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Ebola Virus and The Worlds Hygiene...

Unless you've been hiding your head in the sand for the last few weeks, you'll have heard of the 'pandemic' Ebola virus which is sweeping not only West Africa, but is now feared to have spread even further. Much like the Swine Flu and Bird Flu Viruses, and other viruses or 'superbugs' faced by the NHS, it causes a national panic fed by the media who claim that 'this is the end.'

In the 21st Century, after discovering prevention's and cures for many deadly illnesses such as smallpox, malaria, TB and even mild infections which would have killed people hundreds of years ago, we hold our hope on a 'cure' for this dreadful infection. But as the old saying goes... prevention is cheaper (and easier) than the cure.

It seems many of the scientists and medical professionals are a little baffled about this latest outbreak. They know the most likely cause of the spread was through infected bush meat (bats and monkeys), but the way it spreads from human …

The Morclean Showroom is starting to take shape...

As many of you will know if you've called into Morclean recently, there's some major renovations taking place inside and outside the building. One of the main renovations is the creation of a smart and friendly showroom where many of our machines will be on display and ready to demonstrate should you want to see a machine in action. There will also be helpful leaflets which you can pick up on our machines, and a help desk too!
We will keep you updated on when the showroom will officially open for use, but until then, here's a few little pictures of what it looks like at the moment... PS, don't forget, Expo Scotland stand C1 September 3rd-4th. 

The Boss That Never Stops

Our MD, Peter Morley, has been invited to join the Board of Directors of the National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers. Taken from an extract of their newsletter, the NAWBW said;

"...The NAWBW welcomes Peter Morley as a Director... of the Morclean Group ... to join the Board of Directors of The National Association of Wheeled Bin Washers. Peter has a wealth of experience in the cleaning industry and as well as a wide range of other cleaning products is a manufacturer of bin cleaning machinery. Peter's company Morclean manufacture a range of bin washing trailers and therefore Peter will now be the NAWBW's resident expert on the use of trailers for the bin cleaning industry..."

Well done, Peter!
For more information on our wheelie bin washers, you can head to our website or call a member of our team on freephone 0800 1300 402. 

Chesterfield Carnival Is Back With A Bang!

Last weekend played host to the first Chesterfield Carnival in years at Stand Road. Morclean was pleased to help out and sponsor the event, providing event hire equipment and helping hands too!

The carnival was a huge success and a credit to everyone who made it happen and we hope it will be back with an even bigger bang next year! Well done to all the team who created such a fantastic day.

For further event hire information please call 0800 1300 402.


It's back! Maazi Movies in the Park is back on 23rd August 2014! 
Join us at Matlock's Hall Leys park for 3 films on 23rd August - one for the kids, one for families and one romantic, lovey dovey film. It's FREE ENTRY and there's loads of other stuff happening too, so make sure you pop the date in your diary and buy in the popcorn early!
See you there...

Cleaning EXPO - Scotland - September 2014

It's not long now until the Cleaning Expo - Scotland and Morclean will be proudly exhibiting their innovative Bin Wash Machines at stand C1!
We will be blogging and letting you know a little more about the event as it gets a little closer, but until then jot us in your diary and come and say hi at stand C1 - SECC, Glasgow between 3rd and 4th September 2014.
See you there!

Matlock Festival - A Roaring Success!

A huge well done to all involved with the planning, organising and running of Matlock Festival this year. Despite the absolutely awful weather on the Saturday, luckily Sunday was kind and didn't dampen people's spirits!

We'd like to say a huge thanks and well done to the Matlock Festival team for organizing what was a fantastic event and to everyone that came to support and lend a hand. It couldn't be as successful without a huge team effort so well done all! I'll leave you with some of the pictures our MD took while he was down with Dave helping out with the event.

Wash Bay Interceptors head to Iraq

At the beginning of the week Morclean received the delivery of several wash bay interceptors that we were sending to a client in Iraq. The wash bay interceptors are widely used by a variety of different companies and can be used on many different types of sites. Below are some images of the Wash Bay interceptors leaving our premises yesterday. You can find further information on our website or by calling 0800 1300 402. 


