VP 3600 Steam cleaner goes to healthcare provider

Our latest steam cleaner order has gone to a company in Southampton that deals with the supply of mobility equipment to holidaymakers. Needing a machine that can sanitize equipment and be easily moved around, our specialist Keith recommended the Vision Steam VP3600.

Compact, maneuverable, and very powerful, the VP3600 has become the best seller of our range. The powerful vacuum cleaner and steam super-heated to 180 degree C and delivered at 8 bar pressure make this the ultimate super cleaner. It enables either simultaneous or independent use of the industrial strength vacuums or the super-heated steam facility.

A feature allowing the addition of mild detergents to the dry steam as it is released from the cleaning head is also available with the VP3600. This is a tough machine for the toughest cleaning jobs!

As standard, the equipment comes with 2 comprehensive accessory kits comprising of various brushes and nozzles to get the best out of the machine in different applications.

If you're needing a specific machine for a job get in touch with us for advice and we'll happily guide you to the right product for your application.