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Thankyou to Everyone who attended the Sport Relief Mile

Huge THANKYOU to everyone who helped out Almost 200 runners attended the Sport Relief mile, not bad for our first attempt, and including monies from entry fees, raffle, cake-sale etc. we raised almost £1,200 for Sport Relief, well done to everyone, looking forward to next year already……

VapourSteam 350X arrives safely in Sweden

Sweden Company are happy with their new VapourSteam 350X machine. 

Comment from Customer
We received the VapourSteam yesterday and it looks great.

The new VapourSteam 350X from Morclean generates super heated steam to provide a brand new method of car cleaning. With a VapourSteam 350X you can now steam clean a car without using the volumes of water a typical jet wash produces.

Harry Hill's TV Burp features the Morclean Poo Buster Vacuum Packs!

Morclean's back pack 'poo buster' vacuum pack dog foul removal machines were originally seen on BBC's Postcode Lottery programme, Feb 2012

Subsequently they were typically spoofed by ITV's Harry Hill in TV Burp providing a light hearted view of the Morclean dog foul removal machines in action

The so named poo buster vacuum packs are actually  petrol driven back mounted vacuum cleaners, and the Morclean STREET VAC is the latest in our range of cordless powered vacuums. This vac  provides a new concept in the way local authorities and cleansing depts collect litter or contaminated materials, such as dog fouling  

The machine featured on Harry Hill's TV burp weighs just 10Kg and this machine is the ideal solution to cleaning in the most inaccessible areas and the machine is powered by the new Honda series

This machine can hold up to 35 litres of rubbish which is collected through  4 inch vac hose  and allowing the operator to go literally anywhere and collect rubbish.

BBC1 Postcode Lottery programme features Morclean Litter Collectors

The BBC1 Postcode Lottery recently featured  Morclean litter collectors being used in Liverpool to solve the problem of dog faeces.

Among other uses Morclean Back Pack Litter Collectors are commonly used for the collection of dog faeces by Council's. The machines featured on a recent airing of the BBC's Postcode Lottery programme and can be viewed here. Both the Authority and it's operators, as well as members of the public, agreed that the back pack machines were ideal for the collection of dog fouling and that the use of them had been a success

Morclean Litter Collectors Feature in BBC1 channel

BBC1 Postcode Lottery features Morclean Litter Collectors 

Recent viewers of BBC1 Postcode Lottery will have seen Morclean litter collectors being used in Liverpool to solve the problem of dog faeces.

Among other uses Morclean Back Pack Litter Collectors are commonly used for the collection of dog faeces by Council's.

The recording can be viewed  below 

Static Pressure Washer Installed at MOD Site

Morclean are pleased to have installed a Static pressure washer 
at a Hampshire MOD Site

Features of a Static Pressure Washer
The unit is housed in a strong steel lockable container, and a permanent connection is made to mains power and water services, and a direct connection to a provided self bunded fuel tank The controls for temperature, flow, pressure, detergent amount are all contained inside the cabinet. The cabinet is then placed within the provided building, and a remote switch fitted to allow the operator to switch on, and the unit automatically switches off. A preset amount of detergent is added simply by changing the wash lance and there is no need for the operator to attempt any alterations to the settings, or to need to fill the machine with detergent or fuel.

Sport Relief Mile at Cromford Meadows

Matlock Rugby Sport Relief Mile down on Cromford Meadows on Sunday morning March 25th

Matlock Rugby Club want to encourage as many folks as possible to participate in the Sport Relif Mile by either walking / jogging / running either one, three or six miles. In what is likely to be one of the most picturesque locations to take part. Also being served are Hot & cold drinks, bacon & sausage butties, BBQ, active musical warm-up for participants and a local brass band to accompany all the activities  Any questions or anyone willing to help out on the day please either call or text Tim Bestwick on 07836 246786 or Mark Packard 07874 282059.

Vacuum Cleaners Despatched to Quaker Oats

We are pleased to have supplied Quaker Oats with Vacuum Cleaners

Used for removal of hazardous product and available in electrical operated or compressed air driven versions. They are typically used for the removal of asbestos or other hazardous products and our technical operators can advise the best use of each model and consideration to ensuring the most suitable model is chosen based on the volume of dust or material to be collected. All machines are complete with carry handle and trolley, and when not included a carefully selected accessory kit will ensure any cleaning task can be completed. Highly efficient cleaning performance ensures hazardous and health endangering dusts can be correctly and safely collected and disposed.