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Morclean provide drainage solution to cider factory

Morclean Interceptor Heads to Cider Factory Morclean were confronted by a Cider Factory in Hereford with the vision of installing equipment to help their drainage systems, in particular a system which would collect an excessive amount of waste water should a major leak occur. During normal operations the daily amount of waste water from the cider process is relatively small, comprising of excess water from washing down storage vats and equipment. Although a major leak had never occurred, they wanted to make a provision in their design for handling such an occurrence. To limit the outflow and control the spillage we suggested installing an interceptor tank with pumps and a control panel. This was designed with our specialist experience and solved the problem originally faced at the factory.   The 10,000 litre tank getting prepared for transit by Keith. The control panel designed for the project.  Morclean has extensive experience of designing an

Morclean wins awards for Environment Best Practice

We're proud to say we've done it again and have successfully won two awards in this year's upcoming Green Apple Awards. Morclean have won not one, but two, categories in the international awards for Environmental Best Practice. The two products to scoop up the awards include the Loflow Cleaning System and the Washpad water treatment system.   These products have been recognised for contributing to more sustainable systems and endorsing products that are cleaner for the environment. The prestigious presentation ceremony is to be held at the Houses of Parliament on November 11th,where we will be presented with our awards and will be able to network with other like-minded companies who realise the importance of helping the environment. Morclean's current selection of trophies  About the Green Apple Awards The Green Apple Environment Awards were established in 1994 as an annual campaign to recognise, reward and promote environmental best practice around the wo

Matlock and Dales CAMRA Beer Festival 2016

We are proud to yet again be supporting local businesses at the upcoming Matlock & Dales CAMRA Beer Festival, due to take place at the Matlock County Hall October 21st & 22nd. Morclean like to support all local businesses and look forward to joining the community for what we're sure will be a fantastic event. For more information please visit: