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More Bin Wash Machines Overseas!

We've just exported 2 more units or our award-winning, ever-popular Custom Plus Bin Wash machine!It's terrific knowing that the Morclean BinWash brand name is so well-traveled, with customers from around the globe - in countries across Europe, North America, Asia and Australia - wanting to get their hands on our machines.

All loaded and ready to ship to Poland!  With recent sales in Iceland and the Netherlands, and compliment sales in the UK at an all-time high, we, along with our customers, are delighted with the results.  In fact, we're confident that the Custom Plus bin wash is our best-selling in the UK and safe in the knowledge that it pays off all R&D and product development.Watch this space!!! The NEW 2020/21 model launch is coming very soon!!!

Morclean Wash Pad Projects, Set In Concrete

Our projects are an important part of what we do. From installing slit traps and interceptors; diverter chambers and water storage tanks; through to undertaking civils and groundworks, we are a one-stop-shop for providing wash bay solutions to problems that countless companies are experiencing when it comes to collecting, storing, and diverting water.Our most recent project in Hale is a prime example of the dedication we put into making sure that every step is executed properly, and well within timescales. The installation of a silt trap and diverter chamber, which diverts the water between wastewater and groundwater when it is raining, means our client will be able to wash highways agency vehicles and salt gritters happy in the knowledge that the wastewater will be collected safely and securely, and with ease.

For more information on our projects and to discuss your needs, please visit our call our experienced sales team on: 01246 471147

Why Vapour Steam Cleaning is Superior to Traditional Steam Cleaning

Whilst most people know what steam cleaning is and how it works, many people don’t understand the difference between Steam Cleaning and Vapour Steam cleaning. Vapour Steam Cleanersare the modern-day evolution of the standard Steam Cleaner, producing quick-drying, low-water consumption steam. Extensively used within hospitals, restaurants, care homes, etc., the vapour steam process is effective enough to disinfect and sterilize surfaces without the need for harsh chemicals. Steam is produced in a boiler, heating water to temperatures over 115C to produce low pressure, low moisture vapour. This, along with the machine’s high temperature, allows the steam to penetrate deep into surfaces and sanitise a much greater area than traditional cleaning methods using the minutest amount of water. This eco-friendly process also allows you to clean with more detail, removing dirt from the tightest, toughest to clean nooks and crannies as it pushes the grime away, whilst deeply penetrating porous sur…

New Wastewater Collection Project Starting in Hale

We have another new and exciting project starting in Hale next week, for a forward-thinking company that washes highways agency vehicles and salt gritters (vehicles with a jet wash and gritters with a hose).Morclean was approached to find a viable solution to collect wastewater.Firstly, we will install a silt trap, then a diverter chamber which diverts the water between wastewater and groundwater when it is raining. The wastewater is then collected and the automated diverter starts/stops when washing either type of vehicle. The duration of the project will roughly be 1 week, where excavation works will be untaken and the tanks, diverter, and control panel installed.We love our projects and are extremely proud of them, always striving to give our clients the best possible solutions!

Guaranteed Floor Hygiene and Safety with Morclean's New Scrubber Dryer Range

Floor cleaning is critical for infection control. Endless foot traffic unavoidably tracks in dust, dirt, and other allergens that can disrupt business workflow and appeal. Pathogens - such as the coronavirus and the common cold - are capable of living on surfaces for up to a few days. While bacteria-driven illnesses such as Bacillus and Staphylococcus, are spread anytime an object falls or is placed onto the floor, and is then picked up by an individual.The safest, fastest, and most effective way to clean hard floors in industrial and commercial environments is with a scrubber dryer. These ingenious pieces of machinery are much more hygienicthan the traditional mop and bucket, as scrubbing ensures that you only apply chemicals and clean water to your floor. They also extract dirt quickly and effectively, ensuring that stringent hygiene standards are met, whereas a mop and bucket can be a slow process that does not thoroughly remove pathogens, only acts to spread them around. Scrubber …

Have Your Bins 'Bin Kissed'?

Our best-selling trailer-mounted Custom Plus bin wash has been safely delivered to Kiss my Glass, a window cleaning business in Somerset that has set up a subsidiary company, 'Bin Kissed'.Bin Kissed - a reliable and friendly company that offers a professional wheelie bin cleaning service in the Taunton area - is over the moon with its new purchase, which opens up new markets and new revenue streams for the entrepreneurial business.
The Custom Plus, which boasts 6 stages of water treatment, is so incredibly easy to use. Just fix the wheelie bin onto the lifting mechanism at the rear of the machine, press one button, and the bin is lifted. Cleaning is effortless and bins can be spotless in seconds.
This purpose-built machine makes the perfect start-up business, and we wish Bin Kissed all the best in their newest ventures!

Take FLITE, and Be Your Own Boss!

Be Your Own Boss with the NEW Bin Wash FLITE from Morclean, the self-contained automated bin wash machine that eradicates the need for manual washing!The bin cleaning business is a straightforward and low-cost venture that you can start part-time and grow into a full-time lucrative business.  Our numerous Bin Wash solutions offer an economically viable opportunity for budding entrepreneurs looking to start their own bin cleaning business, who recognise how important it is to have the right equipment to do the job at the lowest cost possible.

If you’re hankering to be your own boss and are looking to start a bin cleaning business, the new Bin Wash FLITE is one of the many bin cleaning solutions we have developed that allows you to enter the industry for less and make a profit faster.
"Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it." – Unknown
Designed with efficiency and cost-effective operation in mind, the no-nonsense FLITE uses 2 automated heads to clean the insides of wheelie bins wi…

Morclean Introduce Improved H&S Measures for All Site Works and Projects

Business owners are accountable for the health and safety of everyone that works for them and around them. As an accredited Safe Contractor, Morclean is dedicated to ensuring that Health & Safety (H&S) procedures are continuously upgraded and updated in line with legislation.We have recently improved our H&S procedures to satisfy workplace safety obligations by introducing a single comprehensive Safety Station, complete with an HSE law poster, accident book, and fully stocked first aid kit.

The Morclean Safety Station provides key health and safety messages at an easily identifiable central point, ensuring team members and site visitors know exactly where to find the information and equipment that they need. 
The Morclean Safety Station is an easily identifiable blue box which is built on a pallet and sent to all projects where site work, construction work, or groundwork is being carried out.
The area that Morclean is working in is under the control of Morclean or its sub-con…