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Introduction to the BCC- British Cleaning Council

Today I thought we would get to know the BCC, British Cleaning Council. You may have noticed they are the co owners and organisers of The Cleaning Show and the new Manchester Cleaning Show.

Being the voice of the cleaning industry the show is definitely in good hands, establishing in 1982 with years of knowledge and experience.

The council has 21 members so everything in this multi million-pound UK cleaning industry is discussed and worked on so the profile is raised. They help raise the standards in health and general cleanliness standards, supporting the cleaning industry for over 30 years.

The British Cleaning Council publish its own quarterly news letter The Voice, you can view the latest one HERE.

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Meridian - Extreme Heavy Duty High Pressure Cleaners

So I introduced you to the new range of Meridian machines on Wednesday HERE, and today I wanted to fill you in on more details and the features of the new range available at Morclean.

The Machines feature a range of pumps that are designed for salt water use, a large selection of hot or cold pressure washers for use with 60 Hz, as well as a 4350psi hot or cold water units for extra heavy duty industrial applications and demanding projects.

As well as the standard range of 50Hz and 60Hz, the Meridian machines can be purpose built with multiple pumps or twin boilers where extra pressure and flow is required.

Whether stationary or mobile the Meridian range offers much higher flow rates  than typical high pressure cleaners, and is typically used in industrial, marine and shipping applications where there are greater demands for high performance jetters.

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The Manchester Cleaning Show - 2016

The hype is picking up on the Manchester Cleaning show so make sure you have this date in your diary: April 6-7th, 2016.

Yes that's right Stand A30 is where we shall be so pop by and see our stand, you can get more information about the show HERE.

We will be revealing our new Bin Wash machine, How exciting!

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Morclean Welcomes Meridian High Pressure Washers and Jetters

Here at Morclean we are excited to bring to you a new range of extreme heavy duty high pressure cleaners and Jetters.
The Meridian Range includes cold water mobile and static, hot water mobiles, and cold water engine driven. 

The machines are fitted with extra heavy duty high pressure pumps, robust frames, and double thickness stainless steel covers. They’re generally designed for marine, shipping, and extreme and heavy duty industrial applications.
Peter Morley (Director) says “The Meridianrange does not replace any of our current models, but adds to our already comprehensive range. The machines are designed for heavy and extreme conditions where our customers demand even more duty and performance”
Keep following for more information on our new range! 

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New BinWash Machine?

So I'm guessing that you gathered from our previous post HERE that we are exhibiting at The Manchester Cleaning Show 2016...well a long with the excitement of the show Morclean will be giving you a big REVEAL of our new Binwash machine.

I've spoken about not being in the know...well I managed to get my hands on some "secret" drawings. Tiny snippets, kind of like a puzzle I suppose maybe you can try put the pieces together?

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BinWash landed in Israel!

Here we have an image of our BinWash machine which made its way over to our newly appointed distributor in Israel, Eco Vision Environmental Projects Management Ltd.

See our previous post HERE where you can find out more information on our distributors and how to become one yourself. 
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Towns Spring Clean up!

Just a quick Friday post to inspire you for the weekend... You can see in the image below all the residents gathered to get their spring clean on!

The Spring clean by residents of Montrose Court, Stapleford, was part of the towns annual community clean up. Skips were provided for residents so bulky items could be disposed of , along with a swap shop so none of the good went to waste.  One mans trash is another mans treasure! 
So idea for the weekend? 
*image taken from
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The Green Book-2015

Following on from our previous post on Tuesday which was all about this Years award show for The Green World awards. Today we wanted to fill you in on the New Green Book which is currently at Volume 20, we received a digital copy through the post.

Here at Morclean we have enjoyed reading the published papers about fellow Ambassadors and reading our feature on The winning machine The Bin Wash City.

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New Morclean BinWash Distributor- Israel

Here at Morclean we are delighted to appoint another distributor to our ever growing team, Eco Vision Environmental Projects Management Ltd.
Our new distributor will be located in Israel, stocking as well as demonstrating and selling our range of BinWash Machines a long with after sales support.  

We’re delighted to bring Omri Zilberman on board and look forward to doing more business via Eco Vision’s already established network.
Maybe we have a distributor in your area? Take a look HERE at our list of distributors.  For more information on how you can become a distributor email  you can also download this literature here for additional information. 
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The Green World Awards 2015- Green Glory!

So we won an award back in July and became a Green World Ambassador,
what a great achievement! 
This was presented in a carbon-neutral presentation ceremony at the Empire Casino, Leicester Square, London, Monday, June 29, 2015.
The Green World Awards recognises and rewards Governments, Ministries, departments, Agencies, Authorities and individuals who have a beneficial impact on the environment and improve sustainability.
We were delighted last week to receive our invitation to the Green World Awards which is taking place Monday, October 19, 2015.

This years awards ceremony takes place in the home country of last years winner,Christchurch, New Zealand. 
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Taking cleaning to Infinity and Beyond...

When a cleaning jobs gotta be done,its gotta be done, don't think being in space gives you an excuse to be lazy! 

Check out this video HERE posted by the daily mail of Russian Cosmonauts cleaning and making those ISS windows shine in a six hour space walk 250 miles above the Earth. BRAVE cleaning. 

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Tomorrow's cleaning- feature

Well we love seeing Morclean in the press and what better than to be in The latest issue of Tomorrow's cleaning magazine.
The July issue is a great read so have a read HERE, and make sure you bookmark page 13 and read all about Morclean!

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The Manchester Cleaning Show 2016

Last week we announced that we are exhibiting at The Manchester Cleaning Show 2016, how exciting, for those of you who may not be aware of what a great show it is, check out this years London show;

The Cleaning Show is the only show run by the industry for the industry so you can expect great things for the Manchester show next year. See you there on the 6th-7th April,2016, Event City Manchester. 

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