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We're gearing up for Interclean Amsterdam 2018!

Yep, its that time of the year once again, where the Morclean team are working hard to get ready for our trip overseas to Interclean, Amsterdam 2018 .  Interclean Amsterdam is largest professional cleaning exhibition and networking event in the world, inviting over 800 of industry leading cleaning and hygiene product manufacturers to exhibit and thousands of professionals from all over the world to attend.  Interclean allows businesses from all over the world connect and solidify professional relationships, expand their gloabl oresents and stay in the loop with the most fresh and innovative developments on the market Morclean exhibited back in 2016 and over four days a whopping total of 30,289 professionals from 134 countries visited the show. The international share of attendees also keeps growing with 76% of the visitors in 2016 coming from outside the Netherlands.  Morclean showcased all battery powered BinWash City in 2016 boasting features such as producing Zero Emi