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Merry Christmas from Morclean

Just a little post from us all at Morclean to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before we close the office. We will be closed from around lunch time today (24th December) and re-open fully on 2nd January 2014 at 8am. We will see you then! Ho ho hooooo...

Morclean Super 240 - Trolley Litter Vacuum Pack

Today we finally had a clean, dry day to get filming the Morclean Super 240 and grab a few teaser photos whilst we were at it.

Myself (Becky) and Keith (Sales Team) went into the yard to test out the Morclean Super 240 and to see what damage could be done with it!

Unlike our other vacuum litter collectors, this model stands on a large, sturdy wheeled base with a normal 240l bin standing on it to collect the waste which is sucked up. The Super 240 has an injection molded fan and fan housing to increase suction and overall performance. It can hoover up anything from glass, leaves, cans and bottles to dog faeces and stub ends, which makes it a very versatile piece of kit to clean large areas such as holiday parks, large factory settings, etc.

"The Super 240 is a powerful outdoor vacuum cleaner designed for cleaning up litter and dog faeces from areas where access can be a problem.
Supplied with a 240 litre wheelie bin with or without a trolley it can also be fitted to a utility vehic…

Clean Green Graffiti

A couple of weeks ago I did a blog post introducing you to a new 'clean' graffiti method - reverse graffiti. The method consists of using a stencil over either a pavement, wall or other 'dirty' surface and pressure washing your company's logo or a message/picture of some sort onto it. The method is widely used by company's all over the world as it is a legal form of graffiti.

We were going to experiment with the method but due to the ever changing weather conditions, it hasn't been particularly safe to be doing so! So, here's a little something I created on Photoshop to give you a good idea of how this marketing technique can be used effectively!

Morclean specialise in industrial and commercial cleaning equipment including vacs, air vacs, h-type vacs, litter picking vacs, vapour steam, pressure washers, steam cleaners, bin wash trailers, graffiti and gum removal machines, housings and kiosks and many other areas including vehicle valeting bays and inter…

Merry Christmas from NAWBW

The lovely folk at the National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers sent us this lovely Christmas postcard the other day... thank you for the seasons greetings NAWBW! The card is currently residing on my desk along with my little collection of Christmas cards, just need some tinsel now!

Merry Christmas from everyone here at Morclean, NAWBW.

A Little Nosy Around the Morclean Office...

For all your people who like to have a bit of background, day to day knowledge about a company, take a look at our 'Welcome to Morclean' video... it's an interesting little video about how we run day to day, a nosy around our offices and an introduction to some of our staff!

If you require any further information about any of our services feel free to browse our website. We specialise in all types of industrial and commercial cleaning machines and equipment from Bin Wash Machines to Pressure Washers to specialist ATEX approved vacuum cleaners. Visit our website for full details

A Rainbow of Fun at Matlock Late Night Shopping

The weather isn't quite perfect for a spot of festive fun BUT in true British style, the show must go on... Matlock tonight will play host to a range of festive events including Late Night shopping (get those purses and wallets dusted!), Dale Divas and Christmas Lights Switch on as well as other events! Shops are open until 8pm so you really have no excuses at all...

There was a lovely rainbow over Morclean earlier which I just managed to get a snap of - I thought it might bring you all some good luck with the events tonight... unfortunately there was no pot of gold at the end of it, but you can't have it all!

We hope that the independent shops of Matlock have a fantastic event tonight - fun starts at 5pm!

Ironic Graffiti Art... moving on from the politics...

As soon as I stumbled across this story I knew it would be one you would all like to hear. We all know that graffiti can be unsightly, and sometimes just inappropriate but there are some graffiti artists out there worthy of a wall or two to brighten up or spread a  message - people like Banksy would be the most obvious choice, but there are other graffiti artists out there including an artist by the name of DS.

Graffiti artist DS hit the news earlier this year with his Hello Kitty 'turned bad' creations. After he stenciled one onto a building in London, only to see it removed less than 24 hours later, he decided to spread a bit of graffiti irony. He decided to graffiti the same wall with the image of the graffiti remover... making this graffiti remover infamous!

(photos are copyright of the Caters News Agency - we do not own any of the photographs)

A really clever idea and I'm sure the remover was flattered... we're not too sure how quickly he removed this peice, but we&…