This weekend (12th to 20th July) Matlock will play host to the Matlock Festival - a festival which Morclean is very proud to sponsor!

There are lots of events happening in Matlock, Derbyshire over the full weekend, so make sure you head down to enjoy the weekend and support your local shops, eateries and events. Many of the Morclean staff will be down at the event and we can't wait!

For further information on the Carnival weekend, head to the groups facebook page.

Looking Swish - The Morclean Binwash Machine has a little facelift

The Morclean Bin Wash machine has recently had a mini makeover so we thought we’d share this with you.
The Bin Wash machine now has a laser cut ‘MORCLEAN’ logo both where the bins hook onto the machine to be cleaned, and on the front of the machine near the tank.
We have also added in a little section where your chemical squirt bottle / freshener can be placed so the bottle is stable whilst cleaning bins and moving the trailer.
These additions come after the original white tank changed to a high quality blue and a matching blue plastic front cover was also added for that extra smart look to the machine. The machine is now looking smarter than ever and with a huge earning potential per machine, it’s easy to see why!

Meet our Polish Distributor Bravos

We have already reported that the Polish Binwash was collected from our Rotterdam hub in the Netherlands last weekend, but we thought we’d share some pictures of the handover and journey to the Netherlands with you as well so you can see your Polish Distributors.

For further information on our Wheelie Bin Wash Machines please visit our website or call 0800 1300 402 where a member of our team will be able to help you. 

Morclean Wheelie Bin Wash Travels to Hemel Hempstead

Another day, and it’s another Wheelie Bin Wash Machine to leave the Morclean premises. This time, the brand new Bin Wash Machine is off to start a new life in Hemel Hempstead with the guys down at ‘Has Bins’ (what a great name!).

The Binwash left this morning to travel the 140 miles down to Hemel Hempstead. We hope it has a safe journey down to its new home, and that the people of Hemel Hempstead are looking forward to having fresh, sweet smelling bins.

The Morclean Bin Wash machines are available with lease and finance options so if you are interested in the wheelie bin wash machines, or would like further information or earning potential information, please view our website or give us a call on 0800 1300 402.

Polish Distributors 'Paint it Black'

Our Polish Distributors, Bravos, received their Binwash machine this weekend from our distribution hub in the Netherlands.

Morclean Binwash Distributors can have the binwash machines in their chosen colours to match their corporate branding should they wish, and Bravos took full advantage.

'Paint it black' seemed to be the motto for Bravos! So if you're around Poland and you see one of these black binwash machines, you know where it's from...
The slick, black machine set off from our premises on Wednesday and arrived at our Rotterdam distribution hub on Thursday. Our MD then personally sailed out to Amsterdam to officially hand over the new machine.

The wheelie bin wash machines from Morclean are fully self contained wheeled bin washing machines. They provide an affordable and reliable entry into the lucrative binwash market. Available in both petrol and battery versions, they're eco friendly too!
They are available with no ties and no franchise, making the perfec…

Binwash City - GO GREEN!

You know how we've been dropping little hints lately about a new machine in the pipeline? Well, today is the day I can FINALLY reveal all!

Say hello to the Binwash CITY. This green, eco-warrier machine has been designed by Morclean with the environment and sustainability in mind. Instead of the normal petrol engine, we have designed and developed a machine which runs purely on battery keeping running costs to an absolute minimum, and your carbon footprint to well, nothing!

The innovative Binwash CITY provides operators and the community with a smarter, green, quiet, workable and viable solution to a dirty problem. What we have achieved, is a machine that is virtually silent, with little noise or fumes and it’s carbon free. We can now provide a quieter, more efficient system. Operators can market their service as truly green, which we feel is a first in the market place.

Also, with no ties and no franchise, you could make yourself a very pretty penny with one of our machines. Fancy yo…