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Aviagen Turkey's Taking Stock of a Morclean Inflatable Wash Pad

We're currently en route to Aviagen Turkey's a premier worldwide supplier of breeding stock, located in Cheshire, to deliver a 14m x 4m inflatable wash pad. When a company or business or company produces wastewater in one way or another, it has to, by law, be contained and possibly purified or removed, which makes these low-cost wash pads an  ideal solution for industries such as transport, valeting, car washing, marinas and boatyards, cattle breeders, and many more. Coming in varying sizes, weights, these strong and durable wash pads are perfect for heavier vehicles, such as trucks, HGV's, and tractors, as well as your standard cars, vans, and motorbikes. The new and improved inflatable platforms take only seconds to inflate, while the watertight floor is flexible and easy to set up and pack away. They can be supplied with a drain in the corners or as a complete watertight retainer. Call us on 01246 471147, or email us at to discuss your options, or visi

Morclean's New Scrubber Dryer Range - Buy It, Hire It, Lease it, the Choice is Yours

Morclean's new range of scrubber dryers is highly-effective and affordable, allowing you to increase productivity whilst thoroughly cleaning your workspace.  From compact, medium, and large walk-behind models, through to large-scale ride-on machines, we have something for every floor size, scene, and setting, including warehouses, p roduction areas, d istribution centres, f actories,  airports,  shopping centres, h ospitals, and clinics. Providing outstanding cleaning performance on c oncrete surfaces, m arbled floors, v inyl flooring, terrazzo , s tone, and slate tiles. Our compact scrubber dryers are perfect for those hard to reach nooks and crannies, while our largest ride-on model can clean areas of up to  4,500m2   Finance and hire purchase arrangements are available, alongside long term leasing options. And remember, we deliver in the UK and export worldwide. Contact us today on 01246 471147 or email us at to discover your purchasing or finance opti

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for Every Need, Application and Environment

Morclean supplies a full range of Commercial and Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, which are specifically designed to meet the requirements in all industrial fields: Our W et and Dry Vacuum Cleaners are fully-insulated. They can remove damp waste and fluids without risk of damage to the machine, making them perfect when working in areas that are common with spillage or wet waste.  The Wet-Only pump-out model comes with a fully integrated submersible pump, allowing for continuous suction - used in such applications as salvage work, flood damage, flat roofing, fire services, and more Our Dry-Only Vacuum Cleaners are an essential piece of equipment for any industrial environment or work site. Capable of removing large amounts of dry waste and fine dust, this range is perfect for dealing with large jobs. Our Backpack Vacuum Cleaner range is lightweight and ergonomically designed.  In confined areas or congested environments, the practical features of the BackPack Vac bring great advan

Hessel Based Online Car Supermarket All Geared Up to Shine

Image in Hessel, Hull, were looking for a car cleaning solution that was quick to fix, with minimal mess and groundworks. The online car provider, which has onsite showrooms at its 7 branches, prides itself on its car buying experience, providing an ethical, friendly, and transparent approach to helping you choose the right vehicle. Our team fitted the increasingly popular surface mounted wash pad, along with our Morclean blue box, and ramps yesterday, and we think it looks great!  Know what you want, but not sure what you need? Call now for your free, no-obligation, over the phone consultation with one of our specialists on 01246 471147 or email us at  Remember, you can explore our entire product range via our website at

Morclean Featured in the Latest Issues of Tomorrow's Cleaning and Tomorrow's Care

At Morclean, we never standstill. Our latest innovations demonstrate our thirst for pushing the boundaries of technology.  The BinWash Auto and Bin Wash Station have been built to assist in the safe and hygienic sanitisation of  either food waste, or clinical and medical waste. Whilst the  Vision CMF Steam Pro Steam Cleaner and Vision SF Steam Pro Fogger are also ideal for these industries - alongside care homes, nursing homes, assisted living spaces, hospices, hospitals, and respite care centres - but within the actual day to date working environment. To effectively sanitise surfaces, floors, equipment, and more!  Tomorrow's Care and Tomorrow's Cleaning have recently pulled together features on these revolutionary systems, to enable you to appreciate their full capabilities... The Bin Wash AUTO and Bin Wash Station Discover our new clinical waste bin wash solutions in the December/January issue of Tomorrows Care Vision CMF Steam Pro and Vision SF Steam Pro  Read abo

Two Type H Industrial Vacs Despatched to a Family-Run Business Supplying Workshop Consumables

