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Morclean's Latest BinWash is en route to Amsterdam

The latest Morclean BinWash machine with 6 levels of water treatment has been shipped to one of our dealers, AT Cleaning Systems, in Amsterdam.

On Friday we loaded the machine on to the lorry ready for it's journey to the Netherlands, with our handyman Keith on hand to help load it, and Peter manning the forklift truck.

 The BinWash machine is due to land in Amsterdam today.

‘Morclean are going for gold - but they’re going to be winning with silver’

Most bin wash machines on the market today (previously including Morclean models) have 3 basic stages of filtration which are based on a micron level of fine mesh using industry standard gauze type filters.
The water is filtered sufficiently to be perfectly good enough to be re-used throughout the day, but the water isn’t particularly clean given that the operators are washing out contaminated waste bins.
If a finer micron filter is used they tend to ‘blind’ (which basically means block) and so filters with large enough holes tend to be used so that water can be re-used all day without blocking.
However Morclean have recognised bacteria will build up in the system and the overspray of atomised water from the jet washing activity will contain airborne bacteria. It can be assumed the bacteria would build up and increase and grow during the day.
The new Morclean system- How it works

Morclean have been developing a new system where we use additional filtration in a new and innovative way to …

New range added to the Water Technology List

Businesses can save money with new water-saving productsMorclean Ltd today announced that its product, a range of Vehicle Wash Water Recycling Systems, has been accepted onto the Water Technology List having successfully met the criteria to enable Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) claims.
The Water Technology List, managed by Ricardo-AEA on behalf of Defra and HM Revenue and Customs, will help businesses save money in the short and long-term by encouraging them to invest in technologies and products that reduce water use and improve water quality.
Water savings are a key area for all businesses. Manufacturing companies can easily save between 30% and 50% of water and wastewater costs through inexpensive changes to their working practices.
Richard Malloy, Ricardo-AEA water specialist, said, “The Water Technology List is making it easy for businesses to make important decisions to improve their water use and water quality and save money at the same time. Businesses will benefit in the long…

Morclean recognised as a finalist

We were happy to receive in the post last week a certificate congratulating us for becoming a finalist in the upcoming Tomorrow's Cleaning Awards. Our Thermaflow all-electric heated high pressure washer has been recognised as a unique product within the cleaning industry, and offers a solution to the traditional diesel fired washers which give off emissions.

The ThermaFlow range offers industry-changing advantages:
·Sustainable- Generates constant hot water of up to 80ºC, equivalent to its diesel counterpart; without temperature fluctuations or heat loss. ·Durable - Heat is generated in thermal tubes beyond the pump, resulting in reduced pump and seal wear. ·Ecological – No fuel or detergent is needed, these exceptional results are achieved by using only hot water and electronically operated.   ·Saves water and energy - Water is efficiently heated on demand to eliminate wasted energy and uses around 75% less water than diesel operated pressure washers.
Less mess - With reduced water fl…

Idroflow~ In the spotlight

Idroflow~ 'Innovative Water Filtration'
After the successful introduction of the BlueBox partial water treatment system, Morclean have now introduced the next development to the popular box series and created a method which filters water for the safe disposal  to surface drains. 
The Idroflow~ model brings new innovation and an easy and effective way to filter waste water. Including 4 filters and 6 individual stages of filtration, the Idroflow~ machine provides confident treatment of effluent for surface drain disposal.

Intrigued by what you see? Contact us for more information about how this system could save you money. 

Our Most Powerful Steam-Only Machine is flying over to the Philippines

It is always an exciting time for Morclean when we get enquiries from businesses abroad who have heard about the strong range of products we offer. We take great pride in supplying overseas and extending the reach of the Morclean brand.
Our latest product to adventure overseas is our Vision Steam VPX 3500 machine which will be travelling over 6,000 miles to the Philippines. The client are aglobal maritime services group specializing in the provision of general ship supplies, stores, spare parts and leading technical maritime brands. 
About the Vision Steam VPX 3500:

The most powerful steam only machine in the range ideally suited for factories, industrial outlets and chewing gum removal.
Using dry steam and a suitable environmentally friendly cleaning agent, chewing gum can be removed quickly and completely.
This process is equally applicable to external surfaces such as pavements, concrete and natural stone and internal surfaces like matting, carpets and furniture.

Morclean Welcomes New Sales Director

We would like to congratulate Rob Green on his promotion as Morclean's new Sales Director. Rob brings with him a wealth of experience and the enthusiasm and drive to propel Morclean's business further, especially during a time of such strong innovation and introduction of new product ranges.
With over 25 years’ experience in the automotive industry and having gained extensive knowledge around chemicals and capital equipment, Rob brings to Morclean invaluable skills and knowledge. Rob is a seasoned veteran in the areas of sales and marketing and business development. 
Rob comments on how he plans to progress with Morclean:
"Our business going forward will provide innovative solutions to our wide and varied market place, with an eye on "bespoke" solutions by listening to and working with our clients/suppliers"

Morclean are delighted he has accepted this position and we wish him every success in this new venture!