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Morclean lend equipment to help local renovation project

We have an abundance of equipment here at Morclean that can be used for various applications and we're always looking for ways to help the local community. Recently we have lent one of our bowser pressure washers to a local canal renovation project which aims to  restore the Staveley Town Lock and Hartington Harbour. The Chesterfield Canal Trust has spent well over £120,000 on the project (£45,000 of which has come from donations) which is a huge amount of money. Unsurprisingly the Trust were really appreciative when we offered to lend them one of our water bowser pressure washer machines free of charge to help assist in the cleaning of the site. The bowser is ideal for construction sites which don't have immediate access to an electricity source and it runs solely off of a battery. It has been used to effectively wash down equipment and clean down stone. To read more about the project and to see pictures from renovation so far you can follow this link to the C

USA Binwash is the largest machine yet

If you've been following our activity the last couple of months you'll know that we have been working extra hard to develop our Wheelie Bin Wash range to bring new innovations and options to our customers. By exploring different charging techniques and researching the existing market, we have developed new models that challenge the standard trailer-driven bin wash machine. The model that is taking our main focus at the moment is the purpose-built bin wash we are building for the US market which dominates our existing range both in structure and size. With trash cans being bigger and heavier in the USA, a machine that offers higher spec is a necessity and we've been working diligently to create a machine suitable for the US market. The outcome of this is the production of the TR200 Trash Can Cleaning Machine. The TR200 is currently in production with the main frame being now being completed. At over 15ft long, the model is huge compared to it's "smaller broth

VP 3600 Steam cleaner goes to healthcare provider

Our latest steam cleaner order has gone to a company in Southampton that deals with the supply of mobility equipment to holidaymakers. Needing a machine that can sanitize equipment and be easily moved around, our specialist Keith recommended the Vision Steam VP3600. Compact, maneuverable, and very powerful, the VP3600 has become the best seller of our range. The powerful vacuum cleaner and steam super-heated to 180 degree C and delivered at 8 bar pressure make this the ultimate super cleaner. It enables either simultaneous or independent use of the industrial strength vacuums or the super-heated steam facility. A feature allowing the addition of mild detergents to the dry steam as it is released from the cleaning head is also available with the VP3600. This is a tough machine for the toughest cleaning jobs! As standard, the equipment comes with 2 comprehensive accessory kits comprising of various brushes and nozzles to get the best out of the machine in different applications.

2 Custom Plus Binwash machines go to retail giant

2 Custom Plus Binwash machines go to Scotland-based shopping centre We will be delivering two of our Custom Plus Bin Wash machines to a shopping centre based in Scotland. The retail park will be using the machines to clean their own fleet of wheelie bins and maintaining the bin facilities at the shopping centre.  Morclean Bin Wash machines are quality-finished entrepreneurial products. Sturdy and engineered to be fully self-contained, the purpose-built wheelie bin cleaning machines make the perfect start-up business or an addition to your current fleet. With added features and specifications the  Bin Wash Custom Plus  provides a cost effective solution into the lucrative bin washing market. Assembled using a heavy duty galvanised trailer, baffled poly tank and stainless steel catchment tray, the Bin Wash Custom is a compact, sturdy and efficient cleaning machine. Our best-selling trailer mounted machine is fitted with a Honda GX engine, 50mm ball hitch, 2200 PSI pump an

Salt-water pressure washer goes to marine supplier in Ireland

We have recently received an order for a salt-water pressure washer  for a marine services company based in the Republic of Ireland. The MER KS pressure washer is a stationary coldwater high pressure cleaner and can be fed with salt-water, making it ideal for companies within the marine industry.  The company in which this piece of equipment is going to offers expert services to the marine industry in Ireland and abroad, from boat building, repair and refurbishment, to offshore operation and maintenance (O&M). They are a family run business that have been established for over 150 years.  The MER KS can be supplied with a variety of pressure ranges varying from 15l per minute, to 40l per minute. Ampage ranges from 10-25 amps and the voltage for all machines runs at 3 x 400v. Explore our range of professional pressure cleaners here