Two of our MAV45 Type H Vacuum's went out to a family run business based in Bristol recently.  This  highly-efficient vacuum cleaner will enable this  one-stop-shop, which provides a pletora of workshop consumables - including workwear, PPE and high-vis, cleaning products and janitorial's, packaging supplies, and abrasives - to  collect hazardous settled dust with minimal disturbance. Our Type H range of Vacuum Cleaners has been purposely designed and built to meet the needs of users to safely and effectively pick up hazardous dust and debris.  Examples of hazardous dust include, but are not limited to, asbestos, finely divided silica, carcinogens, and highly active pharmaceutical products.  Check the full range of Type H's  out here , or contact us on 01264 471147, or at for more information. 

Our Industrial Cleaning Solutions are still Flying High ✈️

It's comforting to know that orders are still being received from our overseas customers.  We've recently shipped one of our MAV 2 Air Powered Vacuums and Interceptor Can to an international aerospace and defence company headquartered in Norway. And our increasingly popular Custom Plus Bin Wash - with 6 stages of filtration - is scheduled to go out to a Latvian company that implements permanent municipal functions, such as water supply, wastewater collection and treatment, and municipal road maintenance. The MAV 2 Category 3 handheld vacuum is suitable for use in Gas Zone 2 and Dust Zone 22. Made from rugged die-cast aluminum, this trigger operated, air vacuum gun can be used in the removal of almost any debris*, including glass, swarf, metal chippings, plastic particles, dust, and powder.  The cost-effective Bin Wash Custom Plus  is assembled using a heavy-duty galvanised trailer, baffled poly tank, and stainless-steel catchment tray, This self-contained machine, which boast

Finer Detailing Case Study - The Devil is in the Detail

Finer Detailing Ltd is a one-man business offering first-class specialised car detailing in Greater Manchester. Iain Brown, who established Finer Detailing back in 2007, provides a wide range of detailing services, including full car detailing, ceramic paint protection sealant, wax top-ups, and more. Growing his successful business through word of mouth, Iain has worked on Jaguar’s and Alfa Romeo’s, all the way through to Vauxhalls’ and Volvo’s.  Read the PDF Version  HERE :  CHALLENGE Finer Detailing’s tenancy ran out in June of this year, and when Iain moved into his current premises in Heywood, his new landlord would not permit the workshop to have any digging works carried out to the foundations to create an indoor wash bay. Iain has rented four workshops over the past 13 years for his business, and in the former three, he had works undertaken to remove 4 cubes of concrete in the floor, install a new soil pipe and drain, and re-lay new concrete in the washbasin. It was all very me

Nutritional Solutions Provider Doubles Up on its Dry-Vacuuming Efforts

We’ve recently received an order for 2 MAV 30 Type H Dry-Only vacuum cleaners. Specializing in solutions for nutrition, health, and sustainable living [the supply of vitamins, carotenoids, nutritional lipids, etc.], our dry-use only vacuums’ will enable this Derbyshire based company to remove large amounts of dry waste and fine dust. MAV compressed air powered dry vacuums are suitable for use in Gas Zone 1 and Dust Zone 21 and are commonly referred to as Category 2 products under the ATEX Directive. We also offer wet only or wet and and dry versions for more superficial or resistant solids or liquids. These machines are perfect for a multitude of industries including the industrial or mechanical sector, food or wood manufacturing, service companies, offices, sports factories, public corporations, and many, many more. Our range of cleaning solutions also cover every aspect of floorcare , bin care and high-pressure cleaning , through to vehicle wash systems , water reclaim and

Vapour Steam Cleaning, The Foolproof Way to Fight Against Coronavirus

As Ward (2020) informed us back in March that “COVID-19 can survive on surfaces, such as worktops or door handles, for up to three days”, we had to be equipped with the right knowledge - and the right tools - to defend ourselves. The article went on to discuss how the study he'd drawn from divulged that “the virus was detected on plastic and stainless steel for up to 72 hours after exposure, and on cardboard for up to 24 hours.” These revelations informed us that we had to take action... and, 8 months on, we have to continue to do so.  In reality, there's nothing more powerful than an industrial steam cleaner for eliminating bacteria, viruses, and pathogens within homes, offices, schools, nurseries, hospitals, hotels, warehouses....... The list is endless. We all have a duty to protect ourselves and those around us, with the NHS recommending steam cleaning "curtains, carpets, mattresses, and soft furnishings that cannot be disinfected with regular cleaning sprays." M