Reverse Graffiti - A New 'Clean' Marketing Trend

Most people have heard the word graffiti but not many will of heard of the new trend in art and marketing which is reverse graffiti.

Unlike the traditional graffiti methods which use spray paint and other types of paints, solvents, inks, anything which will leave a mark and be a nuisance to take off (most people need professional cleaning solutions such as, reverse graffiti uses a ‘cleaning’ method, and as you all know, we’re all about cleaning!

Many large corporations have caught onto this trend firstly because there is no law against the cleaning of buildings, and secondly because it’s a pretty cheap way of marketing and brand awareness.

You can see below, a dirty pavement or wall has been used, a stencil applied and simply the logo has been ‘washed on’ … maybe the Morclean Pressure washers were used ? A pretty cool and imaginative use of dirt I think you’d agree!

So what do you think of this new type of graffiti sweeping the world? Prefer it to the paint? Have you seen any of the big companies logos dotted about in this reverse method? Have your say below.