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Food Hygiene Ratings Display Become Mandatory ... How Morclean Can Help!

Food hygiene regulations in the UK and Wales in particular have become stricter this morning with the voluntary 'scores on the doors' scheme now being rolled out as mandatory in Wales. The scheme was introduced in the UK recently as a voluntary measure where certificates of food hygiene were to be put on public display showing a rating of between 0 and 5. Most food outlets automatically adhered to this voluntary measure with many proudly displaying their certificate in the window or on the counter at the food outlet. Now the scheme has become mandatory and is set to be rolled out further, the need for superior food hygiene standards has become a necessity and often your business can depend on it. Here at Morclean, we have some of the best cleaning equipment on the market. Our range of Vapour Steam cleaners, which can be viewed at , demonstrate the vast range of cleaners on the market from the commercial light unit, all the way

Recent Morclean Adventures...

Just a little update about where our Morclean industrial cleaning machines and accessories have been sent this month... A large corporation in the High Peaks ordered one of our MV45/2 Vacuum Cleaners for collecting Damp Dust. View the Vac here; A respected name in the field of chemical products based in Cumbria required one of our Pro Scrubber Dryers for cleaning their floors; the range can be viewed on our website A well known bus and coach operator based in Sheffield required one of our hot and cold static pressure washers to clean their vehicles -  and; A primary school in Nottingham required one of our litter picking vacuums to keep their school yard free from litter, leaves and other waste - Just a little cross section of where some of the Morclean fleet of machines have been sent t

Morclean Sponsor Matlock Late Night Shopping 2013

It's creeping closer to that time of year again and Matlock have another event to mark the Christmas season. Most Matlock shops will be opening until 8pm on Thursday 5th December. There will be entertainment from Dale Divas, a Christingle Service, Christmas Tree Lights Switch on, SANTA and much more... make sure you support your local independent shops and support a fantastic Christmas event!

Reverse Graffiti - A New 'Clean' Marketing Trend

Most people have heard the word graffiti but not many will of heard of the new trend in art and marketing which is reverse graffiti. Unlike the traditional graffiti methods which use spray paint and other types of paints, solvents, inks, anything which will leave a mark and be a nuisance to take off (most people need professional cleaning solutions such as ), reverse graffiti uses a ‘cleaning’ method, and as you all know, we’re all about cleaning! Many large corporations have caught onto this trend firstly because there is no law against the cleaning of buildings, and secondly because it’s a pretty cheap way of marketing and brand awareness. You can see below, a dirty pavement or wall has been used, a stencil applied and simply the logo has been ‘washed on’ … maybe the Morclean Pressure washers were used ? A pretty cool and imaginative use of dirt I

More BinWash News...

We've been telling you for months just how good our BinWash machines are. We've sold them to all over the UK including places such as Jersey and they're still 'flying off the shelves' for want of a better pun! This is one of the BinWash Eco's we sell at Morclean... full specifications can be seen here -  which is on its way to Goole today! People of Goole, your bins will be looking 'More-Clean' than they've ever been after their winter spruce. One of our Wheelie Bin Washers is also on it's way to Liverpool tomorrow, where will the next one go? We will keep you posted!

Morclean Lands on the Shetland Isles

We had an email a few weeks back from one of the remotest parts of the UK you can find… the Shetland Isles. They needed a unit capable of cleaning generators in environmentally friendly surroundings for some pretty urgent work. The Unit needed to be able to clean ivory coloured generators; they needed to be cleaned and de-greased ready for the winter season. Morclean was able to come to the rescue with our Vision Steam Pro 400 which you can see on our website -  . The Vision Steam Pros are currently enjoying their new home all the way up in Scotland.  All in a weeks work…

Future Developments

Here at Morclean we're always trying to bring you the best, most efficient machines on the market, which is why our products are always moving forward. The latest development can be seen in a prototype sketch and mock up below, with a more rounded, aerodynamic front to the bin wash machines which are selling fast! All the information you need in relation to our new bin wash machines can be found on our website Make sure you're following us on twitter @morclean and liking us on facebook (Morclean-Ltd) for all the latest developments, news and products.

Morclean MONO Wheelie Bin Wash Machine

Morclean are pleased to welcome a new Wheelie Bin Washer to it's range of bin cleaners... the MONO! The Mono features a single lift bin feature making it the perfect companion to a bin cleaner with a small, spread out or more rural bin cleaning round. Take a look at the Mono below and let us know what you think! You can view the full range at