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Pressure Washers on route to Turkey

Cold water pressure washers have been despatched to Turkey

Morclean heavy duty cold water pressure wash machines are ideal for heavy duty users. They feature a compact design and easy to use controls, housed within a durable stainless steel cover. The pressure washer's base is fitted to a stove enamelled hard wearing chassis and frame with solid tyres. Available mobile or wall mounted. Contained within the jet washer are self priming high pressure pumps with heavy duty fibre seals and brass cylinder heads and components. The jet wash features hard wearing nylon valves and stainless steel valve seats, providing various options of pressure, flow and performance.

Hampshire Dairy purchase Static pressure washer

Morclean are pleased to have supplied a Hampshire Dairy with a
Static pressure washer

The unit is housed in a strong steel lockable container, and a permanent connection is made to mains power and water services, and a direct connection to a provided self bunded fuel tank The controls for temperature, flow, pressure, detergent amount are all contained inside the cabinet. The cabinet is then placed within the provided building, and a remote switch fitted to allow the operator to switch on, and the unit automatically switches off. A preset amount of detergent is added simply by changing the wash lance and there is no need for the operator to attempt any alterations to the settings, or to need to fill the machine with detergent or fuel.

Durham Company purchase Vapour Steam cleaner.

After a successful demonstration, A Durham Co decided to purchase 
vapour steam cleaner.

The Morclean range of commercial steam cleaners are purpose built for use in demanding environments including busy commercial kitchens, food preparation and manufacturing, engineering workshops, hospitals and hotels. Most of Morclean's models are placed in hard wearing stainless steel bodies for an increased working life and to adhere to strict food standards.

Morclean Vapour Steam Cleaners are being used in Dubai

Dubai based company purchased 2 Morclean vapour steam cleaners
Dubai based cleaning contractors 'Quality Environmental Cleaners' purchased 2 Morclean vapour steam cleaners for use in cleaning kitchens. The Dubai based company contract clean, specialising in hotel and leisure industries' kitchen areas. They are now using Morclean vapour steam cleaners for the steam cleaning of hoods, canopies, filters and vapour steam cleaning of ovens etc.

Morclean supply Rolls Royce with Air Operated Vacuum Cleaner

Rolls Royce purchase air operated Vacuum Cleaner for the warehouse

This range of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners is suitable for picking uphazardous dust and debris in Zone 2 explosive gas atmospheres and offers a reduced risk of explosion by static spark when used to pick up explosive dusts. The vacuum cleaner is fully earth bonded and has an Anti Static (conductive) vacuum hose and air supply hose. Every vacuum cleaner is individually tested and provided with its own test certificates for filtration efficiency and earth path continuity. The units meet the requirements of industries where the practical easy to use filters and accessories can be used and cleaned on a daily basis. The approved range of vacuums meet an absolute 99.997% filtration efficiency.

Derby Company purchase all Electric Pressure Washer

The heat was on to meet a delivery deadline to supply a Derby based Company with an all Electric Pressure Washer 

Morclean mobile heavy duty high pressure hot water washers are ideal for industrial heavy duty users. These rugged cabinets come complete with a remmovable lid for easy servicing and are constructed of either robust steel which is stove enamelled or stainless steel. This is ideal for anyone who requires a fixed,secure unit.
Bespoke models and individual manufacturing and specifications provide various options of pressure, flow and performance.

Morclean sponsor fitness freak ready to run the piracy risk

Morclean are delighted to sponsor fitness fanatic Spencer Bloomfield - who will brave pirates, carnivorous animals and intense heat to take part in a cycle challenge to help combat poverty in Africa. Spencer Bloomfield (left) is preparing to tackle a 500km charity bike ride across a searing hot Madagascar, where he could face killer animals and pirates. . Spencer Bloomfield is undertaking a gruelling 500km bike ride across the island of Madagascar to raise money for the charity TransAid. The 25-year-old has previously taken part in the Tough Guy Challenge, a 12- mile assault course which saw him brave fire, ice and electric shocks, but will face some new hazards when he undertakes his first long-distance bike ride in July. Mr Bloomfield said: “I love getting fit and I wanted to do something to push myself to the limit — this is a massive challenge. “I was looking around for something to do and thought about a trek up Kilimanjaro but then I saw this and it just appealed to me. “It will be …