contaminated water or other liquids ('trade effluent') may include: 
Wheelie bin washing Vehicle washingYard cleaningManufacturing processesWater coolingCleaning of food production areas or ovens 
Our Bin Wash machines are fully self-contained, meani…

It's not just a drain: WashPad

#ItsNotJustADrain: WashPad
Not all car wash businesses are using the correct means of collecting and treating/disposing of waste water. This means that chemical and detergent laced water is being put straight down surface drains.

Not a big deal right? It's just a drain... Wrong! It's not "just a drain", these drains lead directly towards our rivers, streams and lakes and the untreated water is deadly to our plant and aquatic life. Did I mention it is a chargeable offence too?

This is where the boffins at Morclean come in. We’ve crafted a unique and innovative solution to this increasingly common environmental crisis.

Not only does it satisfy current legislation for the containment and disposal of water, but also eradicates the need for any excavation or below ground installations; which is very costly, time consuming and sometimes impossible. 

This brilliant solution comes in the form of the Morclean Wash Pad.

The Morclean Wash Pads can be installed and working within hou…

High Pressure Cleaners for Salt Water

Our Meridian range of high pressure cleaners and jetters are built on a bespoke basis and are configured with additional stainless steel valves and components.

Our models include electrically driven (240V, 110V or 415V) or engine driven (petrol or diesel).

All of our models are designed to be used with salt water and can be mobile or stationary.

The extra heavy duty units are built on sturdy steel frames with stainless steel covers to protect against the harsh environments. The trolley wheels have brakes for stability and lifting eyes that provide ease of transport.

Typically for use on shipping, off shore, marine, fishing vessels and oil platforms - where demand is high and performance under extreme conditions is essential. You can visit our website to read more about these fantastic products.  For more information, please get in touch with our experienced sales team, who will be happy to help you with any questions or queries you may have. You can give the friendly bunch a call on…

Interceptor goes to top name car dealership in Wales!

A Morclean Interceptor has gone all the way to Wales to a car dealership, which will be perfect for catching all of the water used when washing all of those cars.
Our comprehensive range of interceptors and separators include those used for vehicle washing, oil separation, forecourts and car parks. There are specific separators and interceptors for each individual project and Morclean can offer advice for the appropriate model and specification. 

To view our full range and specifications, please go to our website

Check out this video of our underground interceptor:

First EVER Morclean BinWash customised for clinical waste!

We're very excited to say that we are delivering our first every Morclean Bin Wash with safety sides to a customer in Bristol tomorrow, who specifically required this customisation.

This particular BinWash machine will be used for cleaning clinical waste bins. The safety sides are especially important in order to prevent any over spray that could potentially cause impact or harm to pedestrians.

We can't wait to deliver to our client tomorrow as we know they're going to be extremely happy with it!

For more information on our BinWash Range, please visit our website at or give us a call on 0800 1300 402

Morclean Bowser at the British Truck Championship???

Our eagle-eyed company secretary, Adele, got all excited and had to get a quick snap when she spotted a Morclean Water Bowser, sold by our industrial sales expert, Dave.

It was making its way around Donington tracks last weekend for the British Truck Championship.

We offer a range of portable, petrol and diesel driven, hot and cold-water pressure washers, jetters and steam cleaners, which can be mounted to skids, trailers or in this case, water bowsers. 
These Site Master jetters and mobile pressure washers are available in highway or plant versions for towing by road vehicles or plant machinery on site.

Morclean’s Site Master range of self-contained pressure washers and water bowsers are ideal for uses where power and water aren’t available. These are available with self-contained water tanks in a variety of sizes.
They are often baffled to restrict the movement of liquid when in transit and can be galvanised to protect from rust.
They enable the pressure washer to have a constant supply o…

10 Morclean Scrubber Dryers to go to a West Midlands college

A college in the West Midlands of England have purchased 8 small and 3 large pedestrian Morclean scrubber dryers. Perfect for cleaning those muddy footprints up in the classroom! 

Morclean’s electric and battery powered pedestrian scrubber dryers are highly maneuverable with user friendly, simple controls. Our industrial build quality makes this range of floor cleaning pedestrian scrubber dryers ideal for hard to access areas through to large industrial use.

Morclean’s range of ride on scrubbers perform equally well both washing and drying the floors of: 

WarehousesFactoriesProduction areas Distribution centres Airports SchoolsHospitalsShopping centres

Not only do we offer a range of robust, powerful pedestrian scrubbers, we also have ride-on scrubber dryers available for medium to large industrial and commercial premises.

For our full product range, please visit our website at

Morclean Inflatable Wash Pad goes to Jewelultra!

Established in 1992, and based in Maidstone Kent with a factory in Loughborough, Jewelultra is a British manufacturer of Chemicals and Valeting Products which are sold all around the world.
Morclean are proud to send one of our brilliant Inflatable Wash Pads over to Jewelultra. Our inflatable wash pads are a mobile fluid-tight floor and have been developed by Morclean in conjunction with a European manufacturer in response to market demand, resulting from environmental legislation and regulations.
When a business or company currently produces waste water in one way or another, it has to be contained and possibly purified or removed.
Companies with this responsibility include: garages, transport companies, valeting companies, car washing or mobile car wash outlets when washing vehicles, marinas and boatyards when hosing down and cleaning boats, dredging companies when collecting and purifying sludge etc. the fire brigade when collecting large quantities of contaminated drain water, and c…

Fantastic feedback from Wash Pad installation!

Morclean successfully installed 2 Wash Pads at the docks in Bristol last week. The two Wash Pads were quickly and efficiently installed adjacent to each other, along with a BlueBox, ready to be used on the very busy site.

The Wash Pads will be used to clean over 50 vehicles per day as soon as they are taken off the ships, so that they will be squeaky clean ready to be sent to the dealers.
We had fantastic feedback from our client,"Firstly, please pass on my thanks to your installation team that assisted my management team on the day. I understand we had some hurdles to overcome but together with your guidance we achieved, so thank you". 
Customer service is something that we at Morclean, pride ourselves on. During installation, we are more than happy to give you our guidance and expert knowledge and advice on these products, to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. After care is also key, we welcome any questions that you may have after installation, so please so